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Dave B
26-09-2010, 07:34 PM
Sorry, no petrol content at all....

But the 3 peaks was on today. 2 mates were doing it. For those who don't know; it involves cycling between and up and down 3 Yorkshire Hills, Ingleborough, Whernside and Penyghent.
38 miles, several unrideable and with 5000 feet of climbing (and descent)

The start.


Justine, Erin and I were joined by one mates Mrs and daughter and our job was to meet the pair at strategic points with a spare bike and spare wheels plus energy gels/drink/bananas etc...
First stop was a field down from Ingleborough. An Audi A4 on 225s is crap in a muddy field.... :loser: but a good run at stuff, radio on full so you don't hear the grating noises saves the day.
Viewing point and first casualty of many....


Most got back on, filthy with mud...this guy got carted off with the cyclists foe...a broken collar bone...he was in pain !

40 something mate turned up in high spirits..


60 something old duffer arrived sometime later, still smiling.


Next stop Whernside. We drove up the Ingleton to Hawes road and even though I am a motorcyclist, I f####g hate them on Sundays. :jerk:
Once a year cyclists abound and yet still some of these characters on their 190 mph missile insist on riding like tools at 3 figure speeds......
Anyhow, a quick up and down the 2000 odd feet of Whernside and Junior arrives alongside Ribblehead Viaduct.


We waited for the old timer and it dawned on us we were alone (well nearly)


It was like a re-run of the bloody Northern meal, whilst eating a banana he goes and farts about on his blooming phone...kids...pah.


Last push for the final hill, a few road miles then a long slog uphill. Managed to get a couple of good viewpoints on the final offroad descent..


The usual high class changing facilities in Yorkshire....a field.


The weather was epic, very clear, 12-16 degrees, sunny with a light breeze in places. A great day....and something else to train for next year. :thumb:

26-09-2010, 07:44 PM
Bugger me, that looks like a fairly tough event...
"38 miles, several unrideable and with 5000 feet of climbing"...
that's a lot of miles on that ground with a ball of climbing there aswell.
Muchos respectos to those boyos. :D

The racing-bikes look strange with those tyres but, no doubt, the whole package works.
Out of interest Dave, how many miles did cover on your bike today, quite a few surely?

Good succinct report Dave. :thumb:

Dave B
26-09-2010, 07:53 PM
Non mate. Justine and I did 30miles last year on the tandem, but this year we had mateys A4 loaded to the gunwhales with kits, bike/wheels etc...oh and the 5 of us.
I've done a few Cyclocross races and was told you start off out of breath and it just gets worse. I averaged something like 175 bpm on my HRM, maxed at 190 something and was on the verge of collapse at the end...but went back for more a fortnight later. Strangely addictive. I did it on a MTB which isn't anyway near and fast as a proper cross bike...700c wheels, 32-38mm tyre widths etc etc..oh and about 19 lbs and easily carryable.


OnOne Ti frame. Great MTB.

This was a fortnight after my heart blip last year...I was carrying a few too many pounds round my midrift. :whistle:

27-09-2010, 05:29 PM
Looks like a pretty physical ride :o

27-09-2010, 05:56 PM
I've walked em , you can keep your bikes though, do not want!!

Dave B
27-09-2010, 07:31 PM
I' veはemのあなたのバイクをしかし保つことができるほしくない歩いた!!

:D :loser:

28-09-2010, 01:06 PM
pmsl :rolf:

That looks like hard work. Good on them for doing it :thumb:

28-09-2010, 01:40 PM
Get bent boulder!!! lol

Dave B
28-09-2010, 04:08 PM