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Gary Kinghorn
20-03-2010, 05:25 PM
While we try to run an informal forum, where free flowing discussion and debate is encouraged we have to have a few formal rules. These are in place to protect our members, advertisers and the forum in general. Northloop would appreciate your co-operation in abiding by these rules.

1. Abusive behaviour or language used to cause harm or distress to a fellow member will not be tolerated. Such posts will be removed and the poster likely to receive a warning at least or removal from the forum in the worst circumstances.

2. The advertising of other web sites, businesses in signatures, profiles or elsewhere is not allowed unless the poster is an official Northloop advertiser. There are occasions when this rule will be waived, but this will only be after consultation with Gary Kinghorn by pm *

3. HTML links, pictures and extended length notes in signatures are not allowed. HMTL links are however allowed by official Northloop advertisers.

4. Accident pictures or the result of pictures are not allowed and will be removed. This applies to accidents which occur during Tourist driving on the ring. Other accident pictures thought to be in bad taste will be removed regardless of the circumstances.

5. The showing of Tourist driving videos is allowed. However, videos showing accidents or scenes resulting from accidents will be removed. Videos with accident sections blanked out will be tolerated. Videos showing bad rule breaks such as wrong side overtakes will also be removed

6. Pornographic material will not be tolerated. Threads with material which is not pornographic but could cause issue in a working environment should be marked NWS (not work safe) by the thread starter.

7. The advertising of other forums is not allowed, unless prior permission has been gained from Gary Kinghorn.

Northloop Admin and moderators reserve the right to apply these rules as they see fit.

These rules are subject to change by Northloop admin.

Northloop admin decisions are final and not open to appeal.

* if you wish to become an official Northloop advertiser or require more information about this, please contact Gary Kinghorn via pm.