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31-08-2010, 03:37 PM
So the story goes something like this..

Earlier this year just after the purchase of my E39 M5, a mate of mine decided to have his stag do at the 'Ring.. rude not to I thought, epic road trip with mates and a first time to the track that everyone seems to be talking about these days!

April 2010, the car and the line up:



Had an awesome first time over there, stayed at the Hotel an Der Nordschleife, managed a good few laps and to be honest, was a bit gutted to come home...
On my return home and after a good few 'at the Ring this' and 'at the Ring that' stories and endless 'not the same on the Playstation' GT4 laps, the other half decided that, being the petrol head she is, she wanted to go but, only in her car :rolleyes:

Fast forward to August 2010 and Ashford Travelodge and Im sure you can predict where we were off :whistle:

The choice of car this time, Golf 1.8 Turbo, remapped, de-catted with stainless system and on coilovers; her toy!

To be continued, photos uploading!

31-08-2010, 04:03 PM
On arrival in Adenau on Weds afternoon and after check-in at Eddies, we decided to have a short track walk and grab some photos; dont ask me why but the manufacturer testing stuff always intrigues me! (Excuse the poor pics, lack of photo skills and average camera..)





Managed to get a couple of laps in later on in the day, but the queues surprised me for a Weds evening, something to do with main holiday time I assume?