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So the journey began on Friday 25th July at 1am! My mate Enda, in his newly painted Satin Black E36 325i, was kind enough to pick me up en route to Dover, which of course I paid for extra fuel! :) He had to leave his place at around 10pm, Thursday night!

We caught the 4am ferry from Dover to Dunquerke, and we arrived at our hotel after an easy journey, at roughly 11.00am Germany time.

The weather was pretty much fantastic all weekend! Friday was certainly the hottest day of the weekend! We chilled out for a bit around the paddock, and had one or two easy laps in the newly painted 325i!

I took the lads upto Adenauer Forst, which they hadn't been to before. Surprise surprise, we saw at least two cars leave the tarmac and mount the grass! Nothing serious, fortunately.

I had a lap with my friend Nige in his Mk2 Golf. It was the first time I had a lap
with him, and WOW! I never did realise a small car could feel so raw!! I'm sure he
posted a sub 9 minute lap! Although considering his lap count is well over 1000, it's no surprise!

Our place of stay for the weekend was the Bürgstube, which is right next to Nürburg castle, in the centre of Nürburg, of course! Martin, the proprietor, was of excellent hospitality! Andy Carlile, a regular and a highly experienced biker of the track, also works there. I can highly recommend the place and the guys! I absolutely loved the chat we had with the guys and learnt some very interesting things about the track, industry testing and more!

We chilled out at the hotel bar for a bit, and because of the long day, I was
asleep by 9pm!

Saturday came along and we headed to over to the paddock. Another great day, and it started to get busy-ish. Two full days of TF to enjoy! Although surprisingly, it wasn't as busy as we thought it'd be, considering it's a peak weekend! I think because of the DTM being on at the GP circuit all weekend; it'd put a few of the TF guys off. Either way, there was plenty to enjoy!

I then had a lap with Steve Gill in his awesome white M3 CSL! I had three (drifting) laps with him in the wet earlier this year, and was looking to forward to a dry lap! I was not disappointed, as that man has some serious control, speed and skill!

We also had a visit of Brunchen 2, where I was able to start capturing a few more cars in action. I found a great spot for photos where I bumped into Harty of sportfotoart.de, who is also a marshall at the 'Ring!

Unfortunately, there was at a closure during the day. It turns out a UK M3 Convertible had crashed near Wippermann (I think) at approx 100mph! We were in the paddock at the time. We could see a young lady, either a relative or partner, being consoled by another lady in their group. We found out two lads were
in the car, one of them quite young, but they were absolutely fine but the driver was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure. In fact the young lad seemed to make the best of a bad situation by chuckling to himself about the crash at one point! The front end was ruined. There's an apparent estimate of 20k for a repair!

When we went back out for a lap, we saw around 70 metres of armco that was coned off, all of which is rumoured to be damaged by the M3! That's going to be one hell of a bill!

5pm came along and the heavens opened up... big time! Within minutes, the entire
area looked like it had been raining for hours! There were some brave drivers who took to the track but we thought it best to head back to the hotel and get ready for the evening's socialising time!

During the evening, we were having a natter with two lads who came along in an E30 M3. I'd spoken to them earlier in the day, so had a good excuse to get to know more of the regulars.

Come Sunday AM, and the weather was back to a hot, bright and dry day! Not one spot of dampness or rain!

Unfortunately again, there was another closure. This time it was a lot more serious!
I've seen a police car go onto the track at a leisurely pace, but never with it's sirens on! That was followed by another police car! Again, I'd not seen that before! Another few seconds, a fire engine powering onto the track! 'Shit, there's obviously something seriously wrong!' Another few seconds and two ambulances had rushed onto the track!

It turns out a Honda Civic with four day trippers, in a car full of luggage, had rolled
at Schwedenkreuz. Another case of lifting off at the wrong moment?

Two lads who were staying at the same hotel as us, saw the result of the Civic. In fact they were about 30 seconds behind the car! The car's entire contents had spilled onto the track, causing all the following traffic to move over to the left grass bank of the track to pass! These two lads got out to help the people in the car. The car had landed on all four wheels but, obviously, it was a mess. Three of them walked away fine, after needing help getting out, and the fourth lad was covered in blood! Although it turns out he was fine apart from some nasty cuts!

The track re-opned after about an hour or so.

Moving onto a lighter note, I finally acheived one of the things I always wanted to at the 'Ring! Find the spectating point of the Karussell, and we did it! I was given the directions by another regular I'd spoken to before and found the place very easily.

Spent a good while there and certainly captured a few photos, as well seeing
some unusual lines taken by cars of the Karussell!

Back to the paddock, where Nige took me out for back to back laps in his Golf.
He was definitely faster! Not only that, he was commentating on his driving and teaching me lines and manouveurs!

Come 5pm again, and it started to rain slowly. It wasn't as bad as the previous day, but it was still damp and a greasy track is not good! Unfortunately, there
was another closure. This wasn't so bad but not sure why the need for the closure. A British Caterham had gone into the armco and bent it's steering rack, etc. The guys were fine, though.

The evening came and we chilled out at the hotel bar again. Again, having
interesting conversations with the staff, while tucking into a Pinocchio's pizza!

Monday, and the day we had to return home. Nothing exciting about the day other than having a small walk around a part of the track so get some scenic photos.

The journey home was easy and fine. Again, thanks to Enda for the detour to pick me up and drop me off! I'm sure he'll sign up here, soon.

Great to meet the guys and girls, those that I've met before, and those who I hadn't met before! :thumb:

Anyway, a few photos, along with links to the main gallery:

MAIN GALLERY - © WWW.54PHOTOGRAPHY.COM (http://nurburgring.5h4k.co.uk/)



















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31-07-2008, 06:23 AM
Hey Shak,

Nice nice. Great pictures and many thanks for the pictures you made.

Greatings from Robert

31-07-2008, 08:55 AM
I've seen the NS bill for the M3 convertible. 4000euro for 60m. Ouch.

31-07-2008, 09:30 AM
Shak. Excellent photos & I love the Karussell one :thumb:

31-07-2008, 09:49 AM
Great shots :thumb:

And at least now I probably know who painted the WWW.54PHOTOGRAPHY.COM on the track at Wehrseifen? :lol:

31-07-2008, 10:27 AM
Good report Shak. I think we met when you were chatting to Nige after your Sunday lunchtime lap. I was in the sporty Smart Car (oxymoron, passengered by a moron) with the German Mechanic in toe.

What camera? A Blad or a fisheye?

Any pics of a Grey R32 GTR Skyline on the Saturday?

Jim Cameron
31-07-2008, 10:31 AM
Shak, for services to the exclamation mark, I salute you. Nice pics, good report :thumb:

31-07-2008, 10:41 AM
Great photos...


31-07-2008, 10:43 AM
Seeya :wave:

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Great pics mate.

31-07-2008, 12:09 PM
Excellent pics Shak! B)

31-07-2008, 09:01 PM
Thanks for the comments, guys! 8)

Karl, no idea what you're talking about! :lol:

TJ, I remember you! :) Nikon D300, but used a Sigma 18mm lens and stitched the photos together. I'm sure I have a few photos of your Skyline! I'll get back to you over the weekend.

Thanks, Jim! :D

Jim Cameron
31-07-2008, 10:21 PM
My pleasure. Like how you got another sneaky one in there!

Dammit, I've started now :angry:

Chris Ratcliff
01-08-2008, 03:07 PM
Originally posted by Shak@Jul 31 2008, 12:28 AM
I finally acheived one of the things I always wanted to at the 'Ring! Find the spectating point of the Karussell, and we did it! I was given the directions by another regular I'd spoken to before and found the place very easily.

Woohoo! I'm a regular!

We'd gone karussell hunting on Saturday, so I could tell Shak just where to go. So to speak :)

BTW, this report is actually helping me keep my thoughts fresh for when I finish mine :)