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30-10-2008, 09:03 PM
i know its a bit late but i was unsure whether to post it up at all,it being a first trip and all that.
anyway,this was planned months in advance as a group journey on passionford,all in different hotels etc and we would just meet up when we found each other.
i chose the cheapest option i could find which allthough meant a lot of driving was still cheaper than the hull-roterdam ferry. i was travelling alone this time as i couldn't persuade the misses and little one to come with me,next time maybe.

I left sheffield at 6am on the saturday bound for the 12.00 ferry from dover to dunkirk,glad i had recharged the aircon as it was one of the hottest weekends of the year. made the ferry with plenty of time to spare after having a play with a couple of focus st's on the way down.

had dinner on the ferry as planned and had a kip for the remainder of the journey.
arrived in dunkirk and it had got even hotter.


the foreign roads were a revelation,smooth and fast,no police or gatso's.
still stuck to about 80 though as i didn't want any on the spot fines.
saw one of these on the e42

all went well till i went the wrong way down the e42 for about 5 miles.doh!
i chose the prum route to take in some scenery on the way there.


arrived at the zurburg about 6pm,had a meal and a couple of drinks,phoned home and went to bed as i was knackered.

arose next morning to the sound of a gt3 caning it up the hill,wonderfull!

as i didn't know where the entrance was i just jumped in the car and headed off up the hill,they were queing from the ringhaus,but as i didn't know any better i thought this was normal.
eventually got parked up and went and bought a 15 lap ticket from the machine before wandering aimlessly round the car park looking at all the cars.


saw graceland off here and went for my first lap

kept going for the passenger brake pedal as i wasn't entirely sure where the trak went ;) ;)

got back to the car park and immediately set off for 2 back to back laps in my own car,went quite quickly due to being able to follow other cars.

came off the track and went down to showboat. parked up and walked up the track against the flow of traffic into the woods.stayed there for hours,the noise as the 360 stradales came through the woods was unreal.


went back to the hotel for some food and a couple of drinks and a chinwag with some other ring goers and then to bed.

monday followed the same sort of pattern,had a few pax laps with some others off passionford. also gave a passenger lap to one of jc1's mates who pointed out the white dots.hit 5th gear at one point which was about 135mph but never really had a clean lap all weekend.


a couple i found of me after i came back




monday night about 15 of us went to pinnocchios including jc and crew. service was haphazard at best but worth it in the end,went to the bar a bit further down the main street from there and i cried enough at 1am as i had to get up at 6am to head back for the ferry.
managed to hit a limited 155 a few times on the way back up untill i hit brussels where i got well and truly stuck. only just made the 12.00 ferry with minutes to spare.

and there it ends,saving hard at the moment for another trip next year hopefully. might try and make it a full week next time and bring the family.

31-10-2008, 01:18 PM
Nice little report - better late than never!

So are you hooked yet? :thumb:

31-10-2008, 02:07 PM
definately mate,pity its so bloody expensive though.will only be a once a year trip at best unfortunately.

31-10-2008, 02:40 PM
Originally posted by dangerousbryan@Oct 31 2008, 03:07 PM
definately mate,pity its so bloody expensive though.will only be a once a year trip at best unfortunately.
Yeah I agree with you there

My first few trips weren't *too* expensive as I had a passenger but the last one what with fuel costs, a bad exchange rate,higher lap prices and no passenger meant the costs were obscene :blink: