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Das Chin
22-09-2008, 09:28 PM
for no bleeding internet cookies or memory on this god for saken ISP!! sort it out kingporn as well as the bloody search engine.....

Early start on Saturday 30th – 7.20 Ryan air out of Stanstead
Been at the cricket for most of Friday in the corp box so early night but still groggy. Too much wine and pop but good result for England again in one day

Meet Russ (looks as rough as me) and then get a 40 min delay out of Stanstead. Sorry no watch shots nige. Very foggy n could not see sweet FA outside so better to take some time.

Arrive in Han around half 10, off to Sixt for hire car, easy peasy and on the road for like ten to. Arrive in Kellberg around 11.45 and this is going well.....until we find out ring is shut for a few hours as bikers down n fluid all over the place. Dropped Russ off and there was some very nice kit there too.

White GTR was quite impressive though it looks a bit like a boat in white:


No bother as Doris in tow, BMW to collect at Arnos and few things to do on it. Car was raised 10mm as grounding out at front plus tyres rubbing in some of the compressions. Not ideal and don’t want a blow out in key areas such as foxhole!

Drives much better as a result and can go into the karussel now. Changed the oil as well as the filter myself which was a miracle for a twat with spanner like me. Was not able to ft the submarine belt for harness but no bother. Luke 5 point harness fitted by arno as well.

Sat was warm n ueber busy at ring. Went up to the castle for lunch and look around. Tis lovely up there n Andrea commented on how lovely the area is and how big spacious it all seems. Went to Marcos to sort out the room, get ring stuff and eventually headed up for about half 5. Got 3 laps in, car got hot, Andrea not feeling too well with the heat and petrol fumes. Oooops. Car has the swirl pot so it does breath a little. Cough cough!!

Good laps though it was busy and loads of idiots out. Had some twat in a rent a race car white 3 series try and come up the inside of me coming out of SX into aremberg. I went livid sat him ,pointed to the other side and then went n found him in the car park. A warning to the office was given and I did point out to him that I had my GF in the car and maybe he should read the rules of overtaking. I think I got the message across to the midget!

Marshall did not like the tow eye on front so last lap around 7 did not happen but no big deal. It was shut again shortly after (what a surprise) so it was time to go home, get changed ad head out to the stadtfest later. Managed to twist the eye with a bar and took both out. Might put the rear one back in for next time. Is it worth it??

The stadtfest was excellent, loads of people around, few familiar faces I knew. Had a chat to Walter Schneider, taking the pi55 out of each other and being labelled an InselAffe but all in good spirits. Andrea’s first time in Germany so she had to try a Bratwurst and seemed to go down well. I had to go and have a gyros from the old boy too as they are lovely.

Bumped into Eberhard (bike Marshall) who looked a bit down and rightly so. One of his good friends was off on Saturday in the oil spillage and was taken to Trier hospital and not looking good. Sorry to hear that and hope he pulls through

In bed by 11pm as was well pooped by that point. Good job I had the phone on Russ as you would have had no wash kit n smelling like a Frenchman!

Sunday morning, up early, out for 8 and 5 glorious laps. 2 with Ian Howell who liked the car and we quickly found the limit of the road tyres. Cough cough ;-)


Had 2 px with Russ n it just showed how awesome those Kumho track tyres are and how much more you can lean on them. Defo getting a set when mine are out. Or maybe even before!! Russ was bang on the money and I reckon we must have done an 8.15 the way we were munching everything in our path!!

Back for brekkie around 10.15, chill out, get the Black Boy and go out n do some sighting n have a giggle in the woods. Did not know the track was shut for that poor biker (RIP) so showed Andrea schwalbenschwanz, bruenchen, hohe acht, karussell in the jeep. Had a laugh off roading n first time she has done that so that was cool. Eventually took the jeep down to Steilstrecke on the inside n got some great shots from there.


Crowd on the other side of the track gave us a big cheer when we popped out of the bushes and bumping across the grass. Ha ha.

went up to the Karussel to get some shots of the cars and it was amazing to get so close to the action and see the cards under pressure. you can really see the punishment they get when in there and can hear the tyres squealing for grip


how low is the front of the VX!!!:

Had a really nice time over at the Renault world and the weather was awesome. Some great sounds coming from the 3.5litre open seaters and i think they were GP2 or that sort of pace. Great exhibition from Renault and great to see this sort of thing being put on for nothing!!



Das Chin
22-09-2008, 09:29 PM
part 2.....

Some awesome and well looked after cars there, with some classics on show. Few driving demos but the queues for things were pretty bad so we decided to head back and take the m3 out for a few more cheeky laps.


Also had to do some chores in the garage to clear some space for the m3 so that was most of rest of afternoon while the missus slept in the sun. Much better in there now and more space. Got back out for 2 more laps around 5.15 and then put ACA to bed with a clean.

i found my village with my surname on the way home to :lol:

Got changed, got the hire car and then off to pick Russ up at kellberg around 8pm. Stopped in a lovely village en route to Hahn for some food. Lovely German meat n weizenbier. Off to Hahn for the 23.20 flight so it all went smoothly indeed and the Ryan air flight left on time. Even customs was good at Stanstead, bus outside and got home for 1.15am. not bad really considering you could leave the ring at 9pm and be back home by 1am!!

22-09-2008, 09:45 PM
Nice little report & some good pictures, Nick :thumb:

22-09-2008, 10:29 PM
Good report Nick, i enjoyed that trip you and your mrs wre good company as expected :thumb:

The grub was definately spot on, that place sure was a good find on an earlier trip i had with Simon, an ideal place to stop on the way to the airport ;)

22-09-2008, 10:36 PM
you will have to look hard to find Das Chin lol

22-09-2008, 10:46 PM
"i found my village with my surname on the way home too".. The sad thing is when I saw that photo, I knew what it said behind the newspaper :whistle:

Good report, shame its taken so long to post ;)

So what are the limits on road tyres ? :huh:

Das Chin
23-09-2008, 06:47 AM
limits are about 1.5 laps nige and then they are jelly. if you were really pushing hard then maybe even 1 lap.

still learning lots about the car so fine for the moment.

yes very sad indeed

23-09-2008, 08:22 AM
Originally posted by Russ_bmworx@Sep 22 2008, 11:29 PM
The grub was definately spot on, that place sure was a good find on an earlier trip i had with Simon, an ideal place to stop on the way to the airport ;)
Ah, that's where you went. Cracking little restaurant with great food :thumb:

23-09-2008, 08:59 PM
I swear you have a famous lookalike on that last picture. I just need to find the right pic! :D

23-09-2008, 10:40 PM
Good report DC :thumb:

30-09-2008, 10:54 PM
nice little write up dude, the M is looking as awesome as ever ;)