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18-08-2008, 10:22 PM
Ok, this will probably not follow the usual form of a nice quiet holiday in the Eifel but None the less, it will most probably waste 5 minutes of your day at work!

Woke up on the morning of my exam results thinking Im not going on holiday as Ive failed and gonna have to sort it all out... Luckily i didnt!

We traveled down on an uneventful 7 hour trip squished into the back of a clio with 2 6 man tents and everyones clothes for 5 days.. I think we would have beaten the record for the most crap in a car at any one given moment!

Got to the campsite, and I thought, bugger!, it was chav city, banging tunes hard base and rubish knee deep.
I was not a happy chappy but i put my tent up anyway and just set about drinking to celebrate the results. Went out early and the town lives up to its party image. After many bars we found a club which had a foam party. Good times as you would imagine... for 4 of us anyway.
Dan (the charmer of the group) found a nice lady... After 5 minutes of talking, she passed out, conviniently in this position...http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e325/Ethro/DSC01092.jpg

Second day was a day of surfing with great weather!
Then goings out at night again.
This night we decided to have the cheesy line night. There was many used but none worked, so we changed tack to dares, which again, didnt work. The calibre of the women was ssscchhhhwaaaeeeettt dude(as they all say down there).

The third day was a washout so we went for a drive to find Tonys hotel. Nice place!! Which we then just mopped about for the day until night. I decided it would be a good idea for myself and a friend to go out as 118 men. This worked a treat with the ladys. The line, got your number worked a treat as they said no you havent, so you asked for it. Sadly no pictures.

The fourth day, not too bad http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e325/Ethro/DSC01102.jpg

Went out early as it was BUSY as hell... for this night we gave each other stupid jobs to try and pull with. I was a light house keeper, my friend was a trainee major, another friend was in the british polo team and had to talk posh all night and another friend wasa PR guy who does speaches, but had the worst stutter ever!

We met up with a lass who used to be at seconadry school with us who works and lives down there now. I look a million dollars! she loved it hahahttp://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e325/Ethro/18082008219.jpg

Nothing much happened till kick out where I spoke to some girls asking where they are staying as I need to find someone to share a taxi...They said a hotel round corner, I said oh nice, i have a crap camp bed, which one is it...they said, oh we have doubles... so i say.... Tax one side of that!!! as a laugh, and the nice blonde one goes, yeh alrite and grabs me hand and drags me there. Sorted.

The next night was dead as it was Sunday, still, i was sat havign a quiet drink and a local lass and her friend some over and said do me and my mate(was only with 1 at this time) want to go to theirs for a party with them. We obliged and needless to say we are glad we did :whistle: She had her own house in the garden of her parents estate of a garden.

Next day, Home, 7 hours in a car with no space= Hell.

On a car/automotive note, WHY does EVERYONE have VW vans, buses, and estates down there... Didnt see one good car baring the M5.

Hope it wasnt too shite a read, Dont really do storys well as a ramble on...

03-09-2008, 09:55 AM
Not sure why nobody else has replied, I`ve just seen it. :fish:

Sounds as though you had a great time, not just surfing too :whistle:

Enjoyed that, something different from a car report, so thanks for sharing it :thumb:

Jim Cameron
03-09-2008, 10:00 AM
;) Good effort :thumb:

03-09-2008, 10:19 AM
what he says :lol:

Own house in the grounds in the country? Bet you got 'her number' :thumb:

Gary Kinghorn
04-09-2008, 04:58 PM
looks like fun :thumb:

04-09-2008, 06:06 PM
:thumb: :thumb:

Good Lad!!

04-09-2008, 09:58 PM
Ahhh welcome to the Westcountry.......... a typical Newquay weekend ;) Still can't believe that you came all the way over to the hotel and didn't say hello. Nevermind, glad you enjoyed the delights of Newquay at it's finest B)

04-09-2008, 10:01 PM
Good job B)

05-09-2008, 08:04 AM
Originally posted by Tony@Sep 4 2008, 10:58 PM
Ahhh welcome to the Westcountry.......... a typical Newquay weekend ;) Still can't believe that you came all the way over to the hotel and didn't say hello. Nevermind, glad you enjoyed the delights of Newquay at it's finest B)
Has he met you before? :whistle:

05-09-2008, 08:12 AM

05-09-2008, 10:49 AM
:thumb: :thumb: Top effort chap. I loved going to Newquay for the surf, sea and scenery ;)

Oh to be young again :karl: