View Full Version : Roll cages

Pete R
28-02-2009, 09:56 AM
Reet, I need a cage for the saxo, the car is basically one big crumple zone and I'd like the shell stiffer so it's time to invest.

Being a mature student bum my budget is reasonably tight, my options at present are;

OMP unassembled (http://www.106parts.com/s2/page1.php?area2=4&sitepage=7&area3=22&area4=324&part=365)

Good cage, sadly unassembled so would be a pain in the arse to fit as it's a bag of bars. A bit of VAT fenegling would allow me to have it for about 300 delivered.

OMP 6 point (http://www.ybracing.co.uk/page1.php?sitepage=4&area4=&subarea=248&part=328)

More basic cage, part assembled so can be fitted much easier but also more expensive, can be had with 10% discount so around 360 delivered.

Does anyone have any contacts for discounts at anywhere to allow me to have a few more options?