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05-08-2005, 06:50 AM
Will finish this when I get chance

http://tinyurl.com/cwcse < My pics


This year&#39;s trip started on Wednesday with a very long dull and frustrating trip from Worcester down to Canterbury to stay overnight with Ian and Louise, Claire and myself left Worcs at 1.00pm in the R32 and didn&#39;t get to Canterbury till 8?pm,M25 was at a standstill due to a lorry accident.

When we finally got to Ian&#39;s he made us a nice pasta and to start as we meant to go on all weekend we cracked open a few beers and chatted nonsense until about midnight.
He and Lou had been to France the weekend before with Lotus on Track in her MX5 for 3 track days at Croix,Dijon and Magny-Cour, sounded a great trip.


We had to make the 0745 Speed Ferry,so a quick dash to Dover in thick fog was in order, Ian&#39;s recently fitted a 2 litre ABF block in his mk1, as if it wasn&#39;t rapid before. As we dropped onto the A2 the acceleration was &#39;quite suprising&#39; :)

We were meant to meet up with the others going on the trip before going to the ferry, but as we were running late we went straight to the Eastern docks , straight through and onto the ferry where we met up with Stu and Louise in their mk2 16v, Jamiehol and Emily in their mk3 VR6, Steve R and Dave in their mk2 track cars and their friend Andy in his Corrado G60
Quick crossing to Bolougne and out onto the motorway, we had to meet up with Steph in his Seat Toledo, and he had gone down the motorway towards Paris, we were going to meet him somewhere between Calais and Bolougne but the junction was closed so we contacted him to meet us at a rest area just &#39;tother side of Calais.

Ian had a pair of Binatone radios which we used to keep the convoy in check, our handle was "Arthur" (arthurtytwo) and Ian&#39;s was "Earplugs" as his mk1 is *totally* stripped and loud as hell inside. :))

On the outward trip to the &#39;ring you have to circumnavigate Lille and this has always been a nightmare as you have to swap over 4 lanes @ direction Vallincienes... Just as I have on other trips, we took the wrong turning and headed in the wrong direction. I have amended my directions to clarify the correct roads needed now.



Once we past Lille the trip was very straightforward, made good progress through Belgium even if the driving was a bit as Jamie said "Gumball style" at times.

We normally take the B51 at Prum and the B258 from Blankenheim to Sliders, but as the others were staying at Hotel Wilhemshoehe out near Cochem, we took the Gerolstein/Kelberg route and was going to head for the &#39;ring for opening time.

I was a bit concerned when we left Gerolstein as Kelberg had been blanked out on the sign, sure enough, the road was bloody closed :(

Errrr, what&#39;s the German for diversion?

We soon got in a pickle and drove miles too far out of our way, in the end we had to give up and trust Jamies sat-nav to guide us to the &#39;ring.

"Is the track near the village of Nurburg?" He asked...

"Yes mate, funningly enough" :)

As we got nearer the &#39;ring the sky was black and saw lightning in the distance and when we finally reached Nurburg the rain was belting down and literally bouncing off the roads.

We got to the track about 5:15? and as usual there were many racy type motors around including this CLK DTM Merc and a proper old wide arched mk2 Escort.


Showed everyone around the car park and how you go on to buy TF tickets and where the Grunne Holle resturant and toilets were.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a familiar Lizard-wagen, and went over to meet and greet Alex and Bob, who had travelled over the day before - track was very wet and slippery, but drying out, they reported


Ian was itching to get on the track, so we bought some tickets and had a slow trip round in the wet with Claire driving the R32. It was good to be back :)


Even if we were passed on the right going into Schwalbenschwanz by a MYK plated red 993 Turbo, Claire had left him room on the left and had her flasher on.. tut tut.

I went out with Ian in the mk1 to give him some clues on the track, the mk1 pulls really well now with it&#39;s larger capacity. He was totally daunted by the place and said it was "Monster"

Did a lap in the R32 with Claire as passenger, bless her she gets motion sickness which put paid to her having many pax laps all weekend :(
I was a bit worried if the brakes would be ok on the R32 as it&#39;s a heavy car and the &#39;ring requires lots of downhill braking, even at the entry to the succesion of S bends in Hatzenbach the brakes were grumbling..

Other than that the car was nice to drive on the &#39;ring with it&#39;s surefooted Haldex system giving us quite a bit of grip on a drying track - was bizarre to see the track steaming :))

We had to get a couple of laps in on the Thursday as it was SO quiet, I think I passed one car and got passed by the Swiss white Suzuki Swift GTI that flies around regularly. Klaus?

At the end of TF we all decided to meet up at Motorsport hotel in Nurburg, so we headed to Sliders where we found Bren had aquirred ANOTHER Great Dane and Hizzy had grown a lot since last year.

As the Lizard-wagen has only front seats we all piled in Claire&#39;s car for the trip back to Nurburg, myself, Alex (Iguana), Claire (driving) and Bob, who was later named SlideShowBob (more on that later)

Met up with the rest of our group at the Motorsport hotel in Nurburg and all sat outside, just in time to order - amazes me how they stop serving food so early in the height of the season.

As we were waiting it started raining and the waitress found us all a table in the dry. Nice meal.

On the way back to Sliders, we (GVK/Iguana/SSB) were like 3 kids urging Claire to accelerate under bridges on the 258 so we could hear the bark from the R32&#39;s Milltek exhaust - Children :))

We cracked open a few beers with the lads once we got back, as we didn&#39;t have to be up so early as TF didn&#39;t start till 15:15 on Friday.


Bit of a lie-in Friday morning and Bren cooked us an English Breakfast :thumb up: - Went over to a bank in Adenau to cash some Euros and had some lunch at one of the cafes near Breidscheid
"Frikadelle mit Brotchen bitte&#33;" Drove back on the 257 and parked near Quidellbacher Hohe and walked up towards Hocheichen and saw a load of boiks on a track day.


Went to Barweiler to wash the car as it was filthy after the drive over.


Back to Nurburg for the opening of TF , quite busy already in the car park. - Claire always did the first laps of the day, she doesn&#39;t drive too fast and it&#39;s a chance to check out the conditions.

Irishman David had flown over and hired a Z4 from Hahn? Sensibly, he wanted a passenger lap before driving the NS himself, so we went out in the R32 for a nice lap.

You know what it&#39;s like - so much happens on these trips, it&#39;s a job to put every event in it&#39;s place - any cock ups let me know.
I will get into the 21st century one day and buy a lap-top to write up these reports as I go along. lol&#33;

During the afternoon we met up with Steve,James and Chris from UK VW mag Golf+ who were there to do a feature on the &#39;ring - Steve has a new mk V Golf GTI and was pleased with how it was going on the track with plenty of grip and good torque &#33;


They dropped off Chris at Brunchenn to take some snaps of the UK cars going through the spectator area.

Took Stu out in the R32 with Ian chasing in the mk1 - He said it was great to follow someone he trusted and it taught him a lot about the track - result&#33;

http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=GVK1 vid from Start to entry Hatzenbach - turn up the sound.

Sadly it started raining towards the end of the day and I breifly bumped into Jochen who had been out taking pictures.

http://jvc.pingus.be/fotos/TF_2005_07_30/UK_VW/photos/PICT0036_PR.jpg :whistle:

From the &#39;ring we went straight up to Adenau for a pizza at Pinnochio&#39;s - Very cheap and very LARGE pizza &#33;


It might&#39;ve been Friday, I can&#39;t bloody remember now, but one night me,Bren, Alex and Bob were sat up drinking beer watching FHM&#39;s 100 sexiest videos or something like that on TV, the new Jessica Simpson vid came on that features the General Lee from Duke&#39;s of Hazzard, after that we sat chatting about the old show and Alex decided I looked like Boss Hogg&#33; GIT&#33; cue Alex and Bob doing Roscoe-P-Coltrane impressions. LOL&#33;

So much for an early night then.


You can&#39;t beat getting up early and getting down to the NS for 8am on a weekend, it&#39;s generally very quiet but you have to be aware if there has been overnight rain the track will be slippery especially in the shaded areas.

We did a Euan and went straight out for two laps with Claire driving, track was damp in shaded areas but the sun was out, lovely.

Came back in and Jochen tells us that Anders has the Police checking his car over for the registration "GT3" - In Sweden you can have pretty much what YOU want on your number plate, up to 7? characters as long as it doesn&#39;t insult

I have known of Anders for a few years via the &#39;ringers list but had never met him personally - He mostly drives Porsche and attends the Scuderia Hanseat driving course each year at the Nordschleife. Time to introduce myself and blag a passenger ride in the GT3 then :)

Anders was telling me about the cops and we were chatting about cars etc as you do, Keith Maddock was over from the States and he wandered over to join us for a chat.

Anders had forgotten his helmet so was going to source one before going out on the track, he was going to find me to go out for a lap once he had found a lid.

One of the bikers staying at Sliders asked if I could take him out for a lap, had a lovely clear lap that felt quite quick (to me) although we used a bit too much kerb on the outside of Schwalbenschwanz (tighter left before Kleine Karrusell) as I tried to take it in 4th gear :-0 eeek&#33;

ClubGTI sprint star Nick Wilson was over in his Lupo GTI, his KW suspension was too low for the &#39;ring and he had been to Ring-Racing to raise it up.

Forgive me if it was Sunday, but pretty sure? it was Saturday I went out for 2 back to back laps with Karl in the BW, his mk2 16v, very entertaining, even if we did understeer nearly the whole lap, Karl has an amazing knack for keeping the momentum going, he&#39;s flat everywhere, and takes no prisoners, we passed a 993 around the outside of MHM and hassling Italian reg yellow 911 and GT3 RS through Brunchenn/ Eiskurve / Pflansgarten which made me cry with laughter, ffs get a harness for your passenger though Karl&#33;&#33;

Once it got busy on the track we set off for some lunch and to spectate - never bothered going up to Ad forst before so we decided to take a hike up there,quite good to see all the mishaps and sliding that takes place up there - long walk though.

On the way back down we bumped into Birgit and Jochen, who had been taking pictures - Jochen was showing us shots of the Golfs through the view finder but as he had the camera around his neck on the strap, he said to Claire "This is how I get close to the ladies" &#33;&#33;

Lap around the NS with Anders in the GT3 on Michelin cup tyres (road legal cut slicks) was nothing short of sensational,the sound,speed (255-260 kmh in places) grip and braking power of the car - fantastic , Anders said it was a rusty&#33; lap, felt pretty quick to me. I spent a few seconds walking around in circles as we got back to the car park just saying f**k and WOW a few times&#33;

Took Bob out in Claire&#39;s car and we timed a lap to see how we were getting on, to my suprise we did a 9:15 - that&#39;s over 30 secs faster than I have done in the Golf II , Ok - so the R32 pulls uphill well and I was familiar with the track much more this year, but still,not bad for a once a year vistitor

We did another lap but knocked it on the head through Flugplatz as it was raining, went off at Ausfahrt Breidscheid and got a much needed drink at the Aral station and *more* fuel.

Was only a quick shower, so went back and saw Nick in the car park, his recently purchased TVR 350C had seized at Calais so he was in his Leon Cupra R - Luckily he hadn&#39;t sold it&#33; Me and Alex followed him around on the wet track, He was going quicker than I do in the wet - so we kept a safe distance behind. Back at the car park we said he had a grinding noise from the front, sounded like pads, but the visible outer pad still had material showing.. Prolly an inner pad then.

Bumped into my old Dutch mate Job Van de Laar, He&#39;s an ex mk2 owner (the one I drove at Spa in 2003) and was disgusted that we were driving the R32 "It&#39;s a lovely car, but too new for us" he laughed. While we were talking to Job, We checked the pads on Nick&#39;s Leon and Job teased me as I have a Snap-On cordless impact wrench, scores highly in the pit paddock f*ck factor (TM ChrisP)

I retorted that he must be the &#39;wealthy&#39; one as he runs a race team in VLN with a TT - We all had a good laugh when he was telling us about Christian crashing the TT at Breidscheid, when he said something like "Yaaaa, it was 30000 euros repair bill and no sex for six months, no dear - you cannot buy those shoes"&#33;

He phoned Ring-Racing for us (In German) and we popped around there to get some pads for Nick&#39;s Brembos. Nick and Jo couldn&#39;t thank me enough for my help , but it&#39;s like I said at the time - The whole idea in me organising these trips is if there is a problem, there&#39;s enough of us to sort it out. (Thanks for the cap BTW)

By this time is was well past 7pm and we needed to get back to Bren&#39;s to get ready to go out and eat.

