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Gary Kinghorn
23-06-2006, 06:55 PM
When you go to the ring it would be a shame to see the track alone. Its a lovely area and there are many things to do and see.

Below is a list of idea's for excursions for you and your family while in the Eifel Mountains.

1. A trip to Cochem is a must. A gorgeous town 40 mins from the ring, situated on the river Mosel it has a very pretty castle, cable car to viewing points plus river trips and tourist style shops. The Mosel valley is a large wine producer so take advantage while you're there. A popular place to visit and well recommended

2. Wildlife park near the town of Daun. Drive through the Wild boar, deer etc and have the oppurtunity to feed them. After the drive take the walk through the monkey enclosure where the monkeys run free around you. Lastly the bird of prey show. Watch Owls, hawks and eagles do their stuff swooping low over your head. A must for the family http://www.wildpark-daun.de/

3. Rodelbahn near Daun. Right next door to the wildlife park is a tobogan run for kids and big kids alike. Winding down a steep steel run on little more than a tea tray with a brake is excellent fun for everyone. You will be getting competitve by the end of the first couple of runs I guarranty

4. Phantasialand German theme park for all the family http://www.phantasialand.de/9937/phantasia...ttractions.html (http://www.phantasialand.de/9937/phantasialand/attractions/attractions.html)

5. Eifel park http://www.eifelpark.de/en/ Wildlife park along the same lines as number 2 on this list.

6. Altenahr - small town on the road towards Cologne. Cheap chairlift to a lovely viewing point. 15 mins from Adenau

7. Rodelbahn - Another Tobogan run with a few animals for the kids to feed. Carry on past Altenaur for around ten mins and its on your left hand side.
Video http://www.northloop.co.uk/videos_other.htm

8. Nurbugring castle - For those too lazy to drive anywhere take the steps to the castle which overlooks the surrounding area. Excellent views.

9. Burg Satzvey - castle near the pretty village of Kommern around 40 mins from the ring. Often events going on where you can try your arm at archery, watch fire eaters, watch josting, birds of prey etc etc. Very much recomended. http://www.burgsatzvey.de/eng_index.html

10. If you want to spend money then Koblenz is the place. Most of the town centre is pretty poor but look for the indoor shopping area over the other side of the road from the Subway sandwich shop. Plenty of designer shops to break the credit card.

Another helpful link to local attractions.

18-05-2008, 08:16 PM
this is important info, glad i was given the link to it and thanks to all that wrote it !