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Dave B
05-09-2010, 10:06 PM
I've done a couple of single day 'green laning' and thought I'd try an overnight trip so booked with One life Adventure, a one man band firm based in Todmorden.
The Mrs and eldest are away so my youngest, the quiet one, Erin :rolleyes: and I were due to meet the group of other off roady types sometime after 6pm on Friday, at a farm campsite near Sedburgh. After returning from the Ring on Tuesday night, then doing 2 x 12 hr night shifts and finally getting up at 1pm with all the packing, shopping and Erin to collect from 20 miles away, we decided to meet them early the next morning, realising we'd miss the beer and campfire get to know each other bit... :(
Up at 0630 and away by 0715 we arrived to find the other 11 vehicles all lined up with their respective owners in various stages of packing/breakfasting.


To be honest, 12 vehicles is too many to convoy, 8 would be the max I would want to do it with but it did work fairly smoothly. We set off at about 945 and did a short track close to Hawes before driving to the first long track that starts just off the Hawes to Ingleton road. I'd done this track in the opposite direction in May and vowed never to drive down those bloody big steps again...well, doing it this way meant I wouldn't drive down them, I'd drive up them ! Yes, the steps are 12 - 18" high, we put a few smaller stones in the path but I still made a bit of a mess of the steps...


The day carried on with more of the same but a little easier for my 122" wheelbased Hilux. Landie 90"s made it all look easy, as did the 110s :rolleyes:
We had a picnic on the tops and ended up driving through Reeth to tackle Fremington Edge. Without the permanent 4 wheel drive and diff locks, I had to have a run at this section, still managed to get more air then those pesky Golfs on track....a good shot of a 110 tripod'ing.


Further on we came across a couple of Fords...




We had a Farm based camp with the luxury of facilities, well, one shower and one bog for the 30 or so of us, plus another 20 odd campers...we had gone prepared for a wild camp so it wasn't an issue. I was keen to see what others thought of roof tents as opposed to ground tents....
One guy had 2 roof tents as his wife and he use one and the kids the other.


The feller was an ex pat Irish chap who could tell a good tale and we were regaled with gags and stories for hours round a campfire that night. I don't think political correctness has hit his neck of the woods......what a top evening.

We looked like the Clampitts by comparison. We had pudding sorted though, Erin with her cheesecake and ice cream, me with 7.4% Cider....mmmm



The usual carbon sausages for breakfast before another 'late' start. A road slog was needed to get us across the the North Yorks Moors. The tracks were a little less rocky than yesterday and the Fords were waterless but we managed to find one with a bit of a splash.


The only really tricky bit was a descent right at the Northern edge of the Park, met some walkers and they were all polite unlike some of the rambler tossbags we met when I last did it in May... :jerk:





The yellow 1970s Jeep has a 5 plus litre V8 and sounds awesome...it does like to visit Petrol stations though, he set off nearly full, put 40 litres in halfway along and filled up again early on Sunday, needing yet more fuel for his return to Halifax....so maybe 10 to the gallon....I felt a little smug with my 32 mpg.. :smug:
I am building up to a trip to Libya in 2-3 years with a week or 10 days in France next Summer and hopefully Morocco sometime after that. The Land Rovers were better than my Hilux on the really bad stuff but I managed, didn't need a tow and have a better carrying capacity, better tank range and as for reliability.... :whistle:

It is obviously a massive departure from you guys with track cars or my Bandit but it is great fun, they were a great bunch of people I could sit and have a good natter with after just 10 minutes of meeting them, like minded people I suppose. Petrol heads of sorts who enjoy the outdoors. I strongly suspect I am hooked but unlike some of the people there who had 25k 110s and then spent several grand more on wheels/tyres/interior kit etc,I do not have the means so will do bits as we go along.
The weekend cost me 140...why not just go and greenlane yourself, some may ask ? Well with misuse and some marked byways/green lanes now closed, It is far easier and more sensible to pay someone who has done their groundwork and meet a load of others along the way. The whole family could go so that'd be 35 a head for 2 nights camping and 2 days guided driving....a bargin !!!

Steve Gill
05-09-2010, 10:12 PM
Looks like awesome fun! :thumb:

05-09-2010, 10:12 PM
That does sound a good trip, thanks for the report. Is there anything you plan to do to yours, or just turn up and drive next time ?

You were lucky with the weather too. How would yours cope if it was muddy, without diff lock etc ?

Did Erin enjoy it ? I suppose with new people to talk at, she`d have loved it ;)

Dave B
05-09-2010, 10:37 PM
I am having the steps replaced with steel 'rock sliders' that will give me maybe an inch of extra clearance. I need to visit a 4 x 4 specialist to discuss a lift or maybe 2" together with 16" wheels as opposed to the 15s it comes with. That would give me 4" extra clearance but should adversely affect handling. It can hack mud, it is getting cross axled that causes issues, and I have to go very carefully at various places due to ground clearance so end up getting crossed up more than necessary.
I am not wanting some bigfoot style truck. I want it to appear normal. There is no point swapping it for a 5 year old Landie as the Landie will not carry a ton of sand and cement in France, will not cruise at 85 @25mpg and the stuff we have done is as extreme as it gets for foreign green laning. I have no desire to go more extreme but don't want to damage the vehicle so have to take some precautions.

Oh, and Erin enjoyed it, some other kids but lots of adults to pester. :wave:

06-09-2010, 06:35 AM
That looks like a great time. Good pics too :thumb:

I might have to give this a go in the work Disco :lol:

Jim Cameron
06-09-2010, 06:42 AM
Great stuff Dave :thumb:

06-09-2010, 07:31 AM

Love the look of this landrover!

Did the guys say what the tents on the roofs where like to sleep in ?
Can imagine that on a windy night they would move about quite a bit with the extra movement of the suspension below.

Looks like great fun - must make my brother buy a landrover!

Oh, and Erin enjoyed it, some other kids but lots of adults to pester --LMAO

06-09-2010, 07:47 AM
That looks like a caracking weekend B) :veryhappy:

06-09-2010, 07:57 AM
Looks like fun!

I have to confess to being a total wreck when we did the offroading in Germany. I didn't feel in control what so ever, didn't help that it had been raining all morning either.

Dave B
06-09-2010, 08:29 AM
Ed, that was indeed a great Land Rover, as was the 57 white one and the 59 black one....I shall still stick with the Hilux The folk with roof tents swore by them and likewise the ones with the canvas Oztent ground tents. They each have their foibles, high winds and I'd rather be on the ground behind my car, in Africa I'd rather be 6ft off the ground...but FFS most of the time you are in a field or on a site so 1200 plus a hugely expensive roof rack seems steep compared to 500 for a really good ground tent. They did look at me like I was a weirdo when I said that if the weather was shite, it'd be the nearest hotel for me. Christ, I don';t have to prove to anyone that I am a rufty tufty camperype, well, except Akela Pinder.
Tim, these vehicles are all massively over engineered in comparison to the nifty little SJ410s. You follow me leader so even the rocky steep bits are a piece of cake, well within the vehicles capabilities.

06-09-2010, 08:39 AM
Looks great fun!