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25-08-2006, 08:54 AM
I hope you chaps like the report, Picture to follow:

Wednesday 16th
The trips event started very early on, I was on my way to Southampton airport to pick my Brother up when the Oil pressure plummeted, I pulled in straight away and switch off. I got out checked the oil level and the wiring on the gauges, they were fine, I got back in and started back up and it was hovering around the 2 Bar mark, so it was enough to get me to the airport and back home.

We got to my house at 7pm I had a quick change then got to work on the car, drained the oil, sump off, and took the oil pump off. I had a feeling it was just the strainer but I changed the pump with a spare just to be sure. The Jetta was brought up to temp and a quick blast later and she was ready for the trip.

Thursday 17th
Started the day very early doors and arrived for the 6:30 P&O crossing to France. The crossing was bang on time and we were on the road to Mons for the planned petrol stop and meet up with a small Golf convoy. The Carb’s on the Jetta were eating up more go-go juice than normal and the tank was emptying quickly and calling for an early stop.

Having just fuelled up we parked to have a quick look over the car, it was then we noticed an oil leak coming from the dizzy block cap. I must have damaged the seal the day before when changing the oil pump hence the leak. It wasn’t a show stopper as I had packed a few bits Black Rubber Gasket sealant being one of them. The job took about an hour to do, mostly cleaning down the engine and double checking everything else.

With the Job done and me happy with the repair and clean up it was then back on the road through Belgium and onto Spa, another fuel stop was made and I carried out another check of the car and the engine, I then noticed an oil weep from the cam shaft pulley oil seal. I didn’t want to start getting the tools out at the garage so I headed for a lay-by that was used for the trip last year.

Having reached the lay-by about an hour later , I parked up had some lunch and got the tools out. The rocker cover, cam pulley and one of the cam caps was removed, all the surfaces were cleaned down and abrazzed ready to be repaired with new sealant. I also replace all the oil pads at the bottom of the engine and gearbox to be sure it was all clean and free from oil. The sealant took a little longer to cure and the whole job took about 2 hours to complete before we were off again.

Next stop was a small town about 5 miles from Nurburg where I checked the car over. The engine was fine however when I checked the carburettor jets they were on the black side and needed a clean before we left. A quick drive later and we arrived at the ring car park and met up with the golf chaps who I had originally planned to meet at Mons. A quick chat then it was off to dump the baggage off to the hotel via a little spectating at Brunchen.

It didn’t take long until me and the Bro were back at the track, after the queue up for tickets and a cold Hawaiian sandwich we got on track for some very enjoyable laps.

The evening was spent at Pinocchio’s, who are very helpful, I stuck my head in the door and managed to ask for a table for 14, “come back in 10min, no problem”. It was a good cheap meal and I don’t think anyone who ordered pizza had an empty plate.

Friday 18th

I got up very early and spent a bit of time checking over the car, there was nothing out of place other than the Carb’s needing another clean out so the morning was spent looking for some proper Carburettor cleaner. I wasn’t very successful as the Germans had trouble with my accent. With not many more options it was a toss up between WD40 and the Easi-start which I decided apon.

The easi-start apparently did the job and since the track wasn’t open to us mere mortals I went for a spirited run towards Mayor (SP) and a fill up at the petrol station. Coming back I picked the bro up and headed to the Halfway café for chips and curried sausage. The rest of the afternoon was spent up watching the track day at the ring and chatting with the ClubGTI crew and loads of other Brits.

17:15 came round soon enough and it wasn’t long until the Jetta was back on track. I had just done 2 laps and I went through for the 3rd without stopping, The first half of the lap went great and it felt like a good lap, that was until I had just cleared Bergwerk. The engine was bogging down and the engine was labouring, so for the rest of the lap I was in 3rd gear and crawling back to the car park doing 60mph with the indicators on and getting passed by every man and his dog .

I took the car back to the hotel garage and stripped the jets down totally, changed the fuel filter and blew through the Carb’s with half a tin of the easi-start stuff then headed back to the track, by this time the car park had got very hectic and I decided to wait a little while before going back out again.

It was in the car park that I noticed a rather sickly white Mk 2 with a Northloop sticker limping by, I went over to have a nosy and to offer assistance, I introduced myself to Ian H and Jude who were a bit peeved at the car breaking down. After having a quick look at the car I could see that it was nothing terminal and I offered to fix it when I had time.

I got another 2 x 2 laps in on the track then I met Darren, Mr Teflon in the car park and had a quick chat. Shortly afterwards I called it a day and went around the car park and chatting to people about their cars and then off to the Glasshouse for supper.

Saturday 19th
The day started very early at 6:30 and I was checking all the bolts in the engine bay for a slight rattle, 1 nut on the steering pump assembly was loose but apart from that Jetta was fine and ready to head for the fill up at the garage.

I arrived at the track gave the Carbss a quick spray and I went straight onto the track for 2 laps, the Hotelier Edgar said that it would be dry about 11 but I should have some fun on track in the wet due to no bikes so I took his advice. The track was very quite and I was puttering along quite well, after the second lap the track was shut so I had to park up. I met another Northloop fella in the a yellow beemer and a couple of golf chaps I had met the night before. It wasn’t to long until “the Northloop is now open” came across the tannoy and I went out.

The track was even quieter than before and I never passed anything, I was going pretty steady. Well what I thought and what I was were 2 different things and just into Wehrseifen I missed the change into 3rd gear and it span. It didn’t spin for long and it nudged the barrier, I stopped got out the car got my phone and put the high vis on and started to wave , the ring was engaged (not for the first time) and no cars were coming. I had a check of the car and there was no damage other than I popped a bit of the bumper. It was solid and no other damage was done so I got back in the car and drove back to the car park.

As soon as I got back to the start I parked up and went in the office. The office marshal’s were very polite, they had a quick butchers at my car and then drove me to where I had the off. There was no dirt on the track and I explained what had happened. The official was very happy and said no problem then ushered me back into the car for the return journey back to the office and then wished me a good day.

Having got back to the car park I met up with a few others who had hit the barrier and damaged the rear of the clios lights and exhaust. I explained what had happened to me and said to them to go visit the office.

A short while later after a chat and a coffee I went back to the hotel garage and repaired the back bumper apart from a light graze and a popped tow eye cover the bumper was undamaged.

It was lunch time already so I got my brother up and we headed down to the half way point for lunch again, you can’t beat the sausage and curry. After lunch I went to fuel up and asked the Bro to get me more tickets, on the way back I notice my brother picking up a biker who had just gone into the side of an Audi 4x4, nothing like crashes off the track as well.

As it turned out we couldn’t get on the track at Ex-Muhle due to the track closure so we headed back up to the Start to get on the track. It wasn’t long into the afternoon that I notice a problem with the gears on the straights, I couldn’t get into 4 and 5 some times, so the cars we passed must have thought it a bit odd that we had to pull in to let them passed, we were back in the pits and I suspected it must be low gearbox oil so me and the Bro headed down to get some gearbox oil. I raised the car up and checked for any damage of oil leak’s but it was all sound, apart from a burn to my elbow from the header it was a quick fit and we were back on track.

It turned out to be another quick afternoon of doing laps, follow me laps and passenger laps and it was great fun for me and my passenger’s. I was chatting with some more British drivers and it was clear everyone was having a ball and it was a great atmosphere.

As some off us were leaving the car park for the group photo at Brunchen, I had a little altercation with a kerb as I was reversing, it basically caused the front bumper skin to pop off and land on the deck, it was an amusing moment. I had now taken of my front and rear bumper skins. It was fortunate the support vehicle (SteveR’s Dad) was there and he supplied me with a handful of 2” self tapping screws to remedy the mater.

The group photos at Brunchen and “Ave It” leap were extreme funny and I was beeming from ear to ear, it was orchestrated by the Ali G West Side Boys and an Irish Site Surveyor.

It was dinner at the Glasshouse for a second night and the place was packed solid, a good night was had by all.

Sunday 19th
Another early start to the day but I was told by Edgar that it would probably rain later. So I was straight out in the morning to change over the front tyres as the outside inch of the toyos was getting worn down. I checked the car over again Oil, water, Brakes and gearbox oil were all sound and there was no problems. I came in for a shower and I was amazed that my brother was ready for going before me for the first time.

We went to the busy garage again and filled up the car ready for the morning driving. I got straight into the carpark which wasn’t very busy and dropped of my brother then went out for a very clear lap. After the lap I came back in because I had forgotten to spray the carbs with the easi-start for the daily clean, so a quick stop and I headed back for the track. On the way to the entrance I spotted Darren and asked him if he wanted a passenger lap. He quickly grabbed his lid and Jumped in and we were off. We had just cleared Simon in the 944 at the Start and we were off on the lap.

Well a few turns later and after hammering it down from Flugplats to Schwedenkreuz we had a very big off at high speed causing the car to start dancing. I couldn’t do much really other than hold the wheel straight and weld my foot to the brake. Simon on the other hand in the 944 was very switched on and had notice me taking the wrong Line with to much speed and suspected to worse, He backed off and watched the result.

On stopping the dance, I got the car off the road, then me an Darren were straight out the car waving and getting the Hi vis on, Simon had parked out the way over on the far right and was also waving. I got on the mobile to the Ring office trying to get through with no luck, I then tried Simons phone and It was engaged. Simon then tried and finally got through and described the incident. (Car off at Schwedenkreuz, everybody ok and send ADAC).

A fellow driver had also stopped at the top of the hill and was beaconing drivers down so Darren came back to the car holding my bumper skin. Thankfully the car wasn’t leaking any fluids and it was only dirt on the track. The Marshall staff from the office arrived shortly afterwards and coned off the area. I was very polite and explained as best what had happened before following him to where I had tapped the barrier. To my astoundment the Marshal said barrier good everything ok, go back to the car and wait for ADAC. We did offer to sweep the track but the marshals were in a good mood and said it was ok.

Me and Darren were overly relieved with this result and were standing by the car happily waiting for the ADAC truck to arrive when the Ring Taxi cruised by with Sabine smiling and waving at us, it was a very surreal moment.

The ADAC truck arrived fairly quickly and he drove my car onto the truck and secured it. I then showed the driver that I had ADAC Plus cover and he said that it was all ok and no problems, it was only when we got in the truck to get off the track that the driver was arranging to telephone Munich and to have my car taken home. I could tell that there was no significant damage done to the car and it looked fairly simple to put right, so I tried to explain to the ADAC chap that I could probable fix it. Darren managed to get the message through to the chap as he clearly couldn’t understand me. The chap said we had to speak to his boss before we could do anything and dropped us off at a car park behind the ALDI at Adeanu.

While we waited for the second ADAC lorry, I started to strip down the front of the car to properly check the damage, I knew I could fix it so all I had to do was get it some where to do the job, I had initial thought of the car park opposite the ring but ADAC man wasn’t keen on that idea so he settled for the hotel at Hersbroich.(SP)

The car took about an hour and a half to put right, I swapped the wheels over first, next up I reshaped the bumper irons and the bumper, followed by a couple of taps to the wing then bolted the irons and self tapping the bumper skin back on again. After me and Darren’s fettling, all the car required was a jet wash, a new light and an indicator. A drive and a phone call later by Darren and we found where we could get the bits for the next morning.

Darren was a very good help and I must apologise to him again for my stupidity and the crash.

Well my driving for the day had come to an end so I spent the rest of the day explaining what had happened to the rest of the ClubGTI tour. I knew I fecked up and took it on the chin.

I met up with Ian H and Jude again and since I had spare time now I offered to fix their Golf. It didn’t take long to sort the exhaust and identify the problem of a bodged rotor arm that was filled with chemical metal. It was fixable and it was a cheap fix.

The rest of the afternoon was spent having passenger laps and chilling out before heading to get changed and having another night at the Glasshouse. I decided to have a few beers and had arranged to kip on Ian V’s and GVK’s spare bed. They said it was fine as long as they could take me home before the “Big B1tch” came in the morning.

Monday 21st
I got back to the hotel thanks to a lift in the horse shoe Mk 1from GVK, “Come on Steph the Big B1tch is coming”. As soon as I got back and changed, I then went out and gave the car another check over , It was clear that all the Jetta needed was an indicator a headlight and a good wash to get back on track.

Me and SteveR headed over to Auto Teq in Mullenhart to get the spares, after a short game of charades and pointing with the counter staff we got what was needed. It cost a reasonable 70 Euro for the headlight and matching indicators. The parts were fitted with no problems and Edgar at the Hotel gave me permission to wash the car down, which took a good hour as it was covered thick in dirt.

With the car all back together and checked over for a final time, me and the Bro headed back to Nurburg to finish off Ian H and Jude’s Golf. A trip was made back to Adeanu and after a debate with the VW garage we opted for a visit to the Auto Factors to pick up the rotor arm. Ian H had the Ring Race car so we drove straight onto the track at the half way point and headed back to the ring car park.

I was about ready to get back on track now and IanV had kindly offered to go over some driving rules with me the night before. The ring laps and long chat with Ian V were extremely useful, and it was very clear I had been making driving mistakes. I took the advice fully on the chin and after a short break I got straight back on track for a few rather wet laps in the Jetta going by the book.

On returning to the car park Ian H and Jude still hadn’t got the Golf running so after a short trip to his hotel I had another look at the car. It turned out that in addition to the rotor arm the dizzy clamp was fitted with a 10mm bolt and the dizzy had popped up and spun the timing gear. A short time was taken to fix it and then It was back to the track again.

When we got back to the track it was pretty wet out but even so Ian H wanted to test his golf now it had been fixed. The lap was pretty quiet and apart from the car pinking a little it was working fine. We got back to the car park retarded the timing a little and job done and I got a free lunch for my efforts.

The rest of the day on track was spent having passenger laps and chatting with lots of people, it was a good days driving for sure.

Supper was held at the Nurburg Motorsport Hotel where it became clear that the steak of choice was indeed Blue not medium rare, a good laugh was had by all and I was christened Major Catastrophe by GVK.

Tuesday 22nd
Me and the Bro met up with Ian H and Jude for the return drive back to the ports, it was a pretty steady drive followed by a final Blitz to Calais.

I would like to say a big Hello and thanks to everyone I met on the trip, It was an excellent holiday and a shed load of fun.

Steph :thumb:

Gary Kinghorn
25-08-2006, 09:00 AM
Great report Steph a good read :thumb:

25-08-2006, 09:16 AM
Brilliant report Major!! :lol:

Still grinning about last weekend, it was brilliant. :thumb:

I'm sick of these so called UK tuning experts :angry: :angry:

PSI 'tuning' :lol: :lol: :lol:

On returning to the car park Ian H and Jude still hadn’t got the Golf running so after a short trip to his hotel I had another look at the car. It turned out that in addition to the rotor arm the dizzy clamp was fitted with a 10mm bolt and the dizzy had popped up and spun the timing gear. A short time was taken to fix it and then It was back to the track again. :gay:

25-08-2006, 09:35 AM
Great write-up Steph! :thumb:

No worries for the little bit of tuition, hope it was helpful, like i said the ring's not really the place to do it, but if we are on any of the same trackdays back at home you're more than welcome to learn what little i know!!

25-08-2006, 09:41 AM
GVK - "Who do you think you are Mark 'bloody' Hales?" :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumb: :hehegay:

In all serious tho, Ian has taught me a lot.

25-08-2006, 09:50 AM
Cheers Chaps :D

I'll be taking you up on that offer IanV :thumb:

G', yeah the company should have been branded p1s not PSI, they must have shares in chemical metal.

25-08-2006, 09:55 AM
Cracking report there chap :thumb: You do like fixing cars don't you, good job by the look of it as well :lol:

Gods must have been shining on you that weekend, 2 contacts with the barrier & no big Euro bill. It is nice to see the Ring office using some common sense.

25-08-2006, 10:30 AM
Great report !!

I`ve spoken to Ian H, I gathered you spent a lot of time helping him, he seemed very grateful.

Schwedenkreuz we had a very big off at high speed

You are very very lucky to just have minor damage from an accident there.

Karl said to me, "that corner is where peple in cars DIE if they crash", I treat that corner with a lot of respect now....


25-08-2006, 11:15 AM
Originally posted by Nige@Aug 25 2006, 10:30 AM

You are very very lucky to just have minor damage from an accident there.

Karl said to me, "that corner is where peple in cars DIE if they crash", I treat that corner with a lot of respect now....

;) Hell yeah, there were a few bods in the carpark expecting alot worse.

ive given myself a good kick up the @rse for that mistake. :shame:

25-08-2006, 11:27 AM
I thought the worse as I came down from Flugplatz, saw lights flashing, flags waving and dirt all the way across the track :( Sickening feeling with anyone, but when it's a mates car it's a bit worse.

We'll blame Mr Teflon, for his 'non stick' properties. :lol: :lol: :lol:

25-08-2006, 12:21 PM
Originally posted by GVK@Aug 25 2006, 11:27 AM

We'll blame Mr Teflon, for his 'non stick' properties. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am extremely grateful to Mr T's non stick properties.

We got off scot free and slipped away from the Armco !

25-08-2006, 12:33 PM
Just wanted to say that I can't thank Steph ( thesha) enough for his help over the weekend.
Will be talking to PSI tomorrow about the Rotor arm etc and will let you know...


think I should be taking a night school class on basic mechanics after being told by Steph I should know more about my car :shame:

it really was a cheap and easy fix, but with no-where open till monday due to DTM not alot could be done!

Did give me a chance to try out the Rent-a-racer which was great fun, if a bit expensive for an un-expected cost :o

but oooohhhh that rear wheel drive is great, I want one :D

As for his little experiences with the Armco and ADAC, what a lucky or fortunate bloke he was :blink:


25-08-2006, 12:42 PM
Hi Ian, hope you don't mind me posting about PSI tuning on Club GTI as there are a few 'fan boys' on there :lol:


Darren Langeveld
25-08-2006, 12:52 PM
Originally posted by theshsa@Aug 25 2006, 12:21 PM
We got off scot free and slipped away from the Armco !
All I can remember is you and I giggling like little kids when the sense of impending doom lifted and we realised we were off the hook!

25-08-2006, 01:05 PM
Originally posted by Mr Teflon@Aug 25 2006, 12:52 PM
All I can remember is you and I giggling like little kids when the sense of impending doom lifted and we realised we were off the hook!
The marshal's must have thought we were mad, "Crazy Brits"

25-08-2006, 10:00 PM
I'm exhausted just reading about your car fixing and crash antics :blink: This must be a record :lol:



Martin STI
25-08-2006, 10:19 PM
Great report, looking forward to the SMACS :ph43r: ( http://www.scoobysmacs.co.uk/default.asp ) weekend from 30/9 - 5/10 :gayfight:

Darren Langeveld
26-08-2006, 06:12 AM
I'd just like to say, with all these good people as witnesses, that you Steph, still owe me - Monsieur Teflone, rest of that lap.

And I will collect one day :)

28-08-2006, 08:33 AM

Great report, I think we met in the car park.

I have the M3 with the cage in it, I was running the engine in (best place to do it) and gave your brother a passenger lap.


28-08-2006, 08:45 AM
Kevin, great 'running in' sticker on the rear screen, I meant to get a pic of it but didn't - could you post it up? :D

28-08-2006, 12:49 PM

Stupidly I didn't take a photo of it myself and we dumped it in a waste bin somewehre in Belgium. Fortunately JW (ringbunny) did get a shot of me going thru Karussell.

Ringbunny Photo (http://images1.fotopic.net/?iid=yxoqlg&outx=0&quality=70&noresize=1)

28-08-2006, 01:48 PM
Quality, it appealed to my sense of humour anyway :lol: :thumb:

28-08-2006, 05:04 PM
Thanks, Gill (my wife) did the design.

The running in is now complete so next trip (end Sept) I will be back up to full speed. Can't wait.

28-08-2006, 06:03 PM
What have you been up to with the engine? I have a soft spot for those old M3s. :thumb:

28-08-2006, 06:55 PM
After a spun bearing at the NS at the end of May it has been completely rebuilt with new crank, rods & pistons apparently it was very close to letting go completely. Everything that would be worn has been replaced, such as valve springs, guide, water pump, etc, etc, etc,

Also took the opportunity to upgrade the cams and add a CF airbox.

Would be happy to give you a pax lap when we are both next there.


29-08-2006, 07:36 AM
Originally posted by Mr Teflon@Aug 26 2006, 06:12 AM
I'd just like to say, with all these good people as witnesses, that you Steph, still owe me - Monsieur Teflone, rest of that lap.

And I will collect one day :)
:D , that wont be a problem mate,

make sure to bring your lid ! (Just in case).

29-08-2006, 07:43 AM
Originally posted by kevin@Aug 28 2006, 08:33 AM

Great report, I think we met in the car park.

I have the M3 with the cage in it, I was running the engine in (best place to do it) and gave your brother a passenger lap.

Hi Kevin, I remember having a chat about your engine rebuild :thumb:

Your car looked very well set up and the Bro sure enjoyed his lap.

30-08-2006, 04:30 PM
Hi Major Catastrophe and Will

Lovely to meet you both, thank you for all your help and company over the weekend especially your baby brother who kept me company every time I was abandoned for another car crisis!! :huh:

As always the time spent with such lovely people is at least equal to the fun spent on the track. This time even more so with the GTi Club who were soooo helpful with our little problem.

Glad you got home without any further ballet movements :whistle:

Kindest regards

Jude xx