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Gary Kinghorn
21-06-2006, 08:06 PM
There are several options on crossing the channel from the Dover area.

1. Dover to Calais ferry (ferry savers) 1 1/2 hour crossing - 60 to 100
2. Dover to Bologne (speed ferry) 50 mins crossing - 40 to 60
3. Dover to Dunkirk (Norfolkline) 2 hour crossing - 50 to 80
4. Ashford to Calais tunnel 35 min crossing - 120

Dunkirk is the closest to the ring.
Calais is approx 20km further.
Bologne 20Km further again.

Ferry savers web site
http://www.ferrysavers.co.uk/Home.aspx?BK=...0%2084%2092&LC= (http://www.ferrysavers.co.uk/Home.aspx?BK=6019933&S=ferrysavers&SD=0&AD=&AC=&AT=&SH=0&IC=&IP=&IE=&IS=0&DP=0870%20990%2084%2092&LC=)

Speed ferries web site

Euro tunnel

All prices are approximate.

If you want a speedy crossing the tunnel is the one to go for, next is speed ferries to Bologne. If you want a little more chill out time and a decent breakfast then its either Norfolkline or P&O to Calais / Dunkirk. Both of these can be booked through ferrysavers.

In addition Northloop member Mr Teflon (ringweekend.co.uk) can offer the following. Should you require more information please contact him via pm
Norfolkline from 69 - P&O from 89 and EuroTunnel from 129.

22-06-2006, 10:27 AM
Or direct through Norfolklines own web site http://travel.norfolkline.com