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Caution: much like my Trip Report for Rad am Ring 2009, this is destined to be a long one.
So throw the kettle out and make yourself a nice mug of Erdinger, sit back and enjoy.

Team Northloop 2010

Team Leader:
Dave Boulder

Dave Boulder
Jim Cameron
Andrew Stacey (Stace)
Edward Cross (Crossie)
Tim Hurford (Tim in Yorkshire)
Tim Darracott (Tim)
Garry Robson (Garry)
Rory O’Shea (Rory)

Main Sponsors:
Michaela (Blaue Ecke Hotel, Adenau)
Sonja (Fan-Stop, Adenau)
Jorg (The Comfy Corner, Adenau)

Support Crew Chief:
Michaela Scheffner

Support Crew:
Sonja Martin
Chris ‘Legend’ Stacey
Justine, Isabel & Erin Boulder

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It all started way back in the halcyon days of 1975 when a new-born boy was introduced to the world; a wide-eyed traveller, unknowing of his fate and careless of his destination, full of innocence, wonder and promise…

the next three and some odd decades are bit of a haze but the next thing I recall, I was sitting in the departure lounge of Kerry Airport awaiting boarding of my flight to Germany.
Let me elaborate…

Thursday 19th August

I had originally planned a week long driving trip to the ‘Ring this year for the Rad, Wednesday to Wednesday, taking in some WRC Deutchland stages, the Rad and Destination Nürburgring while also allowing for the near 24hrs driving time each way…
then I got the date for my exam which I knew was coming – Aug 25th. This ruled driving out of the question so plans were changed and flights were booked. It also meant that I would have to hurry home to the books after the Rad event which in turn meant missing Destination Nürburgring and that was gutting. I was also looking forward to driving over and back again (as it’s been a while) but that’s life, I suppose. No matter, a great trip planned nonetheless.

This morning was spent embroiled in the usual pre-trip preparation mania; broke the bike down and boxed it, packed lots of other gear and spares around it before I sealed it for it’s flight. I thought it prudent to go to the Doc mid-morning, though I could ill-afford the time, as I discovered my inhaler was empty and I felt I was developing a cold. I have always been a very mild asthmatic and while I practically never use an inhaler, I always carry one as precaution and it would certainly be wise to have a fresh one for this weekend. While with the Doc, he did some other tests for sh!ts & giggles; told me I had good lung capacity and strong peak air-flow. However, he told me I had something called ‘Pharyngitis’ which is a throat infection and was precipitating my cold. Good that I was off to do a 24hr bike race then. He gave me a big ‘ole bucket of antibiotics and sent me on my way.

The bike & gear boxed, sealed and ready to fly:


With everything done and the car loaded by lunchtime, I had a relaxed lunch and set off from Cork around 2pm. Got to Kerry Airport at around 3:20pm, in plenty of time for check-in for my 4:45pm flight. The plane was boarded and departed on time from the light drizzle of Kerry and I had pleasant company for the journey. I got a window seat and after a few minutes, a very attractive female pilot (judging by her typically pilot-ish attire) sat next to me with her boyfriend (I presumed) in the aisle seat. They both smiled ‘hello’ but were German and didn’t have much English. After a while, the hot pilot chick dozed off and after another while she shuffled in her seat and cuddled into me. I looked over at the dude in the aisle seat and he just started laughing… but did nothing about it so neither did I! It was a pleasant flight (I didn’t have the balls to take any pics unfortunately).

Kerry Airport, the most simple and user-friendly Airport ever:


Got to Frankfurt Hahn at 7:35pm and glad to see that my bike & gear had arrived un-molested by customs. I was outside the main terminal by 8pm and within 5 minutes Andrew Stacey arrived. We proceeded ‘Ring-ward, talking motorsports all of the way and arrived in Adenau shortly after 9pm. A few of the others (the Boulder family, Michaela, Crossie and Tim) were in the B.E. bar and, after I checked in and dumped my ‘boxed’ bike down to the B.E. basement, we had dinner and a few beers as we got re-acquainted and newly-acquainted as the case may be. Headed up to the room around midnight and I had the pick of the bed’s as Tim in Yorkshire, with whom I was sharing, had yet to arrive. It was a very warm night but got a good night’s sleep with the window and balcony door (over-looking the back car-park of the B.E.) wide open.

More to come…

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Friday 20th August

Up at around 8am and down for a voluminous German breakfast. Man, how I love German breakfasts and the spread in the B.E. is one of the better. I enjoyed a far more substantial feed than I would normally have back home ( usually a hurried bowl of cereal and cup of coffee) and it set me up nicely for the day.

After breakfast a few of us (Chris & Andy Stacey, Tim, Crossie & I) headed up to the Ring°Werk complex, where I had never been before. We took a leisurely stroll through the Ring Boulevard which was lined with retail stores of various high-end car manufacturers. Each store usually featured a flag-ship car in it’s floor display and it made for a very pleasant shopping environment, if somewhat fanciful…

Ferrari Store:


Aston Martin Store:


Radical Store:


Yokohama Store, which strove to be different with this:


The Nissan Store with it’s 3d model of the Ring under plexiglass:



From there, we went into the Ring Museum, which I was very much looking forward to seeing. It was €20 entry but you get a complimentary pass for your next visit which was a nice touch. There was some fabulous stuff in there but frankly I found it a little disappointing overall. I had expectations of a massive stock of classic track and race cars on display but there weren’t half as many as I had envisaged. I’m told that the old museum (pre-Ring°Werk Complex) had far more iconic cars on display, many of which are probably in storage now due to lack of space in the new site… shame! Nonetheless, there was indeed some lovely stuff on display (hope I’m not repeating subject matter featured in Autohabit’s great Ring Trip Report thread) …

The original E30 Ring Taxi:



The Senna Merc for an invitational race series:



There was a wax-work display of legendary race drivers. Here’s Flangio :D :


A few F1 cars:






An interesting display of an F1 car, exploded into it’s component parts and suspended:




There was a screening of a 3D film of the N24 2010 which was most impressive and very enjoyable. Thanks to the 3D glasses provided, you could really feel the weather and the gravel sprayed by race-cars going off the track. I would highly recommend it.

Another section of the museum was the interactive mechanical display which included various automotive components, whose workings were visually presented by way of simple user controls to operate the individual components, be they shocks, transmissions, differentials, etc. I didn’t take many pics of that section, you just have to experience for yourself

Here’s Tim enjoying one of the displays:


Cut-out of the rear flank of a Lambo:


The exit of the Museum was via the gift-shop (don’t ya just love capitalism) and we vacated the complex to proceed down to Breidscheid for some Currywurst mit Pommes in the lunchtime sunshine. It was damn good. :D

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/ Taps fingers waiting for more /


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Friggin'ell Nige, you read fast! :o :D

Sorry but you'll have to stay with me,
been tied up all week so just started on this this afternoon
and you've just swallowed up a few hours of my work in 10 mins.

More to come soon. ;)

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Originally posted by Nige@Aug 27 2010, 09:15 PM
/ Taps fingers waiting for more /


Great report (so far) Rory. Keep it coming

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Originally posted by Screacher+Aug 27 2010, 08:40 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Screacher @ Aug 27 2010, 08:40 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-Nige@Aug 27 2010, 09:15 PM
/ Taps fingers waiting for more /


Great report (so far) Rory. Keep it coming [/b][/quote]

The Ferrari store car :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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Friday 20th August (continued)

After a brief stop-off back at the B.E. to get helmets and whatnot, we headed for the T.F. car-park which was unsurprisingly busy. I went out for my 1st cabrio pax-lap with Crossie in his MX5 and it was most enjoyable. I met a few Northloopers at T.F. that I hadn’t met before; chatted to Dale in the Devil’s Diner about his new venture and met Andrew Hereward who came as somewhat of a surprise, having seen what he can do with that MX5 of his. I thought he might be some high-strung lunatic but, in fact, he is a very pleasant, friendly and relaxed individual. Nice to have met you Andrew :D .

A short time later, I met up with Nige in the car-park. Sometime back, he had said to me (via PM) that after all the work he & I did on the ‘Corner of the Week’ threads, we simply must have a few laps together when I’m out in August. And here I was. We were just strapping into his MkII Golf to head out for a few laps when a track-closure was announced. After a bit of productive loitering, the track re-opened so out we went…
We had 3 or so laps on the trot on a relatively busy track. The last time I lapped with Nige was this time last year and I could certainly see the difference the aero mods he had fitted in the meantime were making. Last year at the Flugplatz double right-hander, the back end used to step slightly out but this year, it stayed firmly planted. Also at the Schwedenkreuz crest, I was amazed how there was no feeling of lightness; the Golf took the crest and was instantaneously pushed down on track again. It was quite a strange feeling but most impressive. Despite the traffic, we were lapping in the mid-8 minutes by my estimation. Thanks again for the laps Nige, thoroughly enjoyed them. :thumb:

On the last lap of the 3 with Nige, we pulled off at Breidscheid for gogo-juice and that is where we parted company. I met up with Dave B., Michaela and Tim and we headed up to Michaela’s house in Wimbach to collect a gazebo before continuing to the main G.P. straight to set up our pits. Despite the quintessential German efficiency, the one factor that let their side down for the entire weekend was the way access to the track was conducted on Friday evening…
First we were told that competitors’ vehicles would not be allowed into the G.P. complex until 6:30pm… then 7pm. As we were queuing, word filtered through that the gate would not open until 7:30pm. At this stage, a considerable queue had formed out on the main road, snaking in all directions and without a marshal or official in sight:

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

People react to these situations in different ways;
Here you can see me quite relaxed as Dave B. checks his pulse beside me:

© M.S.

Eventually Dave made what proved to be the correct call; ‘screw this, let’s find another way’. Crossie and Garry had already gone up to the G.P. track, slipped in a side gate (up the ramp off the roundabout outside Ring°Werk entrance) and set up the considerable tent on our allotted pit-site. We rang them as we approached and Crossie opened that same gate for us. We all put on our ‘official’ faces and drove on in. We had unloaded, set up and were leaving the G.P. track as the first competitor vehicles began to filter in&#33; Thank you Ed and great call Dave.

Then it was back down to Adenau for our meal in the Comfy Corner, with big thanks to Jorg.
Quite a while back, Karl & I had made arrangements to meet this weekend in the C.C. as he had promised me a few car badges to add to my moderate collection (as explained in this thread - http://z8.invisionfree.com/Northloop/index...topic=25270&hl= ('http://z8.invisionfree.com/Northloop/index.php?showtopic=25270&hl=') ). I had presumed that he had forgotten but, true to his word, I was beckoned by his index finger and pseudo-looming brow as soon as I walked into the Comfy Corner. As I sat in the corner in front of his throne, we divvied up the car-badge contents of the jiffy bag he had brought with him. He kept what he wanted and I took what I wanted and it was quite the auspicious first meeting with the weather-guru and all-round icon that is Karl. To be honest, it was a measure of the man that he stayed true to his promise and it was lovely to finally meet him (thanks again Karl :thumb: ). I was conscious not to take up too much of his time as it was his birthday so we retired to the dining room for what was to be an absolutely delicious meal. :D

One person who I was looking forward to meeting tonight but didn&#39;t get to meet was Brendan (Sliders Guesthouse). He was there in the C.C. on the night but I didn&#39;t realise it until I came home and saw the photos... sorry Bren, I would have loved to have joined you for a beer or 2. :shame: Next time, hopefully. ;)

© M.S.

When I walked into the dining room, I was beckoned by who I recognised to be Jim Cameron, despite having never met him before. He had only just arrived in Adenau from the UK shortly before so it was my first time meeting Jim also. Within minutes, he had fulfilled and surpassed all my pre-conceived expectations of him; witty, engaging, somewhat rambunctious perhaps but impeccable personal hygene. After much on-line banter with him, it was great to finally put a face with the name. The food was superb (with huge thanks to Jorg :thumb: ), the company was top-notch and a hugely enjoyable night was had…

Bar Scene (note Karl in his corner wearing his Birthday hat :D ):

© M.S.

Dining Room Scene:

© M.S.

Some kind of half-cocked, ill-communicted Mexican wave :lol: :

© M.S.

The Pinder family in subdued mood :D :

© M.S.

A cheeky glance to the camera from Tim ;) :

© M.S.

Forget the camera Andrew, it’s a party you know&#33; :D :

© M.S.

Thank you ;) :

© M.S.

Hey, I thought I told you… :angry: :D :

© M.S.

A visit from our kind host to entertain a few spoof complaints from the Cameron Quarter :lol: :

© M.S.

Reaction to aforementioned complaints :lol: :

© M.S.

Dave Boulder’s daughter, Erin, who was a bundle of energy in the Team Northloop pits all weekend… except on Saturday night when, unlike the rest of us, she got a solid night’s sleep ;) .

© M.S.

We left the C.C. at a decent hour (11pm-ish) and returned to the B.E. I went straight down to the basement to break my bike out of it’s flight box and assemble it. It went together pretty easily and I did a bit of fine tuning for it’s weekend’s work ahead. Got up to the room at around 12 midnight and straight in to bed… big day tomorrow. :D

More to come… Race Day. :D

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Keep it coming Rory :thumb:

28-08-2010, 01:34 PM
Saturday 21st August – Race Day

Up at around 7:30am and was soon downstairs, liberally abusing the extensive German breakfast spread. Took my anti-biotics and Vitamin C. and packed as much food as I could on top of it in preparation for the imminent 24hr slog.

After breakfast, I had a lengthy shower, packed my event bags and we all convened in the car-park at the back of the B.E. to load up the rest of our gear and load up the bikes, which was done at a leisurely pace as we had time on our side (unlike this time last year):

© M.S.

At this point, I got to appreciate Jim Cameron’s mode of transport from the U.K. to here. He obviously had to get his bike over for the Rad 24hr but was also bringing his BMW E30 335i Trackcar over for Destination Nürburgring on Monday. To some, this may prove a logistical headache involving trailers and whatnot but not Jim… strap bike-rack to boot of BMW trackcar, load bike and away you go&#33; Legend :thumb: :


We got up to the track at shortly before 11am but access with vehicles was strictly out of the question so we had to unload everything (bikes, luggage, food, drink, etc.) on the kerb outside the complex and carry it in from there by hand, a small fraction of which you can see here:

© M.S.

© M.S.

When everything was in, we finished setting up our pit camp and then relaxed for a while, which was a hitherto unknown pleasure. As we all got our own bikes and gear sorted out, Jim modelled the latest in haute-cuture cycle-wear for the camera :D :

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

Jim & I cycled a lap of the G.P. Strecke (as I did with Moff last year) to make sure our bikes were running ok and to warm up the legs and this considerably built up excitement for the off. Sometime later (while Jim and Tim were away getting some Currywürst unfortunately), we took a few Team Northloop photos shortly before the flag dropped:

© M.S.

© M.S.

So this was it… race start was imminent… no turning back now&#33; :D

More to come... the Race. ;)

28-08-2010, 04:58 PM
Great Report Rory&#33;

Keep it going&#33;

Jim Cameron
28-08-2010, 05:56 PM
Never have I been so inaccurately described, but great stuff :lol: :thumb:

28-08-2010, 05:58 PM
Top stuff so far mate&#33; Keep it coming :)

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Originally posted by Jim Cameron@Aug 28 2010, 06:56 PM
Never have I been so inaccurately described, but great stuff :lol: :thumb:

It&#39;s the exception that proves the rule. ;) :D

28-08-2010, 06:25 PM
I cant believe i sat on a table right next to all of you at the BE with the mrs and yet didnt know anybody?&#33;

I did meet Dave B on the ferry home though :thumb:

Maybe next time, if your doing the Rad AM Ring next year im in B)

28-08-2010, 06:35 PM
Originally posted by onzlouk@Aug 28 2010, 07:25 PM
Maybe next time, if your doing the Rad AM Ring next year im in B)
Bring it on Brother&#33; :thumb:

We&#39;ll be doing the Rad again next year (for the 3rd year in a row)
and there will be space for you in the squad... if you&#39;re serious?&#33; ;) :D

Step up&#33; :thumb:

28-08-2010, 06:53 PM
Right then im in&#33;

I did six months training for a triathlon this year that should have been two weeks ago....it was cancelled two days before the event, "annoyed" is not the word.
So i have lots of energy to use up :D Although i have been eating chips and cake as comfort for my misfortune for the last fortnight&#33;

Will have to give a definite when the dates come out as the family holiday is the last week in July first week in august.

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Great read, now where is the rest :whistle:

28-08-2010, 10:07 PM
Liking this so far. :thumb:

28-08-2010, 11:11 PM
Cracking read so far :thumb:

29-08-2010, 07:44 AM
Brilliant so far, Rory :veryhappy:

Gary Kinghorn
29-08-2010, 08:41 AM
Great stuff and nice to see Stace awake for a change :whistle:

29-08-2010, 12:22 PM
It didn&#39;t last for long :whistle:

30-08-2010, 08:23 AM
Great report, Rory, and nice to meet you :thumb:

31-08-2010, 06:45 AM
Amusingly well written report Rory and good to meet you :D

31-08-2010, 10:30 AM

Tim in Y?

31-08-2010, 11:06 AM
Cracking read :)

Tim in Yorkshire
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Originally posted by Tim@Aug 31 2010, 12:30 PM

Tim in Y?
Looks like it, possibly having a drink.

31-08-2010, 01:01 PM
I&#39;ve been trying to find pictures of us, that&#39;s all I have so far.

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Sincere apologies for the delay in updating this report,
I have been quite unwell since last weekend and haven&#39;t been up to it. :( :shame:

Saturday 21st August (continued) - The Race

The circuit being used for this years’ Rad 24hr competitors was a bit longer than that of last year and one lap amounted to 16miles in total. As can hopefully be seen from the map below, it began with a lap of the G.P. Strecke…


… after which, the route took us back up through the area behind the main pit buildings (in the pic below, follow the light blue line), out onto and up the pit-lane in the contra-flow direction and left at the top across to T13. Then it was off for a full lap of the Nordschleife. Our pit-camp was towards the end of the main G.P. straight on the left, just beyond where ‘Parzellen C’ is written in the 1st map above.


Thankfully, the weather was perfect for racing (if a little warm at around 30°C) and our spirits were collectively high. The start-time for the 24hr was due at 1:15pm and Ed Cross and myself were the 1st riders off from the line for each of our teams. At around 12:45pm we both headed up to the start-line to be well ready for the off.

© D.B.

All the competitor groups for the different races (eg. 150km Road-race, 75km Road-race, 24hrs MTB, 24hrs Road-race) were starting at staggered times (at 5 or 10 minute intervals) over the next hour or so which made it difficult to know where to go on the grid. All we could do is stick close to the other competitors with Red race-numbers (24hrs) like ours and hoped it worked out ok. The German commentary on the loud-speakers didn’t help much to clarify the situation but it did add to the atmosphere and excitement. As the different groups got their start, we all moved closer towards the start-line. At 1:15pm, we were in the right position and got our start with the correct group. Ed and I cycled side-by-side down the left side of the main straight so as to pass our pits together for a wave. :wave:

© D.B.

The race was on:

© D.B.

Erdinger were on-site to provide complimentary refreshment in the form of non-alcoholic beers:

© D.B.

This team knew how to set up their pits with style:

© M.S.

> In my last years’ Trip Report for Rad am Ring ’09, I went into a fair bit of detail in an attempt to describe the experience of a lap of the Ring on a racing bike (as can be seen here - http://z8.invisionfree.com/Northloop/index...showtopic=20725 ('http://z8.invisionfree.com/Northloop/index.php?showtopic=20725') ). I don’t really see the need to do the same again so I will try to spare you, my gorgeous reader, and me, the trauma of such hyperbolic elaborations.

So after the G.P. lap and the pitlane section, I was out onto the Ring for my 1st lap of this years’ race. As I said last year, the intitial part of the lap isn’t hugely taxing as it’s mostly downhill, with the occasional exception, all the way to Breidscheid. I was pushing it but at a comfortable pace and felt pretty good. I took the left-hander at Schwedenkreuz at a fair speed and spotted an ambulance on the outside verge at Aremberg. The downed rider was up against the Armco and surrounded by medics (unlike with cars, there was no point in stopping but hope they were ok, whoever they were). It was a jolt of a reminder of the risks in what we were doing. Nonetheless, carried as much speed as possible through the helpful camber of Aremberg and off down the Foxhole. After not quite achieving it last year, one of my targets carried into this years’ event was to crack 60mph in the Foxhole so I was really going for it. After furious pedalling in top gear for the initial section, I got a lovely draught from another rider. I made myself as aerodynamic as possible behind him and as we approached the last down-slope before the flat left at the bottom, I looked down at my speedo…… 59.4mph… dammit, so close&#33;

Back at pits, Stace starts to make a dent in the Haribo Jelly Mountain:

© M.S.

After a little bit of grind through Adenauer Forst and Metzgesfeld, it was all fast down-hill fun again… Kallenhard, Miss-Hit-Miss, Wehrseifen and down through Breidscheid to the wall that is Ex-Mühle… what a rush&#33; However the real work wasn’t too far away. Carrying as much momentum through Bergwerk (I checked my clock here and it said 16mins or so to this point), you start the long slog up Kesselchen by just settling into as solid a rhythm as you can, which I did. I was holding pace with the quick guys up there and overtaking a lot of slower riders but just being efficient with my gear selection and efforts. Then, just when I didn’t expect it and could have well done without it … problem&#33;&#33; :o

Around half-way up to Klostertal, I shifted down to the bottom cog on the front gears but, for some reason, the chain slipped past the small sprocket and dropped down to the crank-casing where it jammed. I had no option but to pull off the track onto the grass and stop immediately. I turned the bike upside down on the grass and tried hurriedly to extricate the chain but it had got jammed under the rivets of the sprocket around 270° of the crank-casing. After a few minutes of fighting with the chain, another competitor pulled in beside me to give me a hand. He was German but had good English and, despite me telling him to keep going as I’ll be alright, he said he’d stay as he was glad of the rest. As we were there, Ed cross approached up the hill and offered to take my transponder (as with last year, each competitor and team was tracked by a GPS transponder worn around the ankle or the water bottle on the bike) as he could see I was obviously in trouble. I waved him on, saying I’d be back in action shortly. :rolleyes:

After a few minutes of having no joy with the chain, I insisted that the German gent kept going and thanked him for him kindness. Then I spotted another competitor walking down the grass verge towards me, carrying her up-turned bike. She had suffered the exact same problem and came down to join me as we waited for technical support. At this point, I had been there around 10 minutes and knew I was goosed. After trying as much creative and physical force as I had dared, there was no way of freeing the chain without breaking it so I rang Michaela in the pits to get the next rider (Tim in Yorkshire) out after me as I was going no-where anytime soon.

One of the Technical Support cars:

© M.S.

All I could do was shoot the breeze with my fellow competitor in trouble and await one of the technical cars which lapped the circuit constantly in support of competitors in trouble. Before long, I spotted Tim coming up the hill towards me so, without breaking rhythm, I passed him the bottle which carried our transponder and, in one breath, I apologised, thanked him and wished him well. Now the pressure was off and before long the tech. support car arrived followed by the camera car who were filming a documentary on the event. The burly tech. guys ran over and attacked my companions’ bike first but quickly concluded that it was un-fixable there as sprocket-teeth had been damaged. Then onto my bike and, with far more brute force than I cared to even watch, they freed the chain and I was back in business. With an apology to my immobile companion, I got back in the saddle and as good as sprinted up Hohe Acht after my 30 minute rest. I cruised the rest of the lap and returned to the pits with a disconsolate look on my face which was soon captured (you can even see the oil around my finger-nails after my brawl with the bike):

© M.S.

So that was lap1 of the Rad ’10 for me, far from an ideal start but I guess that’s bike racing&#33;

More to come… ;)

03-09-2010, 12:23 PM
:thumb: *Impatiently Taps Fingers*

04-09-2010, 09:00 PM
Saturday 21st August (continued) - The Race

So we were up and running and the laps rolled on through the afternoon.

There were a few changes to our team from last year which meant that, while some of us had experienced all this last year, there were a few of us who were experiencing the thrill of competitively cycling the Ring for the 1st time...

The entire concept and realisation of &#39;Team Northloop&#39; was the work of Dave Boulder. Last year, despite not being able to participate with us for medical reasons, he still came out and joined us for the entire weekend in support. I felt a little bitter-sweet then because I knew that he dearly wanted to cycle the Ring with his team but was advised not to and he wisely heeded that advice. But he still made the effort to be out there with us throughtout the event weekend which must have been personally frustrating and we were all very glad and grateful that he did.

This year however, Dave was back in the saddle and it was great to see him arrive back to pits after cycling his 1st lap of the Ring:

© M.S.

© M.S.

Tim was also experiencing all this for the 1st time.
Here he is making final preparations to his machinery:

© M.S.

And here he is after safely completing his 1st lap:

© M.S.

Jim Cameron was also fresh to the Rad am Ring buzz and, despite his vast Ring experience and knowledge, was mildly apprehensive about the prospect of lapping the Ring throughout 24hrs on a racing-bike.

He hid it well though:

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

Nonetheless, a visibly happy man returned from his 1st lap:

© D.B.

Garry returns with the look of a man who has put in a good lap:

© M.S.

As did Tim Hurford (not in Yorkshire):

© M.S.

As did Ed Cross:

© M.S.

By now, we had a lovely atmosphere in the pits. As well as Dave Boulder’s family (Justine, Isabel & Erin), we had been joined by the Pinder clan (Nige, Louise, Catherine and Matt) and Sonja with children (sorry Sonja, I don&#39;t remember their names :shame: ) so there was a nice buzz of chat amidst our pain of physical fatigue.

© M.S.

Sonja Martin, Erin Boulder and Michaela’s hand, attached to an uncharacteristically shy Michaela:

© M.S.

These 2 pics would probably sit better in one of them there iPhone thread thingys:

© N.P.

© N.P.

What’s that you’re talking about Dave? :whistle: :

© N.P.

Sorry Dave, I was only joking&#33; :D :

© M.S.

Despite all the activity, there was still time and space for some relaxation:

© M.S.

© N.P.

04-09-2010, 09:26 PM
Brilliant stuff Rory. Hurry up with the next installment&#33;

04-09-2010, 09:33 PM
Cheers Stu,
next installment will be tomorrow eve as I&#39;m marshalling an Autotest event tomorrow.
There&#39;s quite a bit of work involved in these trip report thingys but I&#39;ll get there. :D

05-09-2010, 08:53 PM

I recognise that pose&#33;


Enjoying this so far Rory :thumb:

Tim in Yorkshire
11-09-2010, 08:40 PM
Awaiting the next installment ;)

12-09-2010, 07:06 AM
Originally posted by Tim in Yorkshire@Sep 11 2010, 08:40 PM
Awaiting the next installment ;)
+1 :whistle:

14-09-2010, 02:57 PM
> I’ve edited this post and the previous post to add more content <

Saturday 21st August (continued)

As last year, the structure of the Ring Rollercoaster loomed large over us, providing a sad and teasing presence of what could have been:

© M.S.

Because of the mechanical trouble, my 1st lap-time was 55mins but with a 45min stoppage on Kesselchen which rendered the lap-time itself useless and without merit. Also, because I was out on track for so long, it felt like I wasn’t back at the pits very long before it was my turn to get back on the bike again at 5pm-ish. For reasons I couldn’t figure out, I really struggled on my 2nd lap. Possibly the extra few kms in the lap of the G.P. Strecke really made themselves felt at Kesselchen and Hohe Acht. I felt like when I had to dig into my reserve, there was very little there. The lap-time was 1m03s which forced me to think that my target of doing every lap in under 1hr (despite the longer 16 mile circuit this year) was decidedly far-fetched…
when I arrived back at the pits, I felt battered which didn’t bode well for my other laps yet to do. I can still remember chatting to Matt Pinder as I got off the bike but Nige asked Matt to give me a minute as I probably didn’t look well (cheers guys ). I was pretty cheesed off after my 1st lap and now, after my 2nd, I was even more deflated and dejected… hope I’m not in trouble here .

Oh Captain, my Captain:

© M.S.

Captain Caption Competition anyone??

© M.S.

Here&#39;s Stace awaiting the transponder to head out for another lap:

© M.S.

Here&#39;s Stace extolling the virtues of the Waffle-based diet to Nige:

© M.S.

As Garry holds private consultations with Louise and Matt Pinder:

© N.P.

© N.P.

Get that camera out of my face, Michaela&#33;

© M.S.

© T.H.

Another photo for the stairwell montage in the Blaue Ecke, eh Michaela?

© M.S.

Our laps continued without incident, thankfully, throughout the afternoon and as the evening set in and darkness loomed, we all individually prepared our bikes with lights and prepared our minds for the experience that lay ahead... competitively cycling the Ring in darkness. At shortly 9pm, both Jim C. and myself were the next riders due out on track for both teams and were making the necessary preparations. I remember debating with Jim about whether lights were necessary for the next lap; he thought they were but I didn’t agree. Ultimately, I conceded to his view and I glad that I did as it proved to be the dusk lap… it was my 3rd lap and it actually quite agreeable, which was surprising after my struggles with the previous 2. The time was 1hr02mins and I felt pretty good getting off the bike after it.

The dusk sky was beautiful but a different challenge lay ahead:

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

> I’ve edited this post and the previous post to add more content <

14-09-2010, 05:54 PM
I had to double-take to realise it was a shoe :o


Good update, but we want MORE :karl: ;)

15-09-2010, 10:01 PM
Saturday 21st August (continued) – Racing at Night

© M.S.

So now we were under the veil of darkness which puts a very different perspective on proceedings. To this point I think we had combated ourselves extremely well as a collective group; I think each one of the lads had upped their game from last year putting in great performances and our 2 new team-mates (Jim & Tim) were also putting in solid laps and impressive times. If anything, I felt I was the weak member of the squad at that point, given my mechanical trouble and consequential time-loss on lap 1 and then subsequent struggle with form. Nonetheless, on we strove into the surreality that is the Ring at night.

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

Ed Cross ready for his night lap:

© M.S.

Tim Hurford, determined not to be lost in the darkness:

© M.S.

By now, we had another visitor in Chris Davidson. I don’t think we were very good hosts at this point as those who weren’t out on track were catching some zzz’s so unfortunately Chris was left to entertain himself:

© M.S.

Nonetheless, Chris spent a lot of time with us in our pits that night which was kind, although I fear much of it was waiting for J. Cameron to get back from his laps so more jovial abuse could be hurled. :D

It’s difficult to impart with mere words the sheer adrenalin rush of lapping the Ring in darkness on a racing bike. For the non cycling-enthusiasts (also known as non-gheyists, I believe) reading this, I would love it if I succeeded, to at least some degree, in giving you an impression of the elation experienced during this portion of the race. Perhaps it might be best described as a potent cocktail of fear and joy. In daylight, there is an obvious thrill to be had on the high-speed down-hill sections of the track but throw pitch darkness into the mix and the result really is quite something…

The start of the Ring itself, from T13 down to Hatzenbach, always felt a bit strange to me on the bike and I could never quite figure out why. It felt like the descent happened in slow-motion, not feeling like I was accelerating all that quickly but then I’d glance down at the speedo (that’s speedometer, not swimming trunks btw) and… “yep, I really am moving here&#33;”. Out of Hatzenbach and through Quiddelbach and Flugplatz was a solid cruise with intermittent pedal work but as the descent to the SX Crest kicks in, we’re really starting to move again. Around the left-hander at full tilt and……

I’ll pause momentarily at this point to emphasize the absence of visibility at night. By this stage, the riders out on circuit had thinned out a lot. Groups were unusual and much of the time, one was alone out there with no riders immediately ahead. Despite the nearly full moon, the only illumination of use was the weedy beam from the handle-bar mounted light, with which you were straining to visibly pick out kerbs, not to mind apexes, and usually at considerable speed. Bearing all that in mind……

we approach Aremberg at good speed. This was one of the many corners where my track knowledge paid dividends, trusting the considerable camber, getting the clipping points right and not touching the brakes meant usually overtaking faster riders because they didn’t know the corner well enough to commit. Then off down the Foxhole… friggin’ hell, what a buzz in the dark&#33;&#33; Like last year, there was a speed trap with a big display board approaching the bottom but I never looked at that for long as I was concentrated on the task at hand; staying down as low over the bars as possible with knees and elbows tucked fully in for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Usually got up to between 56 - 57mph (I maxed at over 59mph on lap 1, as stated earlier) which was enough to enable me to free-wheel up the otherside almost as far as the fast left.

Back at pits, all is serene and tranquil:

© M.S.

Fast forward through Adenauer Forst and onto the exit from Metzgesfeld 2. Try to imagine heading down towards Kallenhard (another good corner to overtake the un-Ring-experienced quick riders) on a racing bike in the dark. Get your line right, trust the corner and don’t touch the brakes and woosh, you fly through there with a big smile. You go on at high speed and with the same approach through Miss-Hit-Miss, Wehrseifen (you have to hover on the brakes here if you’re with other riders, I only got a clean run through there once without touching the brakes) and on down through Breidscheid to Ex-Mühle. Trust me when I say that I never went over Breidscheid Bridge without a BIG smile on my face after the previous sequence of corners. :D

© Sportograf.de (and yes AGT, I did buy these photos from last years’ event)

Ex-Mühle is like climbing a wall as most of you know but, much like in a car, you arrive there with such pace that pedalling is only required approaching the crest after the right-hander. Through Lauda and down around Bergwerk, the approach to which is not as helpfully downhill as one might think. And now Kesselchen… it feels really eerie at night and the trees which flank on both sides all the way up feel unsettlingly close in the darkness. I actually found it easier at night than in daylight as, because you can’t see anything up ahead, you just keep the head down and plug away through it. You try to keep a solid efficient rhythm in the knowledge of the tougher gradient ahead. Through Klostertal, which is surprisingly heavily cambered, and up around Steilstrecke. Then up around the Karrussel, through which I would always stay high and hug the outside armco all the way round simply because, from halfway around the track descends for a bit which allows momentum to be built for the looming Höhe Acht. I curse you Höhe Acht in all your viciousness. It just gets steeper and steeper as you go up so, towards the top, pretty much everyone is down on their easiest cogs and out of the saddle, just using their body weight up and down to grind out the yards. I found it best to strictly not to look at the top during the Höhe Acht climb, I would focus my sight on my light beam about 6ft in front of the bike and I found that made it fractionally less gruelling. The only mental respite to this torture is that the fun starts again (and the fuel-stop is located, although I stupidly never stopped) just over the crest.

© Sportograf.de

Back to some proper speed and blind-hunting of apexes… Wippermann, Eschbach, Brünnchen (with a smile for the motion sensor controlled camera at the exit right-hander). Then a small grind through Eis-Kurve before the sweet quick run through the Planzgarten sequence. A bit more work to be done up through Schwalbenschwanz and then an agreeable dip to build speed for Galgenkopf which is quite steep if you don’t carry decent momentum into it. I thought the long Döttinger straight was lovely in both day-light and darkness as it has an initial diminishing descent before it level out and the climb only starts on the approach to the T.F. Carpark. That was the point where I would text Michaela back in pits just to say I wasn’t far and then under the Bilstein Bridge at Antoniusbuche. Down through Tiergarten, the bottom of which was where the MTB 24hr riders would leave their off-road course and rejoin the circuit with us for the start/finish straight, and then the grind up Hohenrain, which was usually taken with a bit of gusto as we knew we were close to home. A handy pound down the main straight, over the start/finish line, pass the transponder to the waiting rider…:

© M.S.

……and relax&#33; :D

More to come – Sunday 22nd August.

Jim Cameron
15-09-2010, 10:22 PM

I was actually getting quicker, as I was learning to ride the bike :shame: There was less and less in my legs, but I was getting much more efficient, drafting people and maintaining speed better.

Loved the 2am lap... loved it :thumb:

16-09-2010, 01:22 AM
Very well written Rory :thumb:

16-09-2010, 05:08 AM
Sounds like one of those unique experiences.

These updates are taking as long as my trip report ;)

16-09-2010, 09:00 PM
I know Nige, I&#39;m making a bit of a meal of this, aren&#39;t I? :shame:
I&#39;m trying to do it as comprehensively as possible but, with other stuff that&#39;s been going on,
I haven&#39;t had as much time to give it as I&#39;d like. :(

As an aside, I was down in West Cork today for my 1st decent spin on the bike since the Rad. Parked the car in Glengarriff and cycled with 2 friends from there up to the top of the Healy Pass (a legendary Rally stage in these parts) and back...


... beautiful weather, 31 miles with 2100ft of elevation... it was magnificent. :D
Just back now and feeling it. :(

Next Rad update tomorrow. ;)

16-09-2010, 09:06 PM
Argh and there I was thinking you&#39;d updated it properly..... grumble grumble :lol:

Tim in Yorkshire
17-09-2010, 11:20 AM
Enjoying the update.

17-09-2010, 10:40 PM
Cheers Tim :D ...
and thanks to everyone who has posted comments in this thread so far, appreciated. :thumb:

17-09-2010, 10:44 PM
Sunday 22nd August – The Race continues

So midnight came and went and the laps rolled on through the night into day 2 of the race.

Our system continued through the dark just as it had in the day-time, thankfully without any serious problems, mechanical or physical. The time each rider had off the bike between laps was obviously dependant on the on-track performance of their team-mates but generally we had between 3 - 3.5hrs down-time between laps. Don’t, however, presume that this time was spent sleeping because it most certainly was not. On getting off the bike after each lap, the blood is pumping, the muscles are throbbing and the adrenalin is surging so it is impossible to shut down to sleep mode anytime soon. No matter what time of the night, it takes a while to wind down to a state where sleep is possible. There is also a bit of preparation involved before each lap, from carbo-loading to checking the bike and equipment to getting into cycling gear, so we had to allow maybe 30-45minutes to properly wake up and do all that before each lap. On average, I would reckon that around 1.5hrs of sleep was had between each lap. Of course, decent sleep was difficult to get at all as there was a constant buzz of activity with the race on-going but that’s the nature of it.

© M.S.

To be honest, I probably preferred lapping at night than in the day-time. The fear-based buzz of lapping the Ring in darkness is immense (as I described earlier) and, for some reason, I felt better physically and mentally after my night laps. I had 2 laps in darkness and they happened around 1am and 5am approximately and my times were 1hr03mins and 1hr05mins respectively, with which I was pleased. Jim Cameron was hoping to get the dusk and dawn stints and, as luck would have it, it worked out exactly that way so he was suitably pleased about that. I was in the latter stages of my 2nd night lap when dawn broke and when I arrived back to the pits at around 6am and let the next rider go, I was surprised to find no-one there awake… not even Michaela. I stood there for a few minutes pondering this until I spotted the flash from Michaela’s camera on the other side of the main straight…

© M.S.

© M.S.

© M.S.

At this point, I must give special mention to a few invaluable members of Team Northloop 2010. Michaela Scheffner, like last year, was just incredible. She was determined to stay with us right through the 24hrs of the race and she pretty much spent all that time in the team pit-camp, doing so much more than any of us could have dreamed of asking of her. She kept hot pasta and soup on the go for us throughout the 24hrs as well as the huge array of other food and drink (all of which was really generously provided by Sonja of Fan-Stop, Adenau), she kept the schedule running perfectly in preparing the next riders due out and co-ordinating the rider change-over, basically she did everything she could to keep our teams going throughout the race… she even posted updates on Northloop amidst everything else. :D
Also , Chris ‘Legend’ Stacey stayed with us pretty much throughout the Race. Along with Michaela, he did everything he could to keep the Team Northloop machine going for the 24hrs and was an absolutely brilliant support to our group of 8 riders but on top of that, he also rode a lap for us for the 2nd year in row. He really is quite a guy.
Both Michaela and Chris did slip away for an hour or two (at different times) in the very early Sunday morning, just to take a rest and a break but their joint support to our team of riders was quite extraordinary. :thumb:

After finishing my 2nd night lap at around 6am and winding down, I did get about 2hrs broken sleep slouched in a chair. I remember waking in the sun-light at around 8am to a buzz of conversation as we had a few early morning visitors; Darren Langeveld:

© M.S.

and his brother Adam (oh and that’s complimentary non-alcoholic Erdinger he’s drinking in case you’re wondering):

© M.S.

I had a brief few words with Darren and it was nice to finally meet him. I would have liked to have been able to have a decent chat with him about the success that Destination Nürburgring has become (amongst other things) but I was still half asleep and the 2 lads couldn’t stay long as there was much to be done in preparation for D.N.2 the following day.

I was back on the bike at around 9:30am for my 6th and last lap of Rad am Ring 2010 after a little bit of a panic. The rider out before me was Garry and at shortly before 9am, Michaela got a phone call from him. He had some trouble with his bike-chain somewhere on the Kesselchen climb and a few spokes of his wheel had snapped. I immediately and frantically had to gear up, bang some some carbs down my neck and ready myself to head out and recover the transponder from him to continue the lap, just as Tim Hurford had done for me on my 1st lap. Luckily however, Garry rang again after a few minutes to say that the Race Technical Support Crew had turned up and replaced his damaged wheel with a loaner so he could keep going. Phew, I could relax again and at 9:30ish Garry arrived back and I headed out for my last lap. It was to be my best lap at 1hr01min and I felt great getting off the bike after arriving back at 10:30am. As I said earlier, my first 2 laps of this years’ event were a real struggle, both mechanically and physically, but I have felt better and stronger after each lap since. Ultimately, my lap-times weren’t as good as I had ambitiously hoped but they had been consistent, every lap I had done was between 1hr01m and 1hr05m – I was pleased with that. :D

Shortly after I got back, Chris Stacey geared up and headed out on his now traditional bike-lap of the Ring for Team Northloop. Much respect and many thanks for that Chris.

© M.S.

We had more visitors to our Team Northloop pit-camp in the mid-morning sunshine. Chris Davidson had dropped by again to join the party and support the cause. In fairness to him, Chris spent a lot of time with us over the weekend which was appreciated. Shortly after, 3 generations of the Preacher family had called in to say ‘hi’; Stu and Alastair with his wife Felicity (Fiz) and lovely baby daughter Isla, of whom, several photos were taken by Michaela. Isla was the only one getting decent sleep, bless her:

© M.S.

By this stage, we weary band of 8 competitors bore all the signs of what we had been through, tired eyes, un-shaved, sweaty and fatigued…… with one notable exception :lol: :

© M.S.

The race organisers had set 12:45pm as the last time competitors would be allowed to commence a race-lap as the race finish was scheduled for 1:15pm, exactly 24hrs after the race start amazingly. Here’s Garry a few minutes before he headed out on the last lap for Team Northloop:

© M.S.

So at around 1pm, the 6 of us not out on track headed the up pit-lane to the start of the main G.P. Straight to await our 2 team-mates out lapping to return and cycle over the line as a team of 8. As it happened, Jim Cameron (who was last rider out for one of the teams) had crossed the line as we were heading up the pit-lane so when he got back to the pits, they sent him up to join us. Once Garry arrived up from Tiergarten, we picked our moment and fanned across the track 8 abreast to cycle over the finish line of the Rad am Ring 24hrs 2010. It was quite a moment and felt great&#33; :D

From left: Garry Robson, Rory O’Shea, Ed Cross, Tim Hurford, Dave Boulder, Jim Cameron, Tim Darracott, Andrew Stacey:

© D.B.

© M.S.

Like last year, 2 members of Team Northloop may possibly, through creative means, have crossed the finish-line a 2nd time so as to illicit an extra medal or two for intended purposes. :whistle:

Medal received:


More to come. ;)

21-09-2010, 03:44 PM
Sunday 22nd August - post Race

So that was it, the 2010 Rad am Ring 24hr Race was over and out of the 1,065 four-man teams that had started the race, 661 teams finished. The relevant results were as follows:

1st - 2719 - C3 Cycle Culture Company - 32 laps - 23:55.47.

Team Northloop Results:
375th - 2421 - Dim Tim Racers - 23 laps - 24:03.49
476th - 2419 - Northloop Slackers - 21 laps - 23:45.23.

The event had gone very well for us overall with no breakdowns or injuries thankfully. The weather had been pretty perfect for the entire 24hrs, if perhaps a little too hot at stages, with no rain which made a big difference. Our collective performance had improved significantly on last year with the lads putting in some very impressive individual performances, of which, I was not one. Not sure why but I found the event tougher than last year tbh, despite the same training effort having been put in, so was personally disappointed but I still loved every second of it. I was smoking far less this year compared to last year so maybe that’s what the problem was. I’m going to have to fix that for next year, I might even get Marlboro on board as a personal sponsor ;) . It was also great to see 2 particular Team Northloop members finish the event with strength; Dave Boulder, who couldn’t cycle with us last year for reasons mentioned earlier, and Ed Cross, who crashed out during last years’ race. Well done on completing your 1st 24hr boys. :thumb:

There was even a special Ring°Card brought out to mark the occasion:


As I said earlier, Chris Stacey had once again cycled a lap for our teams for the 2nd year in a row and he was presented with a fully-deserved medal in recognition and gratitude of his achievement, aswell as everything else he had done for us as Michaela’s right-hand man. I fear this is becoming traditional now Chris so you’d best keep yourself available for next year. ;) After brief celebrations with a complimentary pint of Erdinger, all that was left to do was break down our camp, pack up all our gear and evacuate the area. For some reason, we couldn’t bring our cars into the complex so, apart from what we could squeeze into Garry’s car on-site, everything else had to be carried out of the complex by hand to the carpark. With all hands on deck, it didn’t take that long to complete the exercise.

© T.H

Rather than load all the bikes, Dave B, Stace, Tim and myself had decided to cycle ours back to Adenau. We had hoped to do ½ a lap down to Breidscheid and get out there but didn’t want to risk it in case the gates were closed. As dark clouds gathered overhead, we instead took the main complex exit, cycled down the main road in slip-stream formation past the petrol station and took the 2nd left under the D.H. straight onto the twisty ‘hairpin’ road to Adenau. We held strong pace down that road and it was good fun as slight drizzle started to fall. The hairpins were tricky, even on a racing bike, and we had to be careful not to go in too hot as it was easy to run wide on exit. We got down to Adenau in a very short time and made a bee-line for the Comfy Corner for some hydration. :drink: :D

Once Jorg appeared from the kitchen and spotted us, ‘drinks on the house’ were kindly proclaimed :D . After a beer or 2 with Jorg and Karl and in the consciousness of how badly we needed to shower, we pressed on to the Blaue Ecke. Adenau Main Street was unusually busy with traffic but that didn’t thwart our progress. We zig-zagged through the cars like a bunch of New York bike-couriers, Dave Boulder being most wreckless offender :lol: . We arrived to the plaza outside the B.E. at a vigorous pace to mild applause… the others were there ahead of us, sitting out in the sunshine at a table nicely laden with beers and joined by Weeman and Gem amongst others. As they relaxed in the sunshine and contemplated a shower and few hours kip, I didn’t dally. After a change of clothes and a quick shower (right Jim? ;) :D ), I met Mr. Cameron in the back car-park of the B.E and we strapped into his BMW 335i.:


Up to the Breidscheid Ring entrance and, despite saying he was going to warm up the tyres and brakes for a few corners, he swiftly got on it in my eyes. The track was quite busy, full of frustrated TF’ers having been denied lappage all weekend by us push-biking punks. We swiftly got around to the TF carpark and kept going through the barriers for a full lap. Man, that car can move in Jim’s hands and I was more than happy in the newly fitted passenger seat. It was fabulous to enjoy the track at race-car pace again, having seen it in relative slow-motion for the last 2 days. The ease with which the likes of Kesselchen and that villianous Hohe Acht were dealt with were laughable thinking of the arduous grind they were on a bike. It was a throroughly enjoyable pax-lap, much of which was spent keeping an interested eye on Jim’s capable footwork on the pedals. From around Metzgesfeld to Kesselchen, we had the company of a 911 GT3 RS and a Lamorghini Gallardo who were very properly on it and only lost us with their superior power and higher top-end speed on the long climb from Bergwerk. Through the barriers again for another thoroughly swift and enjoyable lap before pulling off into the TF carpark for a break. Thanks again for the laps Jim, cracking&#33; :thumb:

The carpark was buzzing as everyone who had arrived over for DN2 the following day were trying to get a few prep laps in to ensure car set-up. There were numerous Northloopers knocking around and while I was chatting to Martin (texas2201) and Alastair (Peach-Uk), the announcement of a track closure came over the p.a. speakers. After a bit of a wait, it looked like it was going to stay closed for a while. A biker had come off at Hohe Acht and the air-ambulance had been called in :( (never found out but hope they were ok). So hopped back into the BMW with Jim and headed down by road to the C.C. where we met Dave Boulder. Earlier outside the B.E., all 8 riders had signed a few copies of the photo posted below aswell as a few of our team jerseys and we were now at the C.C. to present one of each to Jorg in sincere gratitude for his sponsorship and support of us for the Rad. You may spot this photo on your next visit over as it’s possibly hanging on a wall in the C.C. as we speak:

© D.B. (well, Isabel Boulder actually)

From there, it was back up to the B.E. to meet up with the others for our celebration meal. Many of the lads had wisely grabbed a few hours sleep during the afternoon but as I had been lapping the Ring instead, I was definitely starting to wilt with fatigue at this stage. The few beers didn’t take long at all to numb the senses. I was sitting next to Mark (Chilled) at the long table outside the B.E. bar door but I probably wasn’t the best conversational company as my concentration and attention were fading fast, as can be seen from my moronic expression here:

© M.S.

© M.S.

We were joined by many other Northloopers at the table; Chris Davidson, Weeman & Gem, Stu & Alastair Preacher… Al Clark was also knocking about I believe, though I wasn’t talking to him. The meal was lovely and the atmosphere in the fading sun-light was most enjoyable and relaxed. Sonja kindly presented each of us with ‘Nürburgring’ embroidered balaclavas which had been given to her by on of her Fan-Stop suppliers. Jim’s first jestful reaction was “will they pass scrutiny Sonja?” :D .Here they are being suitably modelled by Tim H. and Jim:

© M.S.

© M.S.

During dessert, Dave Boulder made a short speech and presented Michaela and Sonja with signed team photos and jerseys in appreciation for all they had done for our teams throughout the weekend. Then as the night drew to a close, there was one other presentation to be made. We riders had survived our 24hr but Michaela had also done a 24hr in her own right by staying with us throughout the event day and night so now, shortly before she headed home to bed, we presented her with the other extra medal we had obtained at the finish-line. We simply couldn’t have done the event without Michaela’s help so it was just another small token of our appreciation.

So at around 11:30pm many of us took our leave, leaving only the hardcore remain, and headed off for a well-needed nights’ sleep. I went downstairs before I went upstairs, to break down my bike and pack it up for the flight home tomorrow. Tim D. appeared down shortly after to give me a hand and, thanks to him, the process didn’t take long at all. So as Adenau church bells audibly struck mid-night, I fell into bed and was probably asleep before my head hit the pillow. :D

> Not many photos were taken this afternoon understandably so I didn’t have much to choose from for this instalment of the report. ;)

Edit - a wee bit more to come... :whistle: ;)

Dave B
21-09-2010, 08:17 PM
Excellent mate. :thumb:
I&#39;ll re-read this sometime in January when snow is lying on the ground and look forward to doing it all again in 2011.....we must eat earlier on the Sunday though &#33;&#33; Food at 5pm, a few beers and bed by 9 would be just the ticket. :thumb:

A sincere Thank You to all our riders. helpers, charity supporters and the visitors we had at Camp over the weekend.

Gary Kinghorn
21-09-2010, 08:47 PM
Good effort sir :thumb:

21-09-2010, 08:52 PM
Awesome, can&#39;t wait for next year :thumb:

Here&#39;s hoping we all make it over wouldn&#39;t be the same without you chaps.

21-09-2010, 09:45 PM
Awesome read again Rory&#33; I really missed it this year... but hopefully next I will be able to rejoin Team Northloop&#33;

Chris D
21-09-2010, 09:52 PM
Excellent report, Rory :thumb: .

I really enjoyed that weekend (both Rad am Ring and DN2) and it was a pleasure to have been of assistance ;)

22-09-2010, 09:50 AM
Monday 23rd August – Trip Conclusion

After a blissful nights’ sleep, I was up at around 7am and packing for home. On my way downstairs for breakfast, I paused to survey a few photos of us from last years’ event in the photo montage on the 2nd floor landing of the B.E… ah the memories :D :


Enjoyed a leisurely and hearty breakfast with the lads and then back up-stairs to grab my bags and check out. There was a definite buzz of activity inside and outside the hotel as all the D.N.2 participants sorted their gear and cranked their track-toys into life in the damp but fresh morning air.

At around 9am, I hopped in the car with Chris Stacey and we headed for the Airport. We made a quick stop at the T.F. roundabout to drop off some stuff for Andy Stacey and there was a palpable air of excitement emanating from the T.F. car-park as the days’ activities were just about to kick off. As we drove off, I felt the usual melancholy I always experience when leaving the Nürburgring as it would probably be some time before I would be back there again. On top of this though, was the sadness of foregoing all the fun that the D.N.2 day was inevitably going to be but, nonetheless, I had my own unavoidable agenda.

In-car conversation with Chris on our way was most enjoyable and before I knew it, we were at the Airport in good time at around 10:30am. Despite my efforts, neither Chris nor Andy would let me even give them a tank of petrol for their kindness but big thanks to the both of them for the transport. Had a long wait for departure as the flight was delayed for well over an hour without any explanation (frigging RyanAir punks) but we finally took off from Frankfurt Hahn at around 1:30pm… back to reality, drizzle and immediate exam study.
It would be at least a week before I could allow my mind to relax again and think back over the incredible experience that this weekend had been. :D

Before I sign off, I want to say a few final and sincere &#39;Thanks You&#39;s…

Dave Boulder and all the Team Northloop competitors –
a great bunch who made it a great experience, well done all on our collective achievement. :thumb:

Our Sponsors:
Michaela @ the Blaue Ecke, Adenau - Sonja @ Fan-Stop, Adenau - Jorg @ the Comfy Corner, Adenau -
without all of whom, it would not have been half the experience that it was. :thumb:

Our Pit Support Crew:
Michaela Scheffner, Chris Stacey & Sonja Martin –
they simply could not have done any more for us and were brilliant from start to finish. :thumb:

To our absent team-mates:
Mike Solowiow (CaptSolo) and Tim Nicholas (Moff) –
it was a shame that you both couldn’t join us this year but looking forward to hopefully having you guys back in the team with us for 2011. ;)

Aside from those taken at Ring Boulevard & Museum, practically none of the photos in this report were mine. I want to thank those who kindly gave me their photos to use here, I have credited them with their initials under each photo -
(M.S.) Michaela Scheffner - (N.P.) Nigel Pinder - (D.B.) Dave Boulder - (T.H.) Tim Hurford :thumb:

Last but far from least,
thanks to the many Northloopers who visited us in our pit-camp and supported us over the weekend. :thumb:

So now I’m finally done… at least until 2011. :wave:

Edit - just checked my MS Word doc of this report... 28 pages and over 10,000 words. :rolleyes:

22-09-2010, 10:30 AM
Great read, a very well done to you all :veryhappy:

23-09-2010, 10:45 PM
Cheers Simon and thanks again to everyone for comments posted. :D :thumb:

Forgive my many thank you&#39;s in this thread but a lot of people contributed in various ways to our Rad am Ring campaign so I just wanted to acknowledge everyone on behalf of all the team.

I have one more though...
huge thanks to those who kindly donated money to our fundraising efforts for the twins Oliver & Marvin.
Every penny raised has gone directly to the family and will be used for physical therapy treatments for the two boys.
Between 2009 and 2010, Team Northloop has raised over £1,000 for them and that will make a huge difference to their lives. So thank you&#33; :thumb:

http://z8.invisionfree.com/Northloop/index...topic=30593&hl= ('http://z8.invisionfree.com/Northloop/index.php?showtopic=30593&hl=')

23-09-2010, 10:53 PM
Great report Rory :thumb: Hopefully I will make it out next year as pit crew :thumb:

24-09-2010, 01:04 PM
What a great write up, Rory - I really enjoyed that - thanks :D

24-09-2010, 01:20 PM
Glad you enjoyed it Chris. :D
It was good to meet you in the CC on the Friday night. :thumb:

Dan - you&#39;ll be more than welcome to join us next year. ;)

24-09-2010, 01:49 PM
Originally posted by Rory@Sep 24 2010, 03:20 PM

It was good to meet you in the CC on the Friday night. :thumb:

Likewise, Rory - that was a great evening out :thumb:

10-10-2010, 03:30 PM
Dave Boulder -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Dave2.jpg Stace -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Stace.jpg

Crossie -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Crossie.jpg Tim in Yorkshire -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/TimH.jpg

Tim -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Tim2.jpg Garry -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Garry.jpg

Me -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Me.jpg Chris Stacey -> http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww96/sizzle_01/Chris.jpg

Unfortunately, it seems that Jim Cameron managed to evade the pro. photographer,
he must have been going too fast to snap. B)

All photos © Sportograf.de - http://www.sportograf.de/en/shop/event/866 ('http://www.sportograf.de/en/shop/event/866')


Jim Cameron
10-10-2010, 03:38 PM

Rubbish :angry:

18-11-2010, 09:30 AM
The official video of Rad am Ring 2010 by Sportograf.de is finally online...
it&#39;s 30 minutes long and a must-see for anyone involved -

http://www.vimeo.com/16826923 ('http://www.vimeo.com/16826923') :thumb:

Edit - I actually feature in it @ 2:56 -> 3:03...
that&#39;s me (in the orange & white Northloop jersey)
when I had mechanical problems on Kesselchen on lap 1...



18-11-2010, 02:39 PM
nice one will watch it when not at work&#33; :thumb: :thumb:

Tim in Yorkshire
18-11-2010, 07:35 PM
It looks like you&#39;re the only one with the filmstart looks to make the cut Rory&#33;

I liked that, a nice reminder.

19-11-2010, 02:15 PM
Originally posted by Tim in Yorkshire@Nov 18 2010, 08:35 PM
It looks like you&#39;re the only one with the filmstar looks to make the cut Rory&#33;

I rather think not...
I reckon they must have mistook me for one of the many Tims on Team Tim. :D

The Sportograf.de event videos are always a good watch and a nice momento of the weekend.
Also, if you order any photos of you from their website, you get the video free on the CD aswell. :thumb: