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15-10-2008, 01:58 PM
Following on from my previous reports (in this section) There's been 3 events since the last, August iirc, with one on the 21st Sept being cancelled due to not enough entries. :(

The next, North Weald round on the 28th was possibly the most fun i've had this season sprinting, went out and had lots of fun, on a course i'm pretty used to now, although there's always minor changes, they used the shorter version, and kept it very open. :thumb:

I was trying lots of things throughout both the practise sessions, and came a little unstuck on the way back up a long straight into a fast left-hander through a pair of cones, i'd been trying to take it flat all year in slightly different forms, but i tried it, suffice to say, it didn't work, and i had to take evasive action and go round the right cone, and run off, onto the grass briefly. 4 wheels off, the run is cancelled. Finished the run just messing around having fun tbh, chucking the car sideways at any opportunity, much to the dismay of one of the marshals who fled as he though i was coming at him! :lol:


1st timed run was ok, just keeping it on the grey, nothing spectacular timewise, although enough to pip the competition, although only 4 in the class this event.

2nd timed run was much better, took a couple more seconds off. :)


3rd run was just for fun, i thought i'd try a few things, like going flat into the first section of the chicane, which i did, then the rear end stepped, i got a massive tank-slapper on, hugely sideways thru the first gate, caught it only for it to go back the other way, god knows how but i got it to go through the last gate onto the landing strip, where although it dulled down, was still a fight to get it to go straight, and keep it off the grass either side of me, the pendulum effect fully taking hold! Lots of fun! :lol:

Coming back up the straight again i took the fast left hander flat out, only to have a little confidence lift at about 90mph, of course sending me into a bit of a slide, held it nicely and continued up to the 1st of the three hairpins, again throwing it about a bit, sliding it round, i must have been grinning like a cheshire cat!! Even across the line, through a slight left hander, i threw it sideways just for a giggle!! :lol:
Expecting the run to be slow it wasn't actually that bad! It seems i'd had a bit of an audience though, at least 10 people/fellow competitiors said something about it, about 4 others shaking my hand saying something like, 'well held' or, 'you're a lunatic, but you sure can drive' :lol: :blush:

Silly mug-shot...


Mucho fun, and a nice, comfortable class win, in the most relaxed atmosphere all season. Really was a good event. :)

The next, just a week later at Debden, 5th October, was a washout. It didn't stop raining all day!

A bit of an odd one, as the only entries in my class were dad and I, so they amalgamated the class with B2, the one above but still within cc regulations, just allowed some minor mods, of course i was still as class A0, standard, for championship reasons!

The first practise run really was just to see how much grip there was, or wasn't! Went out there, kept it smooth and reminded myself of the track, aswell as a small chicane they'd added on a fast right hander, because of a previous 'incident' in the year. Not a bad run, 87.19 seconds.


2nd practise, of course had a much better idea of the grip, and track, again, being a practise just kept it neat and tidy, didn't particularly feel that quick, just smooth, sometimes they're the best though, and set an 80second dead time!



Over lunch, there was an absolute downpour! So the 1st timed run, really was a washout, there was a small river running across the track on the entry to 'the roundabout' it was very slippy out there, and made things pretty difficult, everyone was slower of course, came in with a fairly respectable 80.9.


Second timed run, although still raining, the standing water was alot less, track had certainly cleared, was able to go full pelt again, coming through the old kart track, trail braking worked immensely well, back end of the car just twitching slightly, working in my favour to poke it in the right direction, was a great run, one of those ones that just feels smooth, rather than frantic! Went slightly quicker still with a 79.52. :D


Another cracking day, bar the weather, and quick enough to top that class too! The wet again, is a great leveller, the little 1600 205 having just the right amount of power to be tractable. Again, proved my worth with an win in the class above my usual, and 19th overall.

Results; http://www.hertscountyaac.co.uk/files/Fina...s_05Oct2008.xls (http://www.hertscountyaac.co.uk/files/FinalResults_05Oct2008.xls) / http://www.hertscountyaac.co.uk/files/Fina...s_05Oct2008.pdf (http://www.hertscountyaac.co.uk/files/FinalResults_05Oct2008.pdf)

Championship table: http://aemc.org.uk/Motor_Sport/Sprints/200...pResults_19.pdf (http://aemc.org.uk/Motor_Sport/Sprints/2008SprintChampionshipResults_19.pdf)

The end of the championship near, i lead the class, S2000 not far behind me, with just one round to go! I don't plan to do that one round, at Lydden, but i keep checking with the organising club to see if the S2k has entered, as one good result would put him ahead of me, winning the championship, it'd be a shame to lose it now, without even defending myself!!

It's been a great season, and experience, i'd recommend it to anyone! :D



Jim Cameron
15-10-2008, 03:45 PM
Thanks for taking the time to do the write up, great result :thumb:

Might summon the Northloop massive for some support next year, looks a laugh B)