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05-05-2006, 10:23 PM
So, Iíve been going to the Ďring for about 6 years now - but my father has never been before. The May weekend seemed like an ideal opportunity to break him in. Plans were made, flights booked, the WRX serviced and the dodgy EGT sensor replaced. We were ready. Well, at least I was. Canít say my dad had much of a clue about what was about to come next.

07:00am, no time for a coffee, we left Delft, heading south. This was the first time he was on an autobahn with me driving something more powerful than my old Saab diesel, so I noticed him gripping the seat just a little bit harder as we passed the dutch-german border somewhere outside Venlo, as the WRX went from the Potential to the highly Kinetic.

Arriving at the Nordschleife just after 10:30, the track was closed due to a bike accident. We enjoyed some brunch and walked around the paddock. In hindsight, the schnitzel wasnít a great idea. Well, at least not for my dad. The track opened, we joined the gaggle and unfortunately got trapped behind about 5 tour busses.


Me on 7/10ths, dodging tour busses, being dodged by GT3s, keeping out of the way of suicidal bikers and a particularly inept and extremely widely driven Mini Cooper S - combined with 20 minute old schnitzel didnít have the greatest effect on my Dad.

Apparently when I muttered ďthatís the lap finishedĒ he equated those words with ďitís a boyĒ, ďyes, Iíll marry youĒ and other joyous, top utterances. Iíve never had a passenger more green than him.

Not even a cup of the Grune Holleís finest brew could revive him enough to consider another lap.

As the rain started and the ZakSpeed viperís accident closed the track again - we headed over to the Museum. This ploy worked, since the place did itís usual trick of enthusing and impressing just what a spectacular and awesome experience it is to drive on such a historic and emotional piece of road.


As the rain fell, I promised him that Iíd take it easy and Iíd show him the corners and some of the proper lines and positions on the track.

This lap went at a snailís pace. But, for some reason, I really enjoyed it. No pressure. No other cars out. Just to be able to take time and really properly position the car and savour the sights. On the next lap, I gradually upped the pace, so that by the time we had hit Wippermann, we were really flying.

By this time he had a handle on the speed and altitude variances and seemed to be enjoying things.

Having savored the experience, it was time for us to head back to Delft. A great day with the WRX acquitting itself again as a swift, safe, reliable shot of adrenaline.

I particularly enjoyed seeing some of the cars from the guys at bbs.22b.com and northloop.co.uk - hope Iíll see them next time Iím there.


Now to get the car ready for the Saabscene TD-06 Croft trackday!

More photos here :

http://web.mac.com/markcanderson/iWeb/Medi...May%202006.html (http://web.mac.com/markcanderson/iWeb/Media%20Gallery/Nordschleife%20-%20Tourist%20Day%20-%201st%20May%202006.html)

Better formatted write-up here :

http://web.mac.com/markcanderson/iWeb/Ande...ents%20log.html (http://web.mac.com/markcanderson/iWeb/Anderson%20AutoBlog/events%20log/events%20log.html)

Gary Kinghorn
06-05-2006, 08:31 AM
Nice write up there, thanks for that.


06-05-2006, 09:05 AM
Excellent write up- very eloquent- had visions of my own father as I read!

Nice one, thanks.