Job said "So ,Gary - Pistenklause at 8pm??" tapping his watch. Gimme chance I need to wash my hair

By the time we got back to Nurburg all the downstairs tables in the Pistenklause were full, so we had a quick look at Jochen&#39;s and JWs photos and ate upstairs, after that we went down at watched the old crash film "Rhapsody in Blech" Features loads of old (60s-70s) crash footage from Adenauer forst.


Sunday was much the same as Saturday, straight out onto the track once we got there, Claire finding her way around the track, she was starting to learn some of the sections now, which was great. She had been going out on track with Bob (Alex&#39;s mate) as her coach, which had seemed to help her a lot. I&#39;m not the best tutor in the world it has to be said, especially when I get my lefts and rights muddled up

Went out for a couple of laps with Bob, he&#39;s a well spoken estate agent, but has a wicked sense of humour and grows horns when he gets behind the steering wheel - he was sharing Alex&#39;s mk2 Golf. He was pretty much on the pace but asked me to prompt him if he was doing something &#39;wrong&#39; - Ever since I&#39;ve been doing track days, my ex kart racer mate Andy has always said "Let it drift" if I&#39;m not using the full width of the track on the exits.

I gave this instruction to Bob, who thought this was the signal to "Go sideways" So at Miss-Hit-Miss, and the downhill left leading into Brunchenn and the two following right handers, Bob had the Golf in a big lift-off oversteer slide all the way through.

On one lap, he turned in miles to early for the Kleine Karussell and was running wide up to the rough exit slabs of the shallow concrete banking, <GVK says his prayers>

We were spat out of the banking and heading sideways for the armco, Bob caught that with full oppo lock, but then of course we headed for the armco on the left side, which another twirl of full oppo lock caught that slide - then another tank slapper, which Bob finally got under control.

I gave a smack on the helmet and just said "FFS BOB&#33;"

Back to the car park for some clean pants, relieved we didn&#39;t crash.Bob was then nicknamed "SlideshowBob" for obvious reasons.

Took David out in the R32 for a couple of laps (with bullet cam) - On our first lap we caught up with an old white Belgian registered Toyota Corolla at the crest before SX, As I was about to pass he didn&#39;t keep right, and as we were heading for the left hand turn at SX , I braked heavily. He blocked us all the way to Adenauer forst, and all the way down to Kallenhard, he lost the rear end at Kallenhard, mounted the inside kerb,bounced back on track and still drove in front of us. By this time, I&#39;m sorry to say I had lost my cool, I was going nuts Final straw came on the downhill section to Wehrseifen when he locked up as I was alongside him. Got past him eventually going down to Breidscheid, but what was all that about? <shrug>

Next lap was a bit different, apart from a newish Vectra baulking us through T13 we had a cracking lap, was really getting used to driving the R32, you have to be as smooth as possible and not &#39;throw&#39; the car into the corners as you do my old mk2. Pulled well up Kesselchen, seeing about 120mph just past the green sign. I started using more of the track on the exit of the blind left before Klostertal, as people have always said, you don&#39;t appreciate the corners on the uphill climb until you start to go through them at any speed.

From what various passengers said over the weekend, my best (most improved) section was from Pflansgarten to Galgenkopf - In the past I&#39;d always been a bit &#39;weary&#39; of the jump, but this time with a bit of braking before and after, then back on the power, making the uphill right one continous sweeping bend it felt great

I love the blind off camber &#39;flip flop&#39; section after the Sprunghugel, as you go through there you just see the tops of the trees and aim for the two kerbs as the track bears right - car goes to the left and you get the BRRRRRRRRR as the left wheels go onto the cobblestones. Slight dab on the brakes, heel and toe BLIP down to 4th for Galgenkopf use the first white marker board as your guide, turn in, but keep to the left side and look for the second white marker board and then make for the apex ,flat out using all the track width on the exit - fantastic.

During the middle of the day we did a lap in procession following Steve in his new MkV GTI so the Golf+ mag could get some pics of us going through Brunchenn, it caused a bit of chaos to be honest, maybe would&#39;ve been a better idea to do it first thing when it was quiet.

Once it started to get busy,we went up to Breidscheid for some lunch and to do some spectating, the track was closed as an E36 M3 had crashed (heavily at SX we later found out). Walked up to Wehrseifen - on the way up we heard Annie Lennox/Eurythmics? song "Sweet dreams" playing from a radio? Though it was someone in the bushes with a portable radio or something. LOL - It was the fire engine coming down the hill with it playing from the loud haler on the roof&#33;&#33; Who said Germans don&#39;t have a sense of humour? :)

When the track finally opened we spent some time with Stu and Louise spectating, track looked busy. From there me and Claire went to spectate at Pflansgarten,Brunchenn and walked up to the Karussell, stopping off at Wippermann to watch the cars kerb hopping :)

On the way back to the car, we were walking down to Wippermann and heard a screech of tyres, just was we turned around, a pinky/red coloured Punto went head first into the armco,after hitting the kerb on the right at Hedwigshohe and spinning across the track. Debris and dirt all over the track, a Dutch mk1 Golf had stopped and the guy was checking to see if the lads were ok.

I just ran up the track as far and as fast as I could, and found a gap in the armco, and was running further up the track waving frantically as I could hear bikes and cars coming up the hill at a fair rate of knots. Few cars locked up when they saw me, and got a few &#39;thank you&#39; thumbs up from the bikers. With that one of the locals in a yellow/black old Kadett stopped and he had a yellow flag, beckoned me to get off the track, so I walked back and realised just how un-fit I am.

Back to the car park, went out for a lap with SteveR in his royal blue mk2 16v - jammy sod bought the car for a pittance, the Gemini 6 speed VW motorsport gearbox was worth as much if not more than he paid for the car. He&#39;d fitted a full cage, and stripped it out, using plastic windows to keep the weight down. Went really well considering it &#39;only&#39; had 164bhp - the gearbox helped on track with it&#39;s closely stacked 3rd-6th ratios meant you were never in the wrong gear. Nice car Steve :)

We all met up at Jaqueline&#39;s Hotel Wilhemshoehe for our evening meal Sunday night, Alex (Iguana) had been on the beer en route, and with an empty stomach was a slightly merry lizard by the time we sat down to eat. He was babbling away talking nonsense while the rest of us ordered our starters. He was totally gutted when they brought out our Camembert and breaded mushrooms etc, his face was a picture.

After the meal we went into the hotel&#39;s breakfast room to watch some of the vids that had been taken over the weekend. David asked Claire if she really wanted to see the vids from her car with me driving, as she hadn&#39;t seen how I&#39;d been treating her car all weekend. She did ...:whistle:

Back to Brens, I&#39;m sure we cracked open more than a few beers as our last play on the &#39;ring didn&#39;t start until 1pm the following day.


Alex and Bob left for Calais Monday morning, as usual I was up and about, waiting impatientlly for 1pm, at breakfast I was chatting to a biker (Simon?) Who had been going to the &#39;ring since &#39;88 - Back in the days when the guy stood at his little hut near T13 with a money belt issuing as Simon said "raffle tickets to let you onto the circuit"

Went down to Breidscheid at midday for some lunch and met up with Steve,Dave and Andy - few annoying wasps around, but nothing like last year.

Timed it perfectly for the opening of TF at 1.00pm - Once we got out on the track we saw the warning lights flashing and the speed limits in place as they were replacing the armco at Schwedenkreuz. Claire had learnt a lot over the weekend and was getting the right lines through most of the corners, and she finally got the line through Wehrseifen, spot on&#33;

Did a few laps in the R32 during the afternoon, one particular lap Anders had followed us out for his first lap of the day, he was suprised, and so was I that it had taken him until Kallenhard to pass us. Back at the car park Anders said "Get some R tyres on it and it will be fast" "Yeh...and some Porsche brakes, decent suspension, roll cage and lose a few hundred kilos" I laughed.

Met up with Neik, the dutch guy who&#39;s claim to fame must be rolling a Peugeot 309 (Beige) at Brunchenn a few years back - He was currently doing "**** all" when I asked him what he was doing for work these days, but said he had job offers from Oslo and Shanghai &#33;

Took him out for a lap in the R32,he said it felt quite quick, and sounded good too - I think that was the general consensus of the weekend really.

As if the passenger lap in Ander&#39;s GT3 clubsport on Saturday wasn&#39;t great enough, on Monday during a closure he offered me the keys for a drive along the road (B412) alongside the track at Brunchenn /Pflansgarten down to the Hohe Acht hotel junction and back to the gas station.. Felt a bit odd with nervous steering, but to be honest I&#39;ve never driven a 911 let alone a GT3 before, he said they all have &#39;lively&#39; steering.

Engine (360bhp stock) pulled well and sounded glorious wailing away behind you. Brakes had been upgraded to GT2 spec with Pagid Yellows so plenty of stopping power.

Made my day, to say the least. Thanks again Anders (We won&#39;t mention the gearchanges)

Once the track opened again, I think we all realised that it was our last chance to drive the 12.9 miles roller coaster that is the Nordschleife, so the rest of Monday was a blur of laps driving the R32 and some more passenger laps.

I&#39;d never been out in a Lupo GTI before, so went out with Nick Wilson for a lap, Nick had fitted G60 front brakes with Pagid race pads, KW coil over suspension and a set of O-Z Superleggeras with Good-Year F1 tyres.

Nick was pedalling the little Lupo well,it&#39;s gutsy 1600 16v engine pulled well and the car just seemed to go where Nick put it,really fun lap and a fun car. I pointed out where Nick could go quicker and if he had taken the &#39;wrong&#39; line anywhere, on many corners of the &#39;ring (Aremberg,Wehrseifen and Bergwerk for example) people make the mistake of turning in too early, and if you&#39;re following them, you can can get into their bad habits.

There are spots painted onto the track to guide you, but to be honest,you need to be somewhere near them in the first place to see them.

My last two passenger laps of the trip were with Ian in the mk1 - What a difference four days had made&#33; For someone that was totally daunted by the track on Thursday, he had got the track &#39;mastered&#39; as much as someone on their first trip could possibly do. Only a few of the blind sections he showed a bit of reserve but, I just beckoned him to &#39;keep on it&#39; :)

Lap two was much of the same, but with the watch running. This time Ian used a higher gear to carry his speed through places like Hatzenbach and through Flugplatz, his speedo has a bit of a wander , so it&#39;s a case of guessing the average of the wander - speedo was well over the 120mph mark on the fast sections to Schwedenkreuz and down Fuchsrohre. At Ex-Muhle, the blind uphill right hander after Breidscheid, the mk1 was struggling for traction, inside wheel spinning, due to the lack of a Quaife ATB &#39;diff. From Hohe Acht to the end of the lap, the nimble mk1 with it&#39;s 180bhp 2.0 litre 16v engine was in it&#39;s element. To say it felt as though we were on a rally stage would probably sound a bit sad, but it did.

We had a clear lap, but at the entry to Schwalbenschwanz we caught up with Andy in the Corrado, who kindly went around the outside so we could take the faster, if a bit bumpy line through the Kleine Karussell.

With me urging Ian to get on the power as early as possible out of Galgenkopf,we catapulted onto the finish straight, under the scaffold gantry which signifies the end of the lap. Stopped the clock at 9.05&#33; - In true Clarkson stlye, I didn&#39;t tell Ian the time until we got back to the car park, he was looking at me as if to say "Come on what was it?" as we coasted back to the car park.

"You&#39;ll be pleased with it" Is all I said.

As you can imagine, Ian was other the moon with the time, he had one lap left on his ticket and could&#39;ve probably bettered that time. But sensibly said "No, that&#39;s it, that was fast enough" and got me to sign his ticket stating the time as a momento. "9.05 01-08-05 witness GVK"

We all agreed that it was probably time to call that &#39;it&#39; for this year&#39;s &#39;ring track action, as everyone seemed to be &#39;buzzing&#39; for want of a better word. We&#39;d had a brilliant weekend on track with no major mishaps, so no point in spoiling that in the last half hour of the Touristenfahrten.

After a few group photos we went up to Adenau via a twisty road, hired Z4&#39;s with &#39;broken&#39; traction control look fun by the way David.

Sadly, the chinese resturant in Adenau was closed as the owners were on holiday, so we went to the Blau Ecke in the centre of the town, again a nice meal and not too expensive.

Was an odd looking mk4 Golf outside Sliders Tuesday morning, nothing odd about the car itself, just the fact it had New York plates on it, obviously was a NY state car as it had the emission stickers on the front screen and the US marker lights in the sides on the bumper. Turns out the guy was living in Germany and his fiancee lived in Vienna - He had the car shipped out at a cost of &#036;1100 US and was going down to the track for the first time that day.

05-08-2005, 07:38 AM
good report so far :thumb: , look forward to reading the rest when posted up.


Gary Kinghorn
05-08-2005, 08:51 AM
GVK Excuse me for being thick but is the guy on the 4th pic down you?

Think we met whoever it is at Bedford and early last year at the Ring in a corrado?

Dave will be along in a minute to tell me im being stupid but hey ho nothing changes :thumb:


Nice report by the way

05-08-2005, 09:21 AM
Originally posted by Gutmann pug@Aug 5 2005, 08:51 AM
GVK Excuse me for being thick but is the guy on the 4th pic down you?

Think we met whoever it is at Bedford and early last year at the Ring in a corrado?

Dave will be along in a minute to tell me im being stupid but hey ho nothing changes :thumb:


Nice report by the way
If that&#39;s Gary, he&#39;s grown a fook load of hair since I last saw him :P


05-08-2005, 09:44 AM
looks like the bloke off 5th Gear :lol:(not Tiff btw :D )

Dave Malings
05-08-2005, 10:20 AM
Chap called Alex, used to own a 944 or 2, currently has a golf, calls himself Iguana on Pistonheads.

Dave :whistle:

Gary Kinghorn
05-08-2005, 11:15 AM
Thats the fella, thought I recognised him. Makes a change for me not to be making a pratt of myself :D


waits patiently for Karls inpending comment :whistle:

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Yep, that&#39;s Alex, as Euan says, I&#39;m bald as feck :lol:

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Bonjour, Lizard reporting for duty :wave:

Yip Corrado last yr & as Davy says- I&#39;ve had waaay to many 944s (4&#33;) one of which was by fluke also at the &#39;ring at the wk end.

Dave Malings
05-08-2005, 01:55 PM
Welcome Alex :D

Whats going on here.......we have 2 reptiles now, a Bad Dragon, and a nice Lizard :blink:


05-08-2005, 04:59 PM
Think I was chatting to the guy with the mk1 golf, had dropped a 2.0 16v engine in from a mk3 or 4 i think (sorry, don&#39;t know much about vw&#39;s), hasd perspex windows and an interesting looking ventilation system....?&#33; Nice bloke whoever he was. In fact everyone I spoke to over there was real friendly.

Gary Kinghorn
05-08-2005, 07:00 PM
Hey Alex how you doing matey?


05-08-2005, 08:22 PM
Originally posted by pete_rallye@Aug 5 2005, 04:59 PM
Think I was chatting to the guy with the mk1 golf, had dropped a 2.0 16v engine in from a mk3 or 4 i think (sorry, don&#39;t know much about vw&#39;s), hasd perspex windows and an interesting looking ventilation system....?&#33; Nice bloke whoever he was. In fact everyone I spoke to over there was real friendly.
Ian is a top bloke, it&#39;s an ABF block from mk3 Golf with a head and different cams.

Ventilation was from a cut up water bottle duct taped to the perspex window slider - seen in Ben Lovejoys latest trip report.

Some short vids from the R32 last Friday night - change filename from GVK1 to GVK2 GVK3 etc-Through to GVK7 .

All being well should have some bullet cam vids from later in the weekend, shortly.


05-08-2005, 10:12 PM
yeah, thats him, was gonna follow him round for a lap or 2 but lost him in the cue. He then caught me, past me, and dissapeared again within about 1 km, ****ing quick that car, and he obviously knows how to drive it to it&#39;s potential&#33;

06-08-2005, 06:57 AM
It weighs bugger all, that&#39;s the thing - I&#39;ve got essentially the same engine in my mk2 as he has, mine doesn&#39;t go like that tho :angry: mk2 weighs another 200-300 kilos&#33;

Added more to the report btw.

06-08-2005, 06:55 PM
Originally posted by Gutmann pug@Aug 5 2005, 07:00 PM
Hey Alex how you doing matey?

Pot porri :D

07-08-2005, 06:39 PM
Originally posted by lizard@Aug 5 2005, 01:29 PM
Bonjour, Lizard reporting for duty :wave:

Hi Iggy (Alex) nice to see you over here too.

Isn&#39;t t&#39;Internet a small place :D

08-08-2005, 06:34 AM
Added more to the report. :rolleyes:

08-08-2005, 12:59 PM
Originally posted by GVK@Aug 8 2005, 06:34 AM
Added more to the report. :rolleyes:
Good report so far :thumb:

Had a Mk 1 and then a Mk 2 Golf GTi many moons ago. Reading this sort of stuff could tempt me back into one ;)


09-08-2005, 08:32 PM
Blimey Diver 944 on here as well, indeed small world&#33; :wave:

10-08-2005, 06:04 AM
Added more waffle to the report, I better finish it soon before I forget what happened :(

17-08-2005, 06:38 AM
Originally posted by GVK@Aug 10 2005, 06:04 AM
Added more waffle to the report, I better finish it soon before I forget what happened :(
And more... :whistle:

26-12-2011, 12:03 PM
Shitter the pics are dead :angry:

26-12-2011, 12:09 PM
So fcuking what? Stop bumping threads

26-12-2011, 12:19 PM
Sorry :nono:

26-12-2011, 12:25 PM
I'm loving Garys 'northloop - revisited' period, it's bringing up loads of old threads I've never read before that are hugely interesting :)

Welcome back

26-12-2011, 12:45 PM
Nick, there are a lot of interesting threads on here (and a lot of rubbish!) and a lot of good memories of years gone by, I suggest you use the search to find them though, so not to upset Chris any further. :sad:

The old forum didn't have a search, and the threads weren't available via Google or where ever.

26-12-2011, 10:42 PM
Ah was my 1st posts on Northloop all those years ago up there, how time flys.

Steve r
02-01-2012, 02:59 PM
Great to read that again, thanks for bumping it Gary. Can you fix the pics?

Dave and I still laugh at:

"Is the track near the village of Nurburg?" He asked...

"Yes mate, funningly enough"

Jim Cameron
02-01-2012, 03:11 PM
Ignore Chris, the miserable fart :fishing:

02-01-2012, 06:52 PM
Steve, I have just fished out my external hard drive and there is a 'ring 2005 folder in there :lol:

just wrestling with Photobucket atm. brickwall

02-01-2012, 07:33 PM
I can't get the bulk uploader to play ball, will try it again later.

Album - http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/Nurburgring%20pics%202005/

02-01-2012, 07:36 PM

02-01-2012, 07:57 PM

Seems almost odd with out all the catch fencing that is now there

02-01-2012, 08:00 PM
HerE's Steve R


02-01-2012, 08:01 PM
Seems almost odd with out all the catch fencing that is now there

Yes Ross, does look strange! Only 6 yrs ago! Great view up there, just see the track snaking up Ex Muhle in the distance :karl:

02-01-2012, 08:06 PM
Jochen's early days of snapping :



This was a rest stop after winding the R32 round to 160mph (in Belgium) :shock:

02-01-2012, 08:09 PM

Guy in the middle is Keith Maddock, who 'maddock bend' is named after.

02-01-2012, 08:11 PM

Steve r as pax with Anders IIRC?

02-01-2012, 08:17 PM
Jochen's early days of snapping :


This was a rest stop after winding the R32 round to 160mph (in Belgium) :shock:

I seem to recall a very rapid slow down when you realised you were about to go through the Belgium/France border.

02-01-2012, 08:50 PM
Did have it on Video :nono:

Steve r
03-01-2012, 04:27 PM
I did get a pax laps with Anders but thats not me in the pic.

me being overtaken by an R32 @ approx. 160.....


03-01-2012, 11:03 PM
:lol: Eeeeeeeeooowwwwwwwwwww! :veryhappy: