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14-06-2009, 10:38 AM
Day at work on the 28th

got home 5 oclock filled the car with tyres tools clothes etc and headed for bedford to meet Garry

With it being a Thursday night and not a Friday the roads where empty and the drive down with every smooth - well apart from me coming off on the right slip road looking around and thinking it was the next road I should be off on. Extra couple of miles is always good.

Meet everyone including baby Molly - I was happy garrys mum was on hand to change the nappies and I didnt have to get my hands dirty trying that!!!

Had a takeaway for tea and an early night


Up at 9 oclock and off around the local industral estate to get some new R888 tyres fitted
Garry had picked these up for me as my fronts where flat after doing croft the monday before.
Second place we call fitted them and it was off to catch the ferry.

Got to the ferry in loads of time. and in our amazment your scotish mates had beaten us there. Little chat with then found out they had been up early and drive through the night to meet a guy up the road to sell him a diesel engine. ( they had driven down in a fiesta xri 3 up and a engine and all there stuff for the trip - would have been a funny site on the motorway)

Right back on with the trip

Got on the ferry and bit of food and onto the top deck to sit in the sun for the next 2 hours. (all weekend there was loads of sun)

Couple of hours later and we where off the ferry and onto the first toll road into france.

Couple of hours later and we stopped in a service park for an icecream and toilet stop.
we had lost the scotish lads as myself and garry had been first off the ferry.
While sitting watching the road go pasted we heard so a beep and then all of a sudden a car was reversing down the out road of the service stop.
Davie had seen our cars parked up and they stopped for an ice cream as well.



couple of photos of Garries car on the drive down.

The lads pulled in and we all started having a chat about how the cars where running.
All had been great

Then someone noticed the car arieal on the fiesta

Very safe.

What we all didnt at this point was the local speed camera police had all been parked up round the corner from us - luckly they had not spotted the reversing and just eat there icecreams.

Back on with the drive and we drcided to get off the toll roads and head the country route. This was a good idea as the traffic at 5 oclock on a friday night is not the best.


As we where driving along for a number of hours we all got a little feed up and we had seen a number of scrap yards at the side of the road

so a 20 minute stop for a look at some frence clutter.


Another 30 minutes down the road and we stopped for a bit of french food.
It was lovely and it was great to be in france.

Another 30 minute and we had found the F1 hotel in le mans and where showered and asleep in bed.

A early start for some of us and off to the track.
was another red hot day and more suntan cream was needed - the pit garages where lovely and cool which was a life saver.


This photo was texted to russ very early saturday morning as I know he likes them - sorry if I woke you.

Garry started on with fitting his brake ducks and checking all was well

This was in the garage next to us. - large super chager on the V8


The normal position for french clutter in a garage cooling after a few warm laps


The track day went really well

There are 12 - 10 minute long videos here with me following terance in the fiat 500 and a few of me following garry around the track.

Few photos I bought at the end of the day.








Rest of the photos (http://public.fotki.com/cross/edward_cross/shows/2010/pug106/)

As you can see I had a really good day and did about 150 track miles.

Back to the hotel after the track day shower and straight into town to meet Terance at his hotel.
Terance opened up the hotel underground car park for up as the cars where still full of tools wheels etc.

I parked next to the fiat 500 - I was amazed how much taller it is too the rallye.
This is a totally flat photo.

Then on with a few beers.

A bit of frence pizza and a few other beers and off back to the hotel for a good sleep.

On the morning after I spotted this on the bed and garry then told me off for sleeping on the top bed!


On the way back up france to the ferry we stopped for some breakfast
Always be carefull opening cans of coke will sat on stiff suspension.

Back at the ferry with not many problems - went cross country again which was great seeing so many nice french towns.

Gareth had had to jump in with me for the ferry as garry had not booked for a passager in his car but I had - dont ask

Garry shortly before he was taken into a back room with loads of french men and guns.

Thankfully they let him go and we got onto the ferry
Up to the top deck with our deck chairs for another sit in the sun and relax before the drive up England.

Good bye France we'll be back soon! ( as soon as the euro goes back to how it was a couple of years ago)

Once back in England we all set off our own ways - bit of traffic on the M25 and I was off up the M18 and A1 back to Durham to drop my rallye off as the tax ran out on the 31st and I didnt have anything else booked to make me need to tax it.

On the run back up there was a text from Gareth and garry telling me they had got stuck in a traffic jam and where there for over 2 hours - totally gutted for them

I made it back to Durham 930 ish meal and off to bed
I heard from Garry the next day that they had not got back to bedford till 12.00 after hitting loads of traffic jams.

I really enjoyed my weekend and shall be going back next year or be looking for another interesting french track day to go on - so if anyone sees anything please let me know! B)

18-06-2009, 11:53 AM
Enjoyed reading that. Sounds like a good trip :thumb: