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01-09-2006, 06:19 PM
This was my 2nd trip of the year and my 3rd trip in-total, and I was introducing another friend (Andy) and his fiancé (Kate) to the wonderment that is the Eifel mountain Roller Coaster.


With a 4am start to meet the ferry it was an early night on Friday to get some sleep (only managed around 3.5hrs though). After getting up precisely 10mins before leaving, we were away. A fairly decent run down the M1 and M20 got us into Dover at 7:15 and we were on the ferry by 7:40 ready for the 8am sailing time. It’s the first time I had done Dover-Dunkerque and was impressed with the new boats, but not by the 1hour service time for a full English and by the fact it was the worst English breakfast I have ever had (suppose that’s why its half the cost of Dover-Calais).
The trip through Belgium and into Germany was uneventful and we arrived at Nurburg around 4:30, we made our way to the Motorsport Hotel were we were staying.
Once checked in we made or way out to go and watch some of the VLN racing and highlights included a Lamborghini Gallardo, new Audi RS4 and the new Clio 197 Cup Racer.



The track was ‘supposed’ to open for around an hour from 6:30, but the racing didn’t finish until then so we retired to get ready for an evening of food and beer.
The racing saw the Pistenklause full to bursting so we ate in the Lindehof, a fantastic meal and several beers later we were all done by 11:30 (im not as young as I used to be).


Got sorted and made our way down to the track for opening at 8:15, we were 3rd and 4th cars out. With this being Andy’s first visit, I was leading him out so that he could get an idea of lines etc following me, so a nice steady lap revealed that it was very slippy. Once back in the car park Andy’s reaction was as I thought, he was just smiling!!! I headed out again to have a faster lap and reacquaint myself with this fantastic place, nothing seemed to have changed since May, just a few new sections of Armco that can never be a good thing to see!
An excellent 5 or 6 laps later the car-park started to get a little crazy, so a spot of viewing was in order. Down at Pflanzgarten 1 and there was some very nice machinery out with an Ultimate and Gallardo Convertible being just 2.



Andy went out to do a lap while I took a pic of him, when he returned he said that there was a Volkswagen Bora (German plates) on its side at the exit of Brunnchen 2, I hoped it would cause a closure because the track was beginning to dry.
At the start of my first lap as I rounded T13 there was a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale facing the wrong way after hitting the wall head on with a trail of coolant running away down the track, I later heard that he was being an idiot in the car-park and people weren’t surprised that he had crashed on his first lap!!!! An excellent lap following a UK RX8 followed, with surprisingly minimal traffic all the way round. I decided that a second lap would be a good idea while the track was dry was a good idea, it proved to be my last dry lap of the weekend with raining drops appearing on the screen at Brunnchen.
The track was closed for a while (I presume to remove the Ferrari?) so it was time for lunch.

The afternoon saw LOTS of rain, so some entertaining laps sliding around brought the day to a close.

We had booked for the Pistenklaus so we made our way down and consumed loads of food and beer retiring at around 1am.


The track not opening until 1:15pm, meant we had some time to kill. So cars we spanner checked, oil topped up and then pictures looked at. The morning had brought more rain, and we had been told that it was one of the worst August’s in the last 100years, so any hope of it brightening up was dashed. Once the track opened it was fairly quite all day and some excellent laps were completed, had a particularly fun lap following a German Corroda VR6, followed by a lap that highlighted that the lack of rear seats and low tread on my rear tyres can make for some interesting rear end movements when the car is ‘unweighted’ (tiergarten and pflanzgarten 2).
Mid afternoon we returned to Pflanzgarten 1 to complete a bit more spectating and watched a procession of around 10 cars come passed, all together side by side.


At 6:30 our laps were spent and with the weather worsening we return to the Hotel to get ready for some more food and beer. The Pistenklaus was the venue again, with an early night on the cards so that we could get up and away in time to catch the 12pm ferry at dunkerque.


An early start and steady cruise saw us get to Dunkerque for around 11:15 and we were ushered straight onto the ferry. After a steady crossing goodbyes were said and we went our separate ways home, and 5hrs later I pulled into the drive.

Alltogether it was a fantastic trip, with 17 laps completed for myself, bringing my total to 50 so far, another friend introduced to the place and promising to return next year. I think that my lines were improved in several areas thanks to the markers still being out from the BMW training a few weeks before, and I learned to drive much smoother because of the wet, this meant that although it was disappointing that I only got 2 dry laps, it didn’t distract from another visit to the Green Hell.

:thumb: :lol: :D B)

01-09-2006, 07:09 PM
Good report mate, I was there this weekend too. Spotted the 306 and the Clio but didn't realise they were from here.

I was in the grey Pug 406 Coupe. Was definately a top weekend despite some heavy downpours. I rounded the same corner to find that Ferrari 360 sat facing the wrong way in the middle of the track with a newly restyled front end. Kind of reminded me of theose Renault Megane ads :lol:

Still, looked like they got out unharmed which is all good. Would have liked to have got some more laps in but by Monday afternoon you really needed a canoe rather than a car :thumb:

01-09-2006, 11:37 PM
Is your car grey? Only 406 coupe i saw was grey?

The rain was pretty horrible, but it was actually worse when i was there in May.

It seemed like everybody was ok with the 360, but they did have the Ambulance out.

02-09-2006, 10:48 AM
Originally posted by pye21@Sep 1 2006, 11:37 PM
Is your car grey? Only 406 coupe i saw was grey?

That be the one mate :thumb:

04-09-2006, 09:35 PM
I was there at the same time in my E30 M3. Saw the ferrari go out but no return...

Plenty of cars going off on the Monday as well, but not in such massive way.

Does anyone got any pics of my car going round, black M3 Sport Evo.


1990 M3 Sport Evo

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