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28-07-2008, 11:36 AM
Busy busy at the mo so will bang some pics up 1st & then more pics & wordage at a later date :thumb:

So for alpine driving music- need to ideally click the link below before viewing pics :thumb:

click me (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_z8aLdIejPs&feature=related)

'ring was 1st, the calamity with the Ian/Steph Golf was a right pain, hadnt planned on tracking the Bimmer there, was sharing Golf with Ian on the Sun then we had solo use on Mon & tues & if we fancied weds too.

Did a handfull of laps in the M3 in the end, but always mindfull I had another 2000+ miles to do & a bloody expensive trackday booked many miles away, that I really didnt want to miss by shoving it in the Armco.

Sure could have hired somat but more & hadnt planned on it budget wise.

Took a bit of time on Mon morn to nip to a guest house in Dottingen to help load up a truck I had coming out to take a customers smashed e36 back to UK

GVK being the top fella & evil genius he is :P let me have a couple of laps driving his VR, not tracked it for ages- Silverstone GP last time & she does go well Mr Blofelt :thumb: & thanks again for that mate

Had some ace pas laps with Northloopers :thumb: Das Chin, spot on lines learnt a lot, GVK, in the understeer wagon going v well, Dale- bloody loon :thumb: Ian H in rental Alfa, really decent smooth lap Ian, well except at AF... ;) :lol: oh and the daddy 2 flying laps with adamt, shit the bloody bed is he quick round the ring in the 997GT3 ! I'll not forget those laps in a hurry fella, bloody great & blast in the yellow bird ah what an animal it is B)

Thanks to all the above, was so miffed at not lapping my own car while there even if it was the sensible thing to do, you fellas were stars :thumb:

So some good nights out, old faces met up with, & lots of beer drunk, a great time.

The lack of Stephs golf to play in ment we ducked off a day early to play in the Alps- which was nota real chore :P .

Camped on route to save a pound or too, stayed at Lake Bodenzee, Lake Maggoire, Lake Como. Did some ace mountain passes, some of which I'd read about years ago & had logged to do sometime.

Most of the pics below are from the Klausen pass & the Spluga pass- they are smaller passes the latter was perhaps the best, damp of the way up so even better for slidey fun & was mega hairpin bend stuff, 1st gear drift it round, & snich 2nd the agin in 1st for the next hairpin feww hundred yards later, glorious.

Did so much of this that near the sumit we passed a bunch of workmen mending one of the tunnels & they had hurd my revvy antics up thr mountain & they gave us cheers & claps as we passed 'em :thumb: not quite like the UK eh!

Also did St Gothard pass (twice :thumb: ) St Bernardino pass & on retuning did Simplon pass

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/19839403e56356edbe2bf945bf7974a0c72362fd1b17f51d2d cbc2e590096b886f47a45c.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/99808480785c636402d5b35f5f35af2d6dc166793e6957e964 96b7c4fdd0cf9f40d4dd76.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/9168372733f93d5e073f919ca5ad7d68d24075374069e034d9 782e6ff45c4792abfdab5c.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/7172649513bc824c114af8e8aab5c26bd4a25626ac8745f06b 0cb612d68dc268e4a19145.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/30525833db92ccce0dfb6b233f184435ff85867b27abf25719 572591ad59448253da2b67.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/07665649dafb6a3d23c1553630e0ecde5ce79ab2536ce6aeac fdb6bad585a3476bbf1ceb.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/576244476ddb0c53b6644ea8b00c63d97361bf102e3028958d 950c7aac743c11e9875705.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/629499460fa84a5f3c2a4c2e5b85ba77ead50f7b4ad12e23e6 f63ac73f1784858857a3a9.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/164097342893977f1c2bca9e8b17a7baaef6957ac46469aea0 fa5d43cc6c361bc23cbe86.jpg

http://img4011.photobox.co.uk/47189832b622c0da97067f879a462f2b59d41ecaf046aa1b96 fdd5da611238ae7cd1250b.jpg

http://img4011.photobox.co.uk/02443345f5895f1784e5676e63c995a298de7dfa351d05cb2e 3f52fd92273161238bf528.jpg

http://img4011.photobox.co.uk/77846586540b23c88a82813c5247ad9fb64e91fb918a168b6c bb1e7d643b8f658da116a6.jpg

Lake Como, on car ferry to Bellagio
http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/602056894e285bfea0eb3728dbc5502233c210217631ebd297 8f67a60841add805daea8c.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/35114675462b7f7306aaab3ae75ffcf5d3072250cc3a9bb52f 73f9384634c24be6529ceb.jpg

For another alps related tune-

click me (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=nF7obEuNcRs&feature=related)

Fancied a day in Bergamo- between Milan & Brescia

Bergamo upper town

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/9423557416376be1dce5232b9a98102f0f76a76cf397f0d8e4 dd6bd0a7b8ce42b56d292a.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/36278783405f0ef7bac8133caec4f6db656eea0020342f265d 5d28d9875a3c948a5795c9.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/92884828d81a6268cad0702e393bf497d0a7dfc4fece4e059e e5fb2890dfc63416c0c4de.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/907415434a757e8231b531a6dafacda3b945f1fb06218c71fd 18094ce8ca3cf112d71df8.jpg

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/16964557f9ce93a82b831daecaf821d831bae834f55791692c 83f28bb85d385d80f24c7d.jpg

View of Bergamo city from the upper town

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/91226832af078c94032dd16b6653a4f4c630ffee56639c41f4 17721846ae31fdf214aedf.jpg

Then onward to Monza, click below for some daft in tunnel vids & a couple of laps of Monza, fairly sedate pace given the company we were in!

Monza & tunnel vids (http://www.vimeo.com/1399555)

Monza wow what a track, more on this later but it was bloody epic & fastest track I've ever been to & was murder on the brakes, glad to escape unscathed, 5 GT3s in out group binned it! 3 did panel damage, 2 others just went gravel hunting.

Coming back through france-did a lap of Le Mans.... well almost :P

http://img3011.photobox.co.uk/1266030305da691b0e601887f55b59162b7a1a5aa7b5fa7e7e efce9979ede73f4ee8715c.jpg

Loads to add yet & Steph has tons more pics, but all in all 2600 miles, car was faultless, despite the heat- thnakfully I re-gassed the aircon before the trip- was very needed! got up to 35mpg cruising at 80 & 7mpg at Monza! :P legal 150mph on the Autobahn too & old girl still pulling hard, speedo only 5mph out at that speed vs satnav too

Jim Cameron
28-07-2008, 11:46 AM
:lol: :lol: A trip report Alex :thumb:

Whatever next? Good one mate, like the vids

28-07-2008, 11:55 AM
I looks shit there! :lol:

Anyway, 35mph cruising? Did you get done for kerb crawling? ;)

Why am I not doing this sort of stuff :angry:

Forgot to say that looks like a fantastic trip B)

28-07-2008, 12:01 PM
Pah edited my mpg now for floyd, heck just seen my spelling tho & it all needs editing oh well its almost readable anyway :P

28-07-2008, 12:01 PM
Looks like you both had a cracking time :thumb: . Love the mountain pass pictures B)

28-07-2008, 12:09 PM
Looks very romantic for the two of you. ;)

Very cool trip!

Dave Malings
28-07-2008, 12:22 PM
Great trip, looks lovely.

A few weeks time and I'll be in the alps...wooo :thumb:

28-07-2008, 01:03 PM
Nice one Al, looks great B)

Gary Kinghorn
28-07-2008, 04:11 PM
Good stuff winkle, enjoyed that :thumb:

28-07-2008, 05:21 PM
Great stuff, the mountain passes in particular look amazing! :thumb:

Ian H
28-07-2008, 05:54 PM
Looks fantastic Alex :thumb:

Spoke to Steph about it when he got back and was still in excitement mode about the Alps and Monza :lol:

Would love to do this myself one day ;)

Keep the photos coming guys.


07-08-2008, 04:39 AM
Lizardo - found a pic of you driving the blofeltmobile.

Must've been on that great lap late on Monday with Gary H in the old 911

http://www.nordschleifenbilder.de/go/thumb...lbum=182&page=8 (http://www.nordschleifenbilder.de/go/thumbnails.php?album=182&page=8)



You look like Chewbacca sitting in there :lol:

07-08-2008, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by GVK@Aug 7 2008, 04:39 AM
Must've been on that great lap late on Monday with Gary H in the old 911

Nice one Gary - good find :thumb:

07-08-2008, 03:51 PM
Doing something very similar in a few weeks. Can't wait! :thumb:

07-08-2008, 08:55 PM
I've ordered the files from that site, trouble is they don't 'do' paypal [belm]


I think the lap on the Monday evening with the Lizard driving my Golf was one of the most enjoyable 'ring laps I've had.


We let Gary H in his 911 pass us @ Aremberg and followed him the rest of the lap, caught up with him in the car park for an enthusiastic chat, that evening he was our new best mate having a meal in the PK - in true TF tradition!!