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25-08-2006, 12:34 PM

Travel down to Enfield, Norf London to pick up Ian as he's dropping his company car off at work.
Have a drink with his work colleagues then head off to Canterbury. My 8v chugger stinks of petrol.

We have a look and the rubber fuel line from the fuel rail is split, ****ing fuel all over the ex mani. Nice!

Ian scrounges car back, we go to 'alfords and get some 8mm fuel pipe,a screwdriver and stanley knife. Safe!

Fix car, head off to Finchy towers, fit my OZ super T wheels on the mk1 in case journey over is wet, as they have Uniroyal rainsport tyres which are fantastic.

Ian starts cooking a curry while we wait for "The voice of reason" Chris **** to arrive as he's kipping on the sofa.

We hear some grumpy, obnoxious car chugging down the road that'll be the ex slick 50 race car mk1 that Chris is taking then, idling at 1500 rpm with a very sulky idle - sounded proper.

While Ian's finishing the curry we bleed the brakes on the mk1 - cue **** and GVK shouting "UP".... "UP" ......"DOWN" ...."DOWN" to each other in a non gay fashion.

Lovely curry it has to be said, few beers and watch a few vids from Ian and Lou's recent French week long track adventure - Pau Arnoux (sp) in the South of France looks awesome!!

Early night in readiness for early start Friday.


Weepbeeellpppppbeeeeeeeeepppp < grunt> <snore > < phart > < grumble >.... looks at clock 04:30am. "Whose idea WAS this, Chris?"

Up and out on the A2 down to Dover, get there for six, hoping to get a cooked Brekkie, boat loads early dashes that idea....Ian fixes bad earth on dash.

Meet Stu and Louise on the boat over to Bolougne and out onto A16 where we plan to meet Chris who sailed on P+O.

Meet at the Aire au Offenkerque, convoy through France and Belgium into Germany.




Meet up with Bill,RobT and Olly and their other halves at Junction 36 services on E40.

**** tops up gearbox oil using a gatorade type bottle to squirt it in as no funnel or pipe to hand.



Even the Skip Monkey RobT couldn&#39;t find any when he went for a wander.

Loads of banter flying around, felt like it was gonna be a great weekend.

Out on the road, Rob does a fly-by in the Audi doing big numbers. "Ave IT"



I calculate we&#39;ll get to the &#39;ring at 3:30pm - we trundle through Nurburg at 3:25 local time.

Go up the hill to the castle where the Hotel Burgstube is located, can&#39;t contact the land lady, German roadies hanging around for DTM call her a "Big B1tch" and call her for us.

Meet Ian and Jude who are also staying at the Burgstube - we met them in May, this time they were in a mk2 Golf GTI rather than Ian&#39;s A3 3.2 DSG they used before...

Change the wheels on the mk1 to some with Toyo R888 road legal track tyres ready for 5:15 start to TF.

Straight out on track as I had tickets left over from May.
Car park was rammed, no one could get in or out.

[ car park vid off fuji ]

With the amount of UK cars around, it was apparent lots of them were fast cars, but no idea on the track - we followed a black Evo 6 up QH, that was on the right hand side of the &#39;ramp&#39; braking in all odd places
"Do him" I instruct Ian, who goes round the outside of him through Flugplatz...

It was good to be back to this beautiful place, both having massive grins as we went up Kesselchen with the sun illuminating the track snaking up through the Eifel mountains.

I had misty eyes, was just overwhelmed...

We passed another Evo that was being followed by two white DC2 Integras "Bet they&#39;re on sighting laps" I thought....

I&#39;d only driven the mk1 from the castle to Ed Tankstelle to the car park, so was a rude awakening, the first lap.

Steering has all mad caster which puts on negative camber the further you turn, so you turn in, then if you want to turn more the steering is very heavy.. hmm this is going to take a bit of getting used to.

We had a scary wobble going down FR as I foolishly touched the brakes, things you can do in a 1400kg 4wd Golf R32 will bite your **** in this old mk1.

Ian was understandabley nervous about me being all numptified in his car... I would&#39;ve been the same.

We decided it time to just chill out and do another steadier lap.

Was a lot smoother and lots of fun, lap 02 - Until we got to Sprunghugel where we saw one of our group (Rigs in the mk2 VR6) on the grass.

As luck would have it, it was &#39;only&#39; a loose wheel - he was covered by ADAC.

Ian did the last couple of laps of the night, his speed and confidence building immensely.

Spotted Ian Howell flagging near Schwalbenschwanz, UK Integra type R in the barriers only his second lap.

"Hmm, wonder if that was one of &#39;em following that Evo?"

Back to the car park, SteveR has a bunch of British Golf fans checking out his mk2 - He&#39;s (And his Dad&#33;) made a top job of a neat stripped 16v track car with it&#39;s recent Megasquirt ECU set up, AW tracksport dash and loads of other toys.

SteveR BruNnchen II (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/2006%20ring%20trip%20scncgti/steverring.jpg)


Of course I can&#39;t go anywhere without someone asking if I&#39;m &#39;gvk&#39; and do I have a black mk2 track car , black wheels.. yes that&#39;s me.

These guys have taken it to another level though and race a 194bhp mk2 16v in the VLN endurance races at the &#39;ring , we have a good old chat about techie stuff with them.. Very interesting,they removed the throttle bodies...

ADAC truck drops off Rigs VR and Nick sorts out the wheel nut problem - I christen him "Wheel Brace" PMSL.



At the close of TF Friday night, we all head back into Nurburg to get freshened up and make our way into town, stop off at Zur Burg and have a swift half with the Seat guys and girls (and Karen&#39;s bump) before making our way to the PK, where Tarmac Kev has arranged for 50 of us to dine&#33;

We pushed Kev to the front of the queue and to our astonishment they had literally reserved the whole back room for us. Top work Kev.

Was a real buzz in the air, everyone enjoying themselves, it was great to be a part of it all. We sat with Nick (rallyevr6) and friends and got into a convo with Jag man ? name? About a choice of track car, he struggled with the track car concept tbh - MX5 with AC sat/ nav and a Supra engine would be his choice &#33;&#33;

Can&#39;t really think of anything else that happened that night other than a chat to Belgian Jochen from frozenspeed motorsport photography.


It&#39;s wet first thing so we do the sensible thing and go up to Adenau and pimp Iguana&#39;s car transportation business http://www.lizardlogistics.com to the wrecker yard near Breidscheid and get some photocopied flyers done to hand out to any UK ringers. With more and more UK insurance co&#39;s excluding the &#39;ring, Alex may be able to get a few trips out, to pick up a few broken or mangled vehicles.

We sat outside the Imbiss waiting for the rain to pass, wallop a car hit the wall at Breidscheid.

We make or way back to the car park, and sadly hear about a few mishaps from our group in the wet. I felt as tho as one of the most experienced &#39;ringers in our group, I should&#39;ve maybe given a basic breifing on Friday night before *anyone* went out.

Too late for that now.

I&#39;d promised the night before to take 91davidw to Ring racing http://www.rent-racecar.de to see if they had any rental track cars available as Europcar had him on a &#39;banned&#39; list and could offer no explaination as to why. Whatsisname? with the XKR tagged along to see if RR could fix his coolant leak - we dropped by the only day of the year the Kleins are on holiday, although Theo is around to arrange David a track prepared E36 325i to use on the track - cool.

[ bmw pics ]

keep checking back for updates


25-08-2006, 01:01 PM
Good write up :)

25-08-2006, 01:09 PM
Good read as always Gary :thumb: always amazes me how many running repairs you guys get up to.

25-08-2006, 01:42 PM
We don&#39;t have much choice, most of the time :lol:




Of course David needed a lid...


We both jumped in and drove a lap each, first time for me driving a LHD / RWD car on the NS - Other than me being cack handed and struggling with the gears it was a lovely car to drive - "well balanced" I said.

It was odd being on the other side of the car driving on track - especially through the Karussell.

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25-08-2006, 09:14 PM
Car park wander.









28-08-2006, 08:46 AM




Northloopers Ian Howell and Jude had hired the 318iS Compact from http://www.rent-racecar.de - engine felt like a mk2 16v but car handled very well - set up for VLN racing.

28-08-2006, 02:40 PM
Ian took me out for a lap, for some bizarre, no doubt economical reason RR had put some dodgy &#39;Sava&#39; road tyres on the car, which were very squirmy and drifty toward the end of the lap - good fun for me after being a GheyWheelDrive man all these years.


Went out in SteveRs car - we passed that black UK Evo 6 again going up Kesselchen.His mk2 was perfectly suited to the &#39;ring , the suspension being much more compliant than the mk1.


It&#39;s a family affair - Steve and his Mum :)



See ya Evo...


Bugger me, a bus at Wipperman/Eschbach &#33;

Next pax lap was with Chris **** in the mk1 - most enjoyable - revvy 160bhp 1800 8v race motor but ultimately lacked the torque of Ian&#39;s car up the hills , handled really well on a set of proper Ledas tho. Chris&#39;s lines were pretty much spot on too.


"The voice of reason"


31-08-2006, 05:00 AM
I was mostly milling around the car park Saturday afternoon getting pax rides and taking pics.

Ianv went and got all &#39;focused&#39; on Saturday afternoon and was found to have fallen asleep reading the BMW Nordschleife circuit guide (http://members.chello.be/sf15211/nordschleife.pdf). He woke up had a shower feeling switched on, and went out and beat his best time by 14 secs&#33;&#33;

Video of the lap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COdjeiww0I0

8:51 BTG in a car that will only do 120 mph up Kesselchen isn&#39;t bad at all&#33;

Not when you think the &#39;ring taxi (500bhp M5 V10) is lapping at about 8:35 - 8:40 on a public day (Chris **** and Tarmac Kev timed it last year)

Saw Pooky another Northloop member, who has a track prepared E36 M3 , I&#39;d met him earlier that day.



Asked if he was going out on track and he was&#33; He was very quick, we didn&#39;t time the lap but it felt mid-low 8 min to me&#33;

He was running Pagid Yelllows which are a fantastic pad, I&#39;ve got some to go in the Golf (When I get the gearbox back &#33; )

After our lap he went and did this lap on video.


Told you he was on it&#33; .......

He muttered the next day about doing an 8:18 early on Sunday&#33;

31-08-2006, 05:01 AM
RobT rounds us up at close of TF Saturday as he wants to get everyone up to Brunchenn for photos,this was hilarious with Rob,Bill,Nick and Chris **** wearing Ali G style caps and shades "WEST SIDE"


Tarmac Kev, in the hi-vis jacket with a pikey twang, was ordering everyone where to park, even "Mick in the Pajero" - Irish David said it sounded too much like home. LOL&#33;






31-08-2006, 05:02 AM






31-08-2006, 05:03 AM
Most of the group were at the PK for three nights, Ian and myself were going elsewhere on the Saturday.

It was a toss up between the Chinese in Adenau (which has been shut when we&#39;ve tried before...) or go elsewhere in Nurburg.

Ian and Jude from Northloop.co.uk joined us in the Motorsport paddock hotel where we had a nice meal.

Now I know Chris ****, David, Ian and myself were in the Lindenhof till early hours Sunday morning but the evening is a bit of a blur other wise. May need some help here. LOL&#33;

I&#39;ve been looking at teh photos to piece together the day&#39;s happenings but have no evidence of Saturday night. Maybe a good thing.. eh?
I do remember Ian and David being very competitive flipping/catching beer mats and lots of loud rock music being played, oh and the EDO competition 911 road legal race cars being parked on the layby on the hill. These were spotted as "operation midnight" unfolded.

We teased Chris **** about this as they held the lap record for the &#39;ring and looked no more road legal than a Radical...

Oh,did I just say Radical? Sorry Chris. :whistle:

(Chris had a bee or four in his bonnet about the Radical ring record..)

31-08-2006, 05:05 AM

Ian wanted a lie-in on Sunday morning but said it was ok for me to go down to the track as long as I was careful in the car. Last thing I want to do is bin a mate&#39;s car so I was mindful of his words all morning.

As I always mention, I get too bloody excited at the &#39;ring and find it difficult to sleep so at 08:10 I was getting fuel and a 4 &#39;runde&#39; ticket from the Ed Tankstelle.. Oh and a couple of cans of Red Bull which is simply 98 ron fuel for fat men &#33;

Car park was blissfully quiet so I set off for a sighting lap, the track was empty but dry, the sky dull and the air damp, the mk1 was pulling like a train&#33; I was overwhelmed just how bloody exciting this place is as I flew out of Ex-Muhle with the stiffly sprung mk1 rocking about on all four corners over the undulating exit.

I was punching the air with delight and shouting "Come on&#33;&#33;" "Yeahhhh" I really needed this after all the bad luck and feeling very low recently with that new engine failing after a fortnight and of course losing my brother last December < wipes tears of emotion >

The next lap will be something I will cherish for a very long time, the R888s were at their optimum temp,engine nice and warm so I got &#39;on it&#39; &#33;

I had the whole track to myself,other than passing a caged up local Polo at Klostertal where we both gave each other a thumbs up, I had one car catch and pass me at Brunnchen which was Keith Maddock, an American ABS engineer that used to live in Koblenz, he was back in the States now but was over renting an Opel Speedster (VX220) from Frohlich, we had met at the &#39;ring before and bumped into each other last August too.

Keith waved out of the open roof and followed him for the rest of the lap back to the car park.

He sounded impressed with the old Golf "Hey,that thing has great cornering speed"

We had a chat and then went out in the Speedster, Keith used to drive the &#39;ring every night where possible so you can imagine he&#39;s pretty handy. He did over 700 laps in 2003 IIRC&#33;

Jesus christ, Keith was really dialled in this morning, we did two cracking laps back to back, again on a pretty much deserted track, other being held up by a souped up Mini Cooper S up through Hohe Acht.

My stomach reminded me after lap 2 that I had been in the Lindenhof until silly o clock.

I spotted &#39;spots&#39; that mark turn in and apexes that I hadn&#39;t seen before, so either they were new for the BMW drivers course or I had been turning in too early. Time to adjust a few lines baldie&#33;

31-08-2006, 05:08 AM
By now there was a bit of a buzz around the car park about Ian&#39;s mk1. Lot of guys asking why it went as fast as it does :)... and by mid afternoon we had a list of folk wanting to go out as passengers - myself and Ian spent the rest of the day doing this. It&#39;s amazing that there could be so much interest in a 24yr old Golf, we had people taking pics, filming and asking about it everywhere we went. Really cool&#33;

Highlight for me was taking an American guy out Rich, who was at the &#39;ring for the first time in a new Mustang&#33; He bloody loved the lap in Ian&#39;s Golf, thumbs up and "Yeeehahhhh" from him all the way round. Brilliant&#33; Made my day.

I took Jo out, Rig&#39;s gf, but we had no fuel to get back and the roads were one way traffic due to the DTM.

I missed the turning for the industrial park after the Ed Tankstelle and had to go further and turn left along the 412 that runs along the track at Brunchenn (track was closed,biker off at Eschbach) etc .

Four lanes of traffic slow moving, we turned off at the Hohe Acht junction and went back to Nurburg via Adenau. One hour it took to get back to Nurburg&#33;

31-08-2006, 05:10 AM

996 GT3 in Speedgelbe, one day you will be mine... [ dreams ]


Bren from Sliders on Suz&#39;s R1


Old car, new engine. Mint&#33;


2.0 Zetec on bodies&#33;

Beautiful old GTV.




31-08-2006, 05:11 AM
SteveR goes out for yet another lap of the "Der Grunne Holle"


Alex (Sparrow)


What a car, what a reg plate &#33;


31-08-2006, 05:11 AM
Sunday night in the PK








Ianv posts on the forum... can&#39;t keep away&#33; ?

"Hello folks, we&#39;re currently drinking beer, eating steaks and watching track vids in the Pistenklause. Having a fantastic trip, it&#39;s been busy and eventful but most excellent.

Anyway can&#39;t be arsed to go into detail now, got beer to drink&#33; We&#39;ll be back soon"

31-08-2006, 05:12 AM
Click to play...VIDEO

http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/th_2006_0819clubgtiringtrip20060224.jpg (http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/?action=view&current=2006_0819clubgtiringtrip20060224.flv)

RobT juggles bread - ever thought about a job at the circus Dr?

31-08-2006, 05:13 AM

I go out for a walk through Nurburg to hopefully spot some testing going on at the NS - I only got as far as the ZurBurg.

Had a chat to Chris/Rob/Bill etc and David gives me a call to see if I&#39;d like to buy the remaining 10 laps he has left for 100 euro.

So, hope for dry weather as we have 10 laps to do this afternoon.

We need to get our ferry sorted for return journey as we decided to stay in Nurburg for another night,as Alex (the Lizard) (Iguana) is coming over to pick up a stranded UK Clio (French clutter) So Ian and myself head over to Adenau to buy a phone card to call Speed Ferries on a pay phone instead of using mobile. Ian pops into the VW dealer to get a grease cap for the mk1s rear hub which has fallen off.

We spot Steve Gill from Northloop and Jochen in a hire car, Jochen shouts "Warning,English dodgey blokes robbing bank" LOL&#33;&#33;

We&#39;re a bit late heading back to Nurburg for the start of TF at 1:00pm.

I went out in the mk1 and spotted roadworks at Wehrseifen, so MHM is a slow old affair this afternoon. JW from Holland offers me a pax lap in his Ibiza PD, which was very torquey and quite composed car, rubbish seats mind.

I took Jude out for a lap, which sadly without timing or video to prove, felt like my best lap yet. Jude enjoyed it and she said it felt like her quickest lap too. I think going full tilt over the jump at PF helped with that &#33;

I went and did a lap with Alex and his tyres felt as though they were rolling off the rims, checked them at the Ed Tankstelle and they only had 20 psi in them.. That&#39;ll be why then.

We did another lap but it was raining. This Lizard doesn&#39;t like the wet, and he was whinging for the whole lap. Bless him.

I took Neil (vegabass) out for a lap in the mk1, and after stopping at T13 to rescue Ian&#39;s helmet from bouncing around in the car ( sorry mate ) we had a cracking lap following/being followed/ then following again with a red UK reg E30 M3.

I lead up Kesselchen and up to Eiskurve where I invited him to pass, following him through PF was awesome with sparks coming off the exhaust as it was bottoming out.

He was trying fairly hard as through the right hander after Sprunghugel he was all sideways crossed up with the front OS wheel airborne, looked fantastic&#33;&#33;

He drove back to the pits side by side giving each other the thumbs up. We went and had a chat to the guy in the car park, he said " I didn&#39;t really want to go in front, I was happy where I was" "We were going plenty fast enough" :)


Mk1s resting...


Seen this mk2 before,has ITB&#39;d 16v with open Carbon ram pipes


Lizard&#39;s here strictly on business you understand , picking up some broken down French clutter.


[ girl ] I don&#39;t like the wet, G&#33;&#33; [ / girl ]


Thanks for the duct tape, David :))


Owww&#33; It&#39;s pulling my hair out... errr hang on???


Mental mk2 spotted&#33;


Ian and Jude


Lizard and Ian on the way back in after a lap.

31-08-2006, 05:19 AM
As the afternoon progresses the weather takes a turn for the worse so we&#39;re &#39;forced&#39; to do wet laps.. on R888s as we really couldn&#39;t be a*sed changing the wheels over.

Suprisingly enough they cope well on a damp track,but if you hit standing water it&#39;s aquaplane city. Scary&#33;

We attempt to do a video lap with my camera in Steve&#39;s car and one in the mk1 - Sadly the zoom goes fully out on my camera as Ian passes us after Flugplatz. Bugger&#33;

As the weather gets wetter and wetter it&#39;s becoming more of a job to get the mk1 turned in, so I employ some left foot braking action to get some weight over the front wheels. All well and good but it does heat up the brakes a lot, and Ian reminded me through Wippermann to stop looking at the pedals and look where we&#39;re going. Ooops

:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

With a lot of the group gone home today, it was a lot smaller group out for dinner, we went into the Motorsport paddock hotel,then over to the PK for a few (lots) beers.

Another large group were in the back room so we asked if we could use the TV on the bar to watch the vids of the day..

Unfortunately,we needed a scart adaptor,but luckily I had one at the hotel.

It was raining outside so Jude kindly offered to give me a lift back in the car. She asked Ian for their room keys but then said without thinking "Oh,we&#39;re going in Gary&#39;s room&#33;"

Ian said "Easy tiger"

Jude went bright red, everyone shouted "Wahhheyyy"

Rather amusing &#33; :)

To make matters worse as we walked out I turned to the lads and gave them a wink < more laughter >

Poor Jude was a bit flumuxed and drove up the road on the left

Rest of the night spent watching vids and drinking. :whistle:

31-08-2006, 05:23 AM
I&#39;ve updated this thread,loads of pics and waffle :lol:

02-09-2006, 07:54 PM
:shame: :shame: :shame: and again and again and again&#33;&#33;&#33; Still blushing.

Photos brought back memories of a brilliant evening :D

Thanks Gary the lap was fantastic fun we seemed to fly round, literally. Jude

02-09-2006, 09:43 PM
And I thought you weren&#39;t that sort of girl...... ;)

03-09-2006, 01:33 PM
I enjoyed it, it seems so long ago now :(

03-09-2006, 05:02 PM
Originally posted by GVK+Aug 31 2006, 05:19 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (GVK &#064; Aug 31 2006, 05:19 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>It was raining outside so Jude kindly offered to give me a lift back in the car. She asked Ian for their room keys but then said without thinking "Oh,we&#39;re going in Gary&#39;s room&#33;"

<!--QuoteBegin-GVK@Sep 3 2006, 01:33 PM
I enjoyed it, it seems so long ago now [/quote]

:o :o

03-09-2006, 08:20 PM
I enjoyed it to, still blushing :shame:
Didn&#39;t think I was that sort of girl either :huh:

03-09-2006, 08:22 PM
LOL :hehegay:

03-09-2006, 08:25 PM
Cheeky bugger, Nige &#33; :blink:

I meant the weekend as a whole... of course :whistle: :whistle:

26-12-2011, 11:43 AM
Ahhh Happy days :lol: