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23-05-2009, 02:00 PM
After getting knocked off my Ducati Monster in March I thought I'd not be able to do the trip to see my folks in Murtas, Southern Spain. The bike was unrideable and I had 2 vertebrae that aren't sitting right so all was looking crap.

I got my positive head on and started doing some heavy physio to get myself sorted and fit for the trip. At the same time ebay became my bestest friend and all parts where found to get the bike fully sorted. I got the bike back and all together by the 2nd week in April and started to do some miles to get ready for the trip...so if you saw a Black Monster with panniers/tailpack and tankbag running about through Berks/Hampshire/Surrey then that was me:laugh:

My journey went from Reading to Plymouth via the A303 which is a great little stretch of road. Set out at 0800 on Sunday the 10th for the 1600 ferry to Santander. I know it was early but the forecast was for rain later in the day so at least I would get there dry and park up. Arrived at Plymouth at 1145 just behind a group of bikers going on an organised tour of Northern Spain...great chatting to them and seeing the array of bikes from 'Busas to Rockets to a Trumpet Café racer..class.

Boarded the ferry and got sorted in my cabin. I has tried for a reclining chair option as I'm travelling alone but they hadn't any so they offered me a 'share option'. You get a 4 berth cabin and if nobody else is doing this option then you get it to yourself. I had one other bloke doing a delivery of a Transit to Madrid in the cabin with me. I was a bit apprehensive as had a lot of kit, but the rules where observed and nothing went missing and nobody had to be thrown overboard;)

The crossing was ok if not a bit boring and Spain was in sunny on arrival despite the forecast being for torrential rain and thunderstorms...we'll get to that later.

After leaving Santander I went through the mountains heading for my first stop at Segovia which is 260 miles from Santander. The wind was howling by this stage and my little 600cc bike with all 22 stone of me plus luggage was feeling the strain a little and gears where changed more frequently than expected..but we plodded on. I had to stop every 80 miles or so as my back started to give me grief..but a 5 min stretch and walk about sorted it for another hour or so. This was expected and not a prob as I was so happy to be in Spain.

About 100 miles from Santander I saw 2 Guardia Civil bikes with there blues on rapidly approaching me on the dual carriageway. They slowed to my 75mph and pointed at the huge black clouds ahead and one shouted 'Repsol...REPSOL' at me. I was a bit clueless to this and slowed a little as he rode off. He then slowed again and waved for me to follow him shouting 'REPSOL!!!!' again.

I booted it as his request and was doing 110mph with a Police escort...cool as fook! I then got sight of the Repsol service station he was shouting about just as the lightening and rain hit. We where in the rain for about 30 seconds and my summer trousers where soaked through. One of the Guardia had gone into the shop part and shouted out and pointed at a hot drinks list..well 30 seconds later I had a huge hot chocky watching the roads getting washed out.

We didn't speak a word of each others language but at the end of our drinks I'd found out that one rode a 99 Busa and supported Barcelona and Chelsea, the other a 06 GSXR 750 and didn't like bullfighting....bizzare conversation but all adding to the fun of the holiday.

I had to wait for another 40 mins before the roads became ridable again and set off again to get to Segovia. After another hour the storms hit again and I had to take refuge under a motorway bridge as the rain was bouncing a foot off the ground and I later found out that the winds where 45mph. At this point I was not a happy bunny, but it could only get better...couldn't it??

I eventually got to Segovia at 8.30 pm after 8 hours of rain (rtn journey only took 4 hours)and got out the hotel that was in the old town. I had a shower, hung the gear out to dry and chilled. The hotel was busy with groups of blokes and some groups of women/girls but no couples or other singles but all where friendly, especially the blokes to me. I later found out from my Dad, who had booked the hotel that it was a Gay and Lesbian hotel...cheers dad..great sense of humour my old man:D

Next day was a 370 mile hoon to my folks in Murtas. Weather was fantastic and did the lot in 9 hours. The last part was through the Alpuhara mountains and just had me in awe of the roads I was on. Got to my folks and chilled for the night.

Service station just outside of Granada.


View to the sea (2 hours away) from my folks place at 8am. Altitude 4200feet.



Washed the bike before going for a days jolly to the Sierra Nevada



View of the back yard...needs some tidying;)




Back road to Granada..


German chaps testing the engine parameters on the new Astra 1.3 TDi. Was quite funny as it's all 'disguised' and I rock up with "new Astra Diesel is it?"


On the way up to the top of the Sierra Nevada






At the top..bit chilly and cloudy, but then it is 6000+ feet up.


If you zoom in you can see a Golden Eagle checking the bike out;)


Facing the other way..


On the way down..


On the Alpuhara side now..







Obligatory bike shots lol..





Looking over at the road I have to take to get back to my folks..


23-05-2009, 02:00 PM
More views of my day out..



Met this chap who had 2 weeks off and was just touring about, again him no English and me no Spanish, but you just get by lol.


There's a bit more room on this than the Monster.


More scenery..



Now my folks wanted some more beds at the place so they converted the caravan that they lived in when they where building the house. They've chopped the back off and put a full wet-room with shower/loo/basin with its own boiler and electricity feed. It does look great inside as is all tiled and quite flash fittings used. Fruit-loops the pair of them :D






Local visitor..


My stay was great and I didn't want to leave, you get spoilt rotten when you go 'home' don't you, but needs must and off I went. These are at a service station in 37 deg heat..



On the way back I went a different route to take in the mountain range between Madrid and Segovia. This is very Alpine-like with lots of pines and large streams/lakes around. It's also about 5500 feet up so views are great.



earning his keep...


Back in Segovia the weather was great and people where in a holiday mood. Street entertainment went on until 0030 with minstrels, singers, guitar players etc..totally great night.






Back to Santander the next day. Great weather again and some more amazing views. If only service stations here had these views..



Transport back to Plymouth...Butlins afloat :)



I met a group of Welsh bikes who had been out for 21 days doing France as well. These guys where absolutely top and had some mental stories, hopefully will see them at an Ace café meet sometime soon :)

Well sorry to go on but this was my first trip on the bike and first holiday for 8 years so I just wanted to share. It was absolutely fantasic....let the saving for the next one begin!!!!

23-05-2009, 02:05 PM
If you follow this link--->linky (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Santander+Spain&daddr=Segovia+Spain+to:Torvizc%C3%B3n,+Granada,+An dalusia,+Spain+to:Murtas+Spain&geocode=%3B%3BFTe2MgIdCKvN_ymx0yMy9rhxDTGoSSxUZFUB dA%3B&hl=en&mra=pe&mrcr=1,2&sll=40.15686,-3.645768&sspn=11.98)

and go to destination c and zoom in you can see one of the best roads ever made. Smooth, rolling corners, 180 degree bends and going up to 5000feet...brilliant fun :D

23-05-2009, 02:21 PM
Nice report, enjoyed that :thumb:

Lovely scenery B)

Pete R
23-05-2009, 03:23 PM
As above really, great stuff :thumb:

One day I'll get my test done and do something similar.

24-05-2009, 08:12 PM
excellent report and some truly wonderfull scenery. couldn't you have done with something a bit more cruiseworthy than the monster.lol not much room for panniers and alll that.

25-05-2009, 09:37 AM
My ickle monster is all I've got (bike wise) so has to be a commuter/fun/Europeen mile muncher. It did really well considering it's a 600cc and had me plus all of the touring bits.
If I get the chance for a 2nd bike then I'd look at a VFR 750/ Trumpet Sprint for tours and sporty fun, but the Monster would still be kept as it's such a good bike :thumb:

25-05-2009, 10:38 AM
Good Reort, I enjoyed that :thumb:

Tim in Yorkshire
25-05-2009, 11:06 AM
A great lunch time read, fired me up to go to Spain sometime and looking forward to my trip later this summer.

25-05-2009, 11:40 AM
Enjoyed that :thumb:

There ain't much better than touring on a bike, through nice scenery when the sun is shining :thumb:

Am off to Slovenia in July, down to lake bled and then spend 10 days riding home via .........wherever really :D

Let us know when your heading to the Ace Cafe, may pop down and join you for a coffee and chat.

25-05-2009, 01:54 PM
Enjoyed reading that :thumb:

Dave B
25-05-2009, 02:18 PM
Good read..some of the best trips are solo. Done on something BIG engined would be a breeze...Stick it in 4th all day long. :thumb